Do you have it? Punk Pro’s 90s Nostalgia brings something unexpected as this week’s episode gives us a scramble for some punk rock…

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Quick Results
Jake Shadows pinned Logan Cruz in 5:30 (**½)
Aaron Epic & Zachary Cooper pinned Jay Sky & Richard King in 9:00 (***)
Get Your Shit In Trophy Scramble: Cyrus Satin pinned Dream Girl Ellie, Wheezy T, Jake Shadows, Lexii Gomez and Aaron Nova to win the Punk Rock in 3:40 (NR).

We open with a package of promos ahead of tonight’s Get Your Shit In match. The background music was one of those “annoyingly recognisable” tracks, and then it all dropped into place… the second they revealed the match was for the Aggro Crag. It’s the GUTS theme. Folks of a certain age will pop for that.

We’re at Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, with Zac Romero and Christian Override on commentary.

Jake Shadows vs. Logan Cruz
We open with Cruz working over Shadows’ wrist, but the wristlock’s countered back-and-forth until Shadows just booted Cruz to the outside.

Commentary points out how pasty Shadows is. I mean, he is a challenge for the white balance of the video… Cruz returns and dumps Shadows with a spinning back elbow, before cornering Shadows in the corner with chops. More back elbows lead to a springboard dropkick as Shadows got hung up in the ropes, which led to a delayed two-count.

Right hands from Cruz prompt Shadows to fight back, but it’s snuffed out as Cruz ties up Shadows with a stump puller, rolling him back to try and get the pin. After the kick-out, Cruz stays on top with a front facelock, which Shadows fought out of before replying with a sky high atomic drop.

A discus elbow from Shadows takes Cruz back into the corner for a running front kick, then a missile dropkick, which gets him a near-fall, before another pump kick is ducked, with Cruz tripping him down to the mat for a STF. Shadows manages to get to the ropes, and comes right back with the Shadow Realm… but his take on a Bossman Slam only gets a near-fall. Cruz returns with a jawbreaker, but his clothesline misses as Shadows returns with a German suplex… and that’s all folks! A perfectly fine little match with the win giving Shadow some steam going into the scramble later tonight. **½

The Rapture (Richard King & Jay Sky) vs. 626 (Aaron Epic & Zachary Cooper)
The 626 seem to be making their debut as a team here, at least going by what Cagematch tracks.

Sky and Cooper start us off, as Sky looked to restrain Cooper with a side headlock early. It’s escaped as Sky instead worked the arm, but Cooper rolls free and tags in Epic, who rolled Sky down for a punt to the back. Epic works the arm also, wrenching it over his shoulder repeatedly before cornering Sky with a clothesline.

Cooper’s back to hit a backbreaker, with Epic flying in off the top with a knee drop to underscore it… but it gets only a two-count. A big chop from Cooper dumps Sky, before a big boot from Cooper got rid of King as he tried to run in. Sky recovers to shove Cooper to the outside, where King put in a few cheeky boots while Aaron Epic did the same inside the ring to Sky.

Back inside. Sky gets a quick two-count as the Rapture began to work over Cooper, cornering him for a chop as King tagged in for the first time. A Finlay roll from Sky is followed up as he monkey flips King… who landed knees first on Cooper’s shin, which looked like it had to suck. Cooper kicks out as King proceeded to ground Cooper with a rear naked choke… and when Cooper gets free, a low dropkick to the knee takes him right back down.

Sky returns to stomp on Cooper’s leg, then shoved Epic… who fell for it as he distracted the ref. There’s a phantom tag which the ref didn’t even notice, as the Rapture continue to corner Cooper with a step-up enziguiri that almost wins the match. Eventually Cooper fought back with a double dropkick, before he dragged his way to the corner to tag in Epic. Epic backfists Sky before ducking a kick as a knee and clothesline combo nearly ended things. Another backfist knocks King off the apron, before a roundhouse enziguiri catches Epic unawares, as the Rapture proceeded to hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for a near-fall – with Cooper breaking up the pin.

We get static interference as Cooper hits a spinning big boot, and we’re back with Cooper scooping up King for an assisted cutter for the win. I’m not sure what that static edited out, but this was a pretty good match with the rookie/veteran dynamic working well. ***

Cue random adverts from the 90s… then more nostalgia as Luna Lynn goes all GUTS on us as she recaps the rules for the GYSI scramble. Some Britwres promotion needs to do this with Gladiators. I’m pretty sure John Anderson’s around…

Get Your Shit In Trophy Scramble: Aaron Nova vs. Lexii Gomez vs. Wheezy T vs. Jake Shadows vs. Cyrus Satin vs. Dream Girl Ellie
They’re still using Satin’s “old name”, but commentary does make the odd mention of Mark Ross here… maybe on the newer shows Punk Pro’s apparently taped? Of course, Wheezy needs his inhaler, and the bell goes with a little over five minutes left on the show. This’ll be short.

Everyone pairs off at the bell… and we’re literally 15 seconds in when Aaron Nova grabs his gimmick and “pauses” the match. They do a damn good job of staying frozen as Nova gets in cheapshots… then they sell when he resumes. Except Ellie’s immune to it all, and she throws him outside.

Wheezy takes over with a cutter to Ellie, before Shadows just booted his face off. That Jake Shadows has a mean big boot, let me tell you. Gomez tries to take Shadows down, but she’s just taken into the corner for some mounted punches… before countering with a powerbomb and a Codebreaker. Nova’s back to leg lariat Lexii, while Satin kept things going, tripping Nova from the floor.

A right hand from Satin leads to him hitting a top rope elbow to Nova, before a neckbreaker almost put Wheezy away. Ellie’s back to hit a facebuster on Satin, but it’s not enough as Ellie gets speared by Gomez from the kick-out… before Shadows hits his Shadow Realm on her. He doesn’t go for the pin, and gets sprayed in the eyes with Wheezy’s inhaler.  We keep going, with Ellie going back to business, chokeslamming Wheezy onto Nova, before Satin snuck the win with a roll-up. Way too short to rate, as this was essentially one big long Parade of Moves – but I do dig that the prize for this was essentially some Punk Rock.

Next week: we’ve another title match as Jon Davis defends the Fully Gimmicked title against Zachary Cooper. If that gets time, that’ll be pretty damn good.