We’ve got a pair of title matches as Punk Pro’s back with another of their secret shows.

You can watch this week’s episode on the Punk Pro YouTube channel.

Quick Results
Kaiju Heroes (Blanco Loco & Karkinos) vs. The Rapture (Jay Sky & Richard King) in 7:00 (**½)
Jon Davis beat Ron Bass Jr to retain the Fully Gimmicked Championship in 4:00 (**)
Hunter Law pinned Aaron Epic to retain the WNRN Internet Championship in 8:00 (***)

We’re at Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, with Zac Romero and Christian Override on commentary.

Kaiju Heroes (Blanco Loco & Karkinos) vs. The Rapture (Jay Sky & Richard King)
Both of these teams won last week, but it’s the Rapture who jump start things, attacking the masked men before the bell.

The Kaijus quickly overcome and whip the Rapture into each other, sending King to the outside as Sky got held up for a Karkinos neckbreaker that got Loco a near-fall. Blanco’s in with a low 619 in the corner before he hit a Tyler Bate-ish slingshot senton for another two-count.

Richard King kicks Loco on the apron, before he pulled him down by the mask, allowing Sky an easy two-count from it all. Blanco gets choked in the ropes as Karkinos accidentally distracted the ref, allowing the Rapture to build an advantage. There’s a double-team suplex to Loco for another two-count, with a low dropkick from King adding to those near-falls, but it remained one-way traffic as Loco got trapped in the corner for a step-up enziguiri.

There’s a nice monkey flip from Sky, which propelled King knees-first into Loco for yet-another two-count… but King gets a little ahead of himself, and left himself wide open for a roll-up as he baited Karkinos. King kicks out though, then knocked Karkinos off the apron, before Loco hits a desperation springboard armdrag to King, while also knocking Sky off the apron. Both men manage to make the tag out, bringing in Karkinos and Sky… Karkinos clears house with boots and elbows, before a Fisherman buster almost snuck him the win. Richard King breaks up the pin and stays in with a double-team F5 that doesn’t quite come off cleanly, with Loco thankfully breaking up the pin there.

All four men stay in the ring for a Parade of Strikes, but nobody can pull ahead as the Rapture looked for a double-team… but Blanco escaped King’s clutches as Sky’s running boot took out his own man, allowing the masked lads to get the win over Sky with a stomp-assisted Wing Clipper. Decent enough, and at seven minutes it didn’t outstay its welcome – but they’re absolutely limiting Karkinos’ time in the ring as a rookie. **½

Promo time with Ron Bass Jr. now. He’s here because Punk Pro needs a cowboy. He’s here to fight, and he’s in luck as Jon Davis walked in to sorta-poke fun at him. They have a match next, with Davis’ title on the line.

Fully Gimmicked Championship: Jon Davis (c) vs. Ron Bass Jr.
I’ve lost count of the number of titles in this promotion. I think that’s now four in as many shows…

Even commentary is amused at how quickly Bass has gotten himself a title shot. They try to tag this as his debut, but correct themselves moments later as the opening lock-up led to Bass splashing Cruz in the corner. A nice overhead belly-to-belly follows, but Bass doesn’t go for a cover, instead opting to pick up Davis for forearms and a back elbow.

More elbows take Davis into the corner, but a boot blocks Bass as Davis chops back before he took a short-distance pounce for a near-fall. A clothesline from Bass doesn’t knock Davis down, and the champion’s back with more elbows before a rebound German suplex took the big man down. A curb stomp follows, then some running boots for a near-fall, as Davis followed up with a discus elbow, before he hurled Bass up with almost an Angle Slam for the win. Very short, with Bass showing he can hit, but he was easily brushed aside by the veteran Davis. **

Time for random adverts – including a wacky Dominos/Nintendos contest from the 90s…

We then get “the absolute best” press conference with Hunter Law. He’s the WNRN Internet Champion, and is thrown some softballs before he’s asked about his opponent tonight. Law tells Epic – and I assume everyone else – they’re not allowed to make mistakes in the ring against him, because he’ll make them pay.

WNRN Internet Championship: Hunter Law (c) vs. Aaron Epic
Aaron Epic is a bit of a journeyman, but has embedded himself in the Florida scene in recent years, and was wrapped up in some controversy two years ago when he was booked on the New Japan x CEO game show.

Epic was accompanied to the ring by Zachary Cooper, who seems to be his new tag partner around these parts. That must have been a wacky storyline, given that Epic beat Cooper in a loser leaves town match in ACW at the end of 2019… Law works the wrist of Epic early on, but he spins free before a criss-crossed knuckle lock gave Epic an opening… albeit one that Law quickly snuffed out as he went back to work on the arm, tripping Epic as he tied him up on the mat.

An armbar turns into a quick pinning attempt for Law, but Epic’s right back with a cravat as he twisted the head and neck of the champion, but Law escapes as he went back to the wrist, only for Epic to return to the cravat. Rolling Law to the mat from the cravat gets a two-count, but he clings onto the hold as he taunted Hunter. Law finally breaks free, tripping Epic to the mat as he ties up the legs for an inverted Figure Four… except they’re right by the ropes as Epic got the quick break

Law tried to keep the momentum, but Epic elbows back as the match descended into a slugfest, trading elbows and chops back and forth as Epic pulled ahead. A rolling elbow from Law stops Epic in his tracks, as did a superkick as Epic went up top… and Hunter followed up with a Tower of London onto the knee, which almost got the job done. Law looks for a Knee Trembler, but Epic ducks it, as he hits a suplex and a clothesline for a near-fall… an enziguiri from Law, then a Dragon suplex resets things, but Epic counters right back with a Falcon arrow for another two-count. A diving knee from Law catches Epic for a near-fall, with Law barely laying on him… before Law then decided to grab his title belt.

Cooper gets involved to try and stop Law from cheating, but the referee breaks it up, then misses a mule kick among it all, before a diving pump kick from Law got the win. A little tainted, but a nice, short main event that saw Law win by any means necessary. ***

Commentary teased the arrival of Law’s OAO group after the match, but that’ll be for another day as we got a merch plug from Jon Davis afterwards, before more wacky 90s adverts wrapped up the show.

Coming in at under half an hour, this latest Punk Pro show is very easy viewing – but in the absence of any clear storylines as we got to episode four, you’d be forgiven for dismissing this as “just matches.” Even if it does threaten to be a modern-day UWF in terms of its abundance of titles…