We’re back for another look at Punk Pro’s Secret Shows, featuring some wacky title changes and more intergender action.

You can watch this week’s episode on the Punk Pro YouTube channel.

Quick Results
Kwame Nas pinned Wheezy T in 8:00 (***)
Big Perc beat WNRN Midwest Internet Champion Kai Fayden to win the title in a video game in 1:40 (NR)
WNRN Midwest Internet Champion Big Perc retained over Chase Holliday in a video game in 1:30 (NR)
Chase Holliday wins the WNRN Midwest Internet Champion from Big Perc by swapping it for chocolate brownies and ice cream. (Brownies not rated)
Katalina Perez beats Jay Sky via disqualification in 5:00 (**)
The Rapture (Jay Sky & Richard King) vs. The Bad & Boujee (Katalina Perez & Lexii Gomez) in 9:30 (with commercials) (**½ )

Like last week, we’re at the Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, FL, with “no fans” and the pairing of Zac Romero and Christian Override on commentary.

Kwame Nas vs. Wheezy T
Nas came up short in last week’s main event, while Wheezy ran some largely ineffective interference in last week’s opener.

We open with a lock-up as commentary called Wheezy the “asthmatic powerhouse.” I wonder if he’ll gas with a nickname like that? Nas took Wheezy into the corner early on, then broke before Wheezy went to work on Nas’ arm. Apparently if you lose a title match, you’re busted down to the opener, which is a rule I really dig.

A headlock takedown from Nas gets broken as Wheezy used headscissors to get himself free. He comes back with a knee to the midsection before a headlock’s shoved into the ropes, with Nas coming back in with a series of armdrags. Wheezy’s back to take him into the corner, but Nas is back with an uppercut and a low dropkick for a quick two-count.

Wheezy takes himself to the corner because he needs his inhaler, but he uses it to spray Nas in the eyes with before coming back with a bulldog for a near-fall. An elbow cracks Nas in the corner, as do some chops, before Nas issued some receipts. A rake to the eyes, and a jawbreaker keeps Wheezy in it, before he wheels in with a clothesline into the corner. Another bulldog out of the corner almost puts Nas away, before he slowed things down with a chinlock on the mat. Nas elbows free before he blocks a sunset flip, only to get caught with a rolling elbow as a sliding DDT nearly gets the win. Floating over Nas, Wheezy catches him with a knee in the corner as a tornado DDT spikes him for another near-fall.

Wheezy goes back to the inhaler, taking a hit, but Nas slaps it away and begins to lay in with right hands and an enziguiri as the comeback took hold. He follows up with a splash and a spinning side slam, but Wheezy elbows away to escape a Fireman’s carry, before he rolled Nas down for a near-fall. A springboard in from Wheezy’s caught as Nas rolls through, before he popped him up into a death valley driver for the win. A solid TV-style match, with Wheezy’s offence largely impressing before Nas powered back through the cheating to win. ***

We’ve a vignette from Kenway – tagged here as the first ever WNRN Midwest Internet Champion. They have a special kind of Internet in the midwest? They show him cheating to regain the title on an earlier show, as we’ve got a hacker showing us a spreadsheet they’ve kept of title defences. I always appreciate a good spreadsheet. Especially when they reveal the “hacker” as Kai Fayden – who won the belt via “Internet hack.”

So after that phantom title change…

WNRN Midwest Internet Championship: Kai Fayden (c) vs. Big Perc
Wait… this is legitimately video game wrestling. They’re defending the title on a game of Injustice 2, playing as Red Hood vs. Deadshot.

Perc’s shooting from a distance as commentary bemoaned their internet security… Perc almost had the match won, but Fayden fought back as Perc looked for long-distance attacks, which in the end paid off. We have a new champion, which makes me wonder, why couldn’t they just phantom-change the title via a video game like this?

WNRN Midwest Internet Championship: Big Perc (c) vs. Chase Holliday
It’s another go round of Injustice 2, with Perc playing as Superman against Blue Beetle. Perc’s character takes a beating early on, but he uses laser eyes to scythe down Holliday ahead of some low blows. Striking from a distance looked to be Perc’s plan, as both men were all about the spam. It works for Holliday as he wore down Perc, but more lazer eyes gets the win.

“Later that night,” Perc’s in his home marvelling over his title. He’s in the kitchen with Chase Holliday, who’s baking. It’s all for him though, but Perc is willing to swap… so Perc forcibly swaps the brownies and ice cream for the title belt… and new? Perc quickly realises what he’s done, but it’s too late.

Jay Sky vs. Katalina Perez
It’s already main event time, and we’ve more intergender action. Commentary tells us they’re both part of regular tag teams in Florida… with Perez’s regular partner Lexii Gomez on the outside, while Sky’s partner in the Rapture was also present.

Sky takes Perez into the corner early, but gets shoved off as she comes back with tiltawhirl headscissors. She follows up with elbows in the corner before landing a neckbreaker for a two-count. A rope-hanging backcracker’s stopped as Sky hung onto the ropes, but Perez is back with a boot to the head instead before she got pulled down by the hair. Sky stays on top with a snapmare and a kick to the back, before a stomp to the head left her prone for a rear naked choke on the mat. Perez tries to fight free, but her elbows have little effect, so she had to power up to her feet before hitting a pair of jawbreakers.

A pump kick knocks Sky loopy, but he’s right back with a roundhouse enziguiri and a Sky High powerbomb for a near-fall. Lexii Gomez gets on the apron to distract, and it briefly works before Sky peppered Perez with kicks and a knee strike to leave her laying. Down comes the knee pad as Sky went for a running knee strike, but Perez ducks and comes back with a German suplex before a running Meteora into the corner landed flush. Perez heads up top for a wacky twisting elbow drop, but Richard King hits the ring and puts the boots to Perez for the cheap DQ. A bit of a lame finish, as that was really the first time Sky was in any kind of trouble, but at least the match before wasn’t long… plus it sets up the story for later shows. **

Lexii Gomez makes the save, and we get a wacky “hacker” jump cut as the referee turns this into a tag team match. So wait, they’re not holding off the story?

The Rapture (Jay Sky & Richard King) vs. The Bad & Boujee (Katalina Perez & Lexii Gomez)
It sure is lucky that King and Gomez were here in their ring gear, eh?

The Rapture pulled down their opponents by the hair from behind, but then play to the no-crowd… and get caught with superkicks before Sky was caught with a pop-up forearm for a two-count. Tags are a novelty as King came in, and was caught with a dropkick from Gomes for a near-fall.

We cut to adverts for… reasons. An early 1990s SNES commercial for Super Mario World? Sure. A vignette for Katalina Perez’s merch? Why not. They return as Perez lits a low-pe to Sky, while Gomez dove off the middle rope into King on the floor. Back in the ring, Perez gets hung up on the top rope, then dropkicked in a Tree of Woe by King… Sky repeats the feat before the Rapture gave Perez a double-team Gas Pedal.

It gets a two-count as Perez looked to make a tag out, but she ends up eating a suplex from King for a two-count. Katalina’s cornered as the Rapture used frequent tags to keep her at bay, with Sky kicking her knee out before throwing some more forearms. Perez tries to come back with a tiltawhirl DDT, but Sky blocks it and counters with a massive suplex for another near-fall.

King’s back to stop Perez from tagging out, throwing some more kicks before Perez fired back with a right hand, but she’s taken down with another snapmare as a kick to the back put her back to square one. More quick tags led to a swift superkick to Perez for another near-fall, before a Boston crab from Sky ended in the ropes. Sky doesn’t let go, so Lexii Gomez comes in to forcibly break it up. She’s pushed away and ends up distracting the referee briefly as more Rapture double-teaming led to a spinning slam from Sky… but Perez finally counters out into a DDT. That gives her enough of a shot to tag in Gomez, who unloaded on Richard King with kicks and elbows, before an enziguiri took King into the corner.

Gomez follows up with a step-up knee into the corner, then a running facebuster for a near-fall, with King almost not kicking out in time. Lexii follows up with some forearms in the corner, before she tagged Perez back in as a combo of a Perez up-kick and a Gomez German suplex led to a stacked-up pin that’s broken up. All four wrestlers stay in the ring, trading blows before the Rapture landed more superkicks… then leaping knees, before knees to the back of the head allowed the Rapture to pile Perez on top of Gomez for the (illegal) double-team pin. A dominant outing for the Rapture, even if it did seem a touch too one-sided… **½

Overall, episode two of the Secret Show was fun, even if the content did seem to be too wacky for its own good. A thoroughly-good TV-style opener was quickly followed up with a weird segment of honest-to-God video game wrestling that almost outlived its welcome. The main event felt a little rushed in terms of the storyline – but for newcomers to this product, we’re just two episodes in, and if Punk Pro aren’t taking things seriously, I don’t see why viewers should be overly analytical too!

One note I do want to call out though – given that this seems to be filmed on a mixture of hard cams and mobile phones, the picture quality is astounding compared to other indies. Good work from Punk Pro, who deserve to get at some eyes on them for the content they’ve been able to turn out from the independent scene – in spite of any moral quibbles you may have over empty arena shows in the current situation.