The second round of matches in the Collision Cup wrap up on this week’s episode…

Quick Results
Collision Cup Block A: Joshua Amaru pinned Nick Schreier in 6:11 (**¾)
Collision Cup Block B: Big Nik submitted David Adili in 7:29 (**½)

We’re up to week four of Project Nova’s Collision, as we’re back in Berlin’s die Weiße Rose… and we open with a recap of last week’s matches, with folks looking to get their first wins of the tournament. Virgil Defour and Sepp Hammer are on German commentary once more.

Collision Cup Block A: Joshua Amaru vs. Nick Schreier
Amaru turns down some baklava before the match – and sent Aytac Bahar and Abdul Kenan to the back…

The early going was pretty even until headscissors and dropkicks from Schreier had Amaru on the back foot… only for Amaru to return with a powerslam for a two-count. Chops have Schreier rocked, while a running kick picked up a two-count for Amaru.

Schreier floats over Amaru in the corner, then nailed a pop-up dropkick before a crossbody off the top drew a two-count. Amaru looks for a Tiger bomb, but Schreier rolled out… only to run into a diving kick as the Tiger driver ends up getting the win. That makes everyone in the block even going into the final round of matches, as Amaru’s big hit was enough to get the W. **¾

Backstage, Nick tells us he underestimated Amaru… and realises he needs to beat Pahlevan Nima next week to have a shot of qualifying. Meanwhile, Amaru tells us he wants to take things more seriously against Nino Bryant next week.

Big Nik is walking towards the venue… while David Adili’s already here and lacing up the boots.

Collision Cup Block B: Big Nik vs. David Adili
Whoever wins this will top block B, and we start with Nik taking Adili into the corner… only for Adili to break free with a chop.

Adili adds a dropkick, but a bodyslam’s too much too soon for him as Nik fought free, before he got low bridged to the outside. A dropkick through the ropes keeps Nik on the back foot as the pair scrapped around ringside, but it’s Nik who was able to regain the upper hand as the pair made it back inside. Nik catches Adili in a bear hug, before he charged him into the corner… and suplexed him out of it. On the mat, Nik stretches Adili, but it’s fought out of… only for Adili to go for a bodyslam again. That’s blocked, but he’s able to escape a suplex, before scoring with a powerslam after Nik came off the ropes.

Adili keeps pushing on with a leaping clothesline, then a dropkick, before a diving uppercut almost got the win. A second shotgun dropkick took Nik back to the corner, but he recovers to hang up Adili in the ropes before a torture rack forced the submission. That puts Nik alone at the top of block B, and I suspect we’re not using tie-breakers since he’s already beaten the two lads who could overtake him. **½

Everyone’s had two matches… and block A is on a knife edge, and I’ve no idea if they’re going to use tie-breakers, so let’s just play it safe until that’s a thing! Block B’s pretty much sewn up by Big Nik if they do do tie-breakers, as he’s already beaten Adili and Kuro, who are the only ones who can catch him.

Block A
Amaru, Bryant, Nima, Schreier (1-1 / 2pts)

Block B
Nik (2-0 / 4pts)
Adili, Kuro (1-1 / 2pts)
Duke (0-2 / 0pts)

We close out with Nik celebrating next to the Collision trophy… before the post-match promos saw Adili claim he screwed up – refusing to blame injury on the loss.