We’re into week two of Project Nova’s Collision, and it’s the start of block B as the other half get their tournaments underway!

Quick Results
Collision Cup Block B: Big Nik pinned Kuro in 6:13 (**½)
Collision Cup Block B: David Adili pinned Alex Duke in 5:11 (**½)

We open with a recap of the two matches from last week – Pahlevan Nima beating Joshua Amaru, and Nick Schreier beating Nino Bryant. We’ve even got subtitles in English and German, where needed (cheers Baris!). Cue titles, and we’re back in die Weiße Rose… but first…

Kuro’s got a hype video, which is quite apt given his nickname. He’s looking for a big win, and he’s going to bring hype like nobody else… his opponent is Big Nik, who debuted in 2020 and has trained with the GWF. He’s a tall bugger, who used to be a basketball player, and is looking to dominate Project Nova as part of the Lazarus Pit, which is absolutely not a cult.

Collision Cup Block B: Kuro vs. Big Nik
There’s an obvious size difference here, forcing Kuro to climb the ropes from a lock-up as Nik was leapt over by Kuro… who then saw a tijeras blocked.

Kuro escapes a powerbomb, then landed a series of dropkicks that sent the big guy to the outside. A dive’s caught by Nik, who threw Kuro into the side of the ring… and it threatens to be all Big Nik from there. Another sunset flip from Kuro’s blocked as an elbow drop lands for a two-count, before Kuro spun out of a torture rack. A low dropkick faceplants Nik into the buckles, where he ate a cannonball senton ahead of a tope on the outside. Kuro nearly wins with a double stomp back inside, before Nik launched him with a back body drop. A boot and a chokeslam followed… and that’s all, as the big man proved to be too much for “Mr Hype.” **½

Post-match, Kuro’s licking his wounds but wants to concentrate on his remaining matches… while Nik communicates exclusively in gestures. No translation needed!

Backstage, David Adili and Alex Duke are preparing… Adili’s promo piece tells us he’s been wrestling since 2017, and he’s an athletic all-rounder… Duke’s been going for just two years, and he’s hoping to leave a mark in Berlin.

Collision Cup Block B: David Adili vs. Alex Duke
Commentary really wants you to know Adili’s previous name… and we start with Adili and Duke trading wristlocks.

Adili’s armdrags have Duke down, before he returned fire with a dropkick. A back body drop from Adili gets him back in it, while a springboard crossbody’s good for a two-count. Duke returns with K-Kwik’s old Hat Rat Crack sit-out front suplex before he began to focus on Adili’s lower back. A bodyslam gets Duke a two-count, while an abdominal stretch is broken up as Adili hiptosses free. The comeback continues with clotheslines before Adili headed up top for a missile dropkick, which almost won the match. Duke escapes a powerslam, but his ripcord knee misses as Adili ends up taking a backbreaker… only to get caught in a monkey flip and a Euro clutch as Adili snuck out the win. A little out of nowhere, but with these short matches, it’s always nice to keep us on our toes! **½

Post-match, Duke offers a handshake… and gets it, but it’s a cover as Michael Noel – Duke’s running buddy in Nova – ran out for a sneak attack. Adili sends them both packing, only for Noel to come back with a low blow. The attack continues as Noel splashed Adili, as the credits rolled…a nd we’re done for the week!

After one round of matches in block B, we’ve got these standings:

Adili, Nik (1-0 / 2pts)
Duke, Kuro (0-1 / 0pts)

Block A, from last week, looks like this:

Nima, Schreier (1-0 / 2pts)
Amaru, Bryant (0-1 / 0pts)

Much like week one, Collision was a very straight-forward show with promos that made you believe that this tournament was a big deal for everyone involved at the early stages of their careers. Plus, it’s a show done in under half an hour, so what’s not to like!