We take a look at the second iteration of Everything Patterned, featuring Jonathan Gresham’s maiden defence of the PROGRESS title as he took on Malik.

Quick Results
Man Like DeReiss pinned Levi Muir, Leon Slater & KEINEN KRISHNA in 8:48 (**¾)
TK Cooper pinned Hari Singh in 8:25 (***)
Rhio pinned Taonga in 8:09 (***)
Warren Banks pinned Jody Fleisch in 9:08 (***)
Roy Johnson & Alexander Roth pinned RJ Singh & & RJ Singh and Darius Lockhart & Sugar Dunkerton in 12:26 (***¼)
Gisele Shaw submitted Holidead in 7:31 (***¼)
Trish Adora pinned Mercedez Blaze in 10:18 to retain the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Championship (***½)
Jonathan Gresham pinned Malik in 11:31 to retain the PROGRESS World Championship (***½)

The follow-up to Wrestling Resurgence’s well-received show by the same name in October 2019, Roy Johnson’s opens us up as we’re again at the Dome in Tufnell Park, London, with a little bigger crowd than the prior night. Johnson makes a point of saying that this show is for everyone before passing over to Bobby Champagne Jr., who’s handling the ring announcing here.

LJ Heron and Tony Wright are on commentary…

Leon Slater vs. Levi Muir vs. KEINEN KRISHNA vs. Man Like DeReiss
We’ve a couple of debuts here, with Slater making his PROGRESS debut, while Muir’s making his “main” debut, having done a pre-show match in June 2019 (just before his run with NXT UK…)

DeReiss and Muir started off hot, clearing the ring before going for each other, as headscissors and a dropkick had DeReiss ahead early on. KEINEN hits the ring, but his clothesline’s run through as DeReiss had more mustard on his, before Leon Slater came in and scored with a dropkick.

Slater dumps Muir with a forearm, then rolled down DeReiss for a standing frog splash for a near-fall. A crossbody from Levi gets him a two-count, while a deadlift suplex added another as KEINEN manages to hit a sorta dropkick that crashes into Levi for a near-fall. Heading outside, DeReiss scores with a plancha, before a 619 on the apron from Slater forced his way into things.

Back inside, Slater knocks Muir into the corner, then backflipped over him ahead of a handspring back elbow. Out goes Levi, in comes DeReiss as a thrust kick stopped Slater ahead of a 619 and a senton atomico… before KEINEN pulled DeReiss into an armbar. Muir stomps it apart, but ends up getting pinged between DeReiss and Slater, ending up taking a 3D of all things.

A twisting enziguiri from Slater takes DeReiss into the corner, but his springboard back in’s countered into a powerbomb by DeReiss for a near-fall, before a 4-Fiddy’s aborted. Diving boots from Slater clear the ring as he goes airborne with a Molly Go Round off the apron to KEINEN, a diving body press to DeReiss, then an over-the-post tope con giro to boot. Slater’s crossbody nearly puts KEINEN away, before Muir’s TKO ended with Slater rolling into the ropes…

DeReiss is back for a dropkick that crashes into Muir, leaving him in the corner for the 4-Fiddy for the win – an alright four-way, but this probably would have been better as two singles matches. Slater impressed me here, and there’s already some buzz around him based on his limited outings that’s made tape… **¾

Hari Singh vs. TK Cooper
Hari’s no stranger to PROGRESS, most recently that “bonus” match against Anthony Ogogo… he came out after a performance on some dhol drums, which was a nice touch to make him stand out here.

A wristlock from TK early on’s spun out of by Singh, who returned with a snapmare and a running kick. TK whips Singh into the corner, but Hari handstands on the buckles before he caught TK with a bunch of armdrags and a nice leaping leg lariat.

Hari follows out with a tope con giro to TK on the outside, but runs into a boot back inside before a Northern Lights suplex nearly won it for him. Another snapmare leads to a chop to TK’s back, before TK came back with some Snake Eyes and a running boot for a near-fall. Some back rakes agitate Hari, who eventually comes back with a clothesline after rebounding in the ropes.

TK’s caught with a springboard crossbody as Hari pushed back in, but a cutter’s pushed away as TK ended up on the apron… booting Hari through the ropes ahead of a springboard Quebrada for a near-fall. The Omelette du Fromage corkscrew legdrop gets TK another two-count, before he cracked Hari with a headbutt.

Another rebound lariat earns Singh some more headbutts, but he catches one and turned it into a Code Red for a near-fall. TK takes things up top for a Spanish Fly, before a scissors kick ends a pacey outing that saw Hari take more than you’d expect here. ***

Rhio vs. Taonga
The Dome were heavily on the side of Rhio to start… except for that one guy, who wanted a wave.

The opening lock-up ends with Rhio backing Taonga into the ropes, forcing a panicked Taonga to call for the break… from which she returned with a forearm. Taonga celebrated way too early and nearly got caught in a German suplex, but she elbows free, only to get taken down with an Exploder and a shotgun dropkick.

A snapmare and a low dropkick keeps Taonga ahead, but only gets a one-count before she followed up with some forearms in the corner. Taonga chucks Rhio to the outside for some respite, then hung her arm up in the ropes. A second arm whip drops Rhio into the buckles as a suplex followed out of the corner for a one-count for Taonga.

Taonga stays on the arm, stomping on Rhio in the corner, before a Flatliner helped Taonga get a couple of two-counts. Rhio fights back with elbows and an enziguiri, before a spinning heel kick took Taonga down. We’re back with trading forearms and an ushigoroshi, as Rhio then added an Air Raid Crash for a near-fall.

Rhio’s cut off via a Codebreaker to the arm, then a Tiger suplex, before a knee strike sent her sailing outside. Taonga’s happy to take a count-out, but Rhio rolls back in in time, only to eat a diving kick… before she countered an I’m Prettier with a roll-up for the win. ***

Jody Fleisch vs. Warren Banks
This was just two days before Banks’ shot at the PROGRESS title… hence the “Warren’s our champion” chants at the bell.

The opening lock-ups led to Banks grabbing a wristlock, but Fleisch flipped free before he baited Banks in with some World of Sport-inspired stuff, leading to a wheelbarrow roll-up for a two-count. Fleisch returns the wristlock, but Banks rolled out for a two-count as both men looked to end this one early, trading inside cradles and Magistrals ahead of a stand-off.

A handshake’s offered, but Banks’ attempt at a cheapshot was caught by Fleisch, unlike a leaping leg lariat that took him down. Banks’ clothesline spins Fleisch to the mat, but Jody’s back with an enziguiri and a reverse ‘rana that took Banks to the outside. A tope from Fleisch is caught… but he counters the counter into a DDT on the floor, as both men then had to beat the referee’s count.

Back inside, Banks finds a way through with the Meter Burn knee, but another Pele from Fleisch and an up-kick got him back in it, only for Banks to sling him with a release German suplex. Fleisch catches Banks on the top rope with a ‘rana, but couldn’t instantly follow up, as an arm whip led to a Fisherman buster from the veteran.

Fleisch was able to get a two-count out of that, as he then headed to the apron for a 720 DDT… but Banks avoids it and hits another Meter Burn. A Michinoku Driver followed, then the Bullet Vehicle spear for the win. The result was more telling for Banks here, as he got a big win going into his title match. ***

The 87 (Alexander Roth & Roy Johnson) vs. A Tribe Called Catch (Darius Lockhart & Sugar Dunkerton) vs. East City Sovereigns (Jordan Saaed & RJ Singh)
We’re working under lucha rules, so this is going to be nuts…

Suge and Roth start us off, circling each other before Suge ground his way out of a waistlock. A wristlock downs Roth ahead of a gift-wrapped strait-jacket choke, before a monkey flip sent Roth into the ropes. Rorth returns with boots, a snapmare and a back senton, as tags bring in Lockhart and Singh.

Arm wringers get traded as the pair went back-and-forth, leading to RJ tripping up Lockhart for a deathlock, trapping him in a butterfly hold for good measure. Lockhart powers free, then swept the legs in the search of a pin, before he just pushed RJ down with his boot. Up kicks are traded, then armdrags, with RJ countering one into an armbar, before a blind tag from Roy Johnson saw him come in for Lockhart.

Jordan Saeed’s in too as the pair trade strikes, but it’s a clothesline from Johnson that lands ahead of a flapjack. A forearm to the back of the neck looked to lead to a Last Set, but Saeed slips out and turfed Johnson to the outside after an eye rake. Suge comes in, making advantage of the lucha rules, eventually grounding Saeed with Figure Four heasdscissors… something that Roth, then Lockhart decided to add to. RJ Singh adds one too, as Johnson completed the piece, by rolling Saeed (and the rest of the human centipede) into a chained-up Boston crab.

We resume as a backfist from Suge knocked him and Saeed down, before some help from Singh nearly put Suge away. A low bridge from Suge takes Saeed outside ahead of a tope, before a double-team from the 87 saw them hit a pop-up X-Factor to Singh. Lockhart’s crossbody off the top stops their momentum, before a double-team Styles Clash – the Ray Jay Styles – from Suge and Lockhart nearly put Roth away.

Roth and Lockhart batter each other with forearms and chops from there, while a pop-up knee from Suge earned him a spinning backbreaker from Saeed. Johnson’s headbutt and POUNCE takes care of Saeed, before an assisted Last Set proved to be enough to put RJ away. ***¼

Holidead vs. Gisele Shaw
Holidead had some new gear for this, which was announced as a non-title affair…

Shaw chucked the title belt at Holidead as she jumped her before the bell, throwing some chops on the way before a big boot and a neckbreaker got Holidead back in it. A Fireman’s carry helps Holidead charge Shaw into the buckles ahead of a Michinoku driver for just a one-count as Shaw instantly powdered to the outside.

Holidead followed Shaw outside, throwing her into the apron ahead of some chops, while a sidewalk slam dumps Shaw onto the apron. A legdrop onto the apron misses as Holidead ended up getting posted by Shaw in return. Shaw throws Holidead’s arm into the ring post, then dragged the stage steps and threw the arm into those as well.

Shaw throws Holidead into the side of the steps from there as she paraded over her. Back in the ring, Shaw stayed on top with some chops, before some satellite headscissors took her in for an armbar as she looked to get the submission… but Holidead charges Shaw into the corner to break the hold.

Returning, Shaw goes back to the arm, before some headscissors were pushed off into a facebuster. Clotheslines follow from Holidead, then a headbutt, before a spinebuster planted Shaw in the middle of the ring for a delayed two-count. An attempt at Darkness Falls from Holidead leads her into a Samoan drop for another two-count, before a second go at Darkness Falls was escaped, as Shaw hit a hook kick and a springboard cutter in return for a near-fall.

Shaw goes back to the arm from there, levering back on Holidead… who rolls away, only for Shaw to stay close as she threw the head into the mat, before leaning back some more as Holidead eventually tapped out. ***¼

Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship: Mercedez Blaze vs. Trish Adora (c)
Adora issued this challenge the prior night at Who Run The World…

Blaze looked for a flash pin right at the bell, but ends up getting caught with a Magistral from Adora for an early two-count as those early pin attempts eventually settled down. An up-kick to Blaze’s arm, then a Judo-style takedown has Adora on top, before she was hammerlocked and tripped into the bottom buckle.

Running double knees to the back of Adora keep her there, as did a butterfly suplex into the corner, before a Dragon sleeper in the middle of the ring looked to force a stoppage. Adora’s able to power up though, and broke the hold before she rolled Blaze free… following up by shoving her shoulder-first into the corner.

Blaze recovers with headscissors and a running dropkick back into the corner, before a swinging neckrbeaker drew another two-count. Choking Adora with her own hair leads to Blaze looking for a death valley driver, but Adora elbows free and took her down with a waistlock. Blaze breaks the waistlock and crawled back in for a Dragon sleeper, then a regular sleeper, which Adora breaks up in the corner.

Adora blocks some headscissors as Blaze tried to take her into the corner, countering with a German suplex. A crossbody followed as Adora fired up, taking Blaze into the corner for a hip attack, then a powerbomb out of the corner for another two-count. A big boot nearly wins it for Adora, as Blaze tried to steal the win with a sunset flip… then with a hammerlock’d DDT, but Adora just about kicks out in time to save the match.

Blaze tries for another Fireman’s carry, but Adora elbows out and charged in with a Lariat Tubman… only for Blaze to roll outside to avoid getting pinned. An O’Connor roll nearly wins it for Blaze, despite the handful of tights, before a bridging backslide from Adora put an end to a keenly-fought contest. ***½

PROGRESS World Championship: Malik vs. Jonathan Gresham (c)
This was made for the title shortly after Gresham won it a few days earlier… but if you only watch the VOD on PROGRESS’ on-demand (since the WWE/Peacock feed cut the match), that announcement spoiled Gresham’s win. Gresham got a pretty muted response from the same crowd that were so eager for Warren Banks earlier…

Malik shoved down the rather braggadocious Gresham before the bell, leaving him on his arse as some pre-match aggravation led to Malik spitting at the champion. We get going with Gresham trying to return the spit, but he “misses”… only for Malik to roll into said spittle on the mat as he dropped down to try and trip Gresham off the ropes.

Guffawing, Gresham waited for Malik to get back to his feet before an attempted arm wringer was struck off, as an enziguiri took the champion down instead. Malik misses a bicycle knee as Gresham used the referee as a human shield, only to get chucked outside as Malik gave chase. Back inside, Malik’s tie-up takes Gresham into the corner, but a floatover got Gresham free before a Dragon suplex just slung him back towards the buckles.

Gresham again bails as Malik went charging with a knee into the corner… and again, Malik gives chase. Gresham heads into the ropes and demanded the referee provide cover for him, but Malik again takes things outside. This time, Gresham slides back in as he continued to frustrate his challenger… only to get caught with a slam and a back sento, before Gresham’s double sledge off the top was caught.

Malik puts Gresham back on top, pats him on the head, then dropkicked him to the floor as the crowd started to warm to the challenger. Gresham’s rattled, as he brings in a chair… which the ref quickly removes… like the drink that Gresham slapped out of a fan’s hand. Returning to the ring, Gresham hands off Malik’s leg to the ref, but ends up getting slapped back to the outside, as yet another Benny Hill chase ended… with Gresham falling on his arse as he slipped onto the drink he’d slapped out of the fan’s hand earlier.

Malik pounces on Gresham from there, putting him into a chair before booting the champion out of it. Gresham retaliates by clearing the crowd… but it’s a troll as he just rolled Malik back inside… before Malik rolled outside and shoved Gresham into the empty chairs. Malik traps Gresham in the ring apron with some knees, before Gresham’s attempt to sneak around ringside ended with him slipping in the drink again.

Back inside, Gresham backs away from Malik, pulling up the ring apron – that gives the referee something to fix as Gresham pulled Malik’s wrists into each other. Chops follow as that ref was taking an inordinately long time to fix the apron, but Malik drops Gresham. Gresham pulls off his wrist tape and threw it aside… with our clean-freak referee opting to make sure it’s taken out of the ring. With that distraction, Gresham chopped Malik in the balls, but couldn’t capitalise as Malik pushed him into the corner for some double knees.

Once again, Gresham rolled outside… but Malik brings him back in, and disrupted the ring apron. You know what’s next. Distracted referee. Low blow from Gresham. Inside cradle… and that’s your lot. For a match that could easily have been a throwaway first defence, they made a damn good shot of making you think that Malik had a chance – but in the end Gresham’s experience saw him through in a very stop-start outing. ***½

Gresham celebrated on the stage – falling out of his hastily-taken seat in the process as he’d almost bitten off more than he could chew here.

This felt like the more lively of the two Dome shows for PROGRESS, with Bobby Champagne excelling in his role as host… but with so much of this show threatening to feel like it’ll mean little in the grand scheme of things, this show’s likely not going to get the eyeballs it probably should have.