We take a look at the two matches from WrestleQueendom 3 that didn’t make it to the iPPV…

Due to the obvious contractual obligations, neither Jinny, Nina Samuels nor Killer Kelly’s matches couldn’t be shown on Fite.tv – so they took place before the iPPV instead. Commentary from 229, London comes from Leah Owens and Sierra Loxton, once they turned the volume up…

Nina Samuels vs. Jinny
This one stemmed from Nina baiting Jinny at the last few shows at the Resistance Gallery, claiming Jinny had “gotten soft” in recent weeks.

We get going with Nina charging into Jinny as they struggled over a lock-up, eventually breaking free as Jinny took Nina down for an armbar. Jinny keeps the hold on, torquing the elbow too, before Nina snuck free and used a headlock to switch around… except Jinny caught her in headscissors as the pair went from attack to defence and back again.

Samuels trips up Jinny in the search for a toe hold, and keeps it on despite Jinny trying to boot her free. Nina torques the knee too, then grabs a kick from Jinny as she morphed the hold into a deathlock, which Jinny eventually broke as she clawed at Nina’s arm. Problem was, Nina had Jinny’s leg tied up, so she couldn’t go far… which backfired as Jinny trips her up and rolled into a seated surfboard attempt that quickly ended in the ropes.

A series of running knees trap Nina in the corner, as did a back elbow as a ‘rana took Nina back down. Samuels lifts Jinny over the top rope and to the floor. Back in the ring, Jinny’s met with some boots, but threw some back from the bottom before Nina just bounced her out of the corner with an Irish whip. Wash, rinse and repeat, before Nina ducked a kick, only to get caught with a roll-up for a near-fall. A tiltawhirl backbreaker bent Jinny awkwardly on the way to a near-fall, before Jinny finally trapped Nina in the seated surfboard… only for Nina to get a hand to the ropes. A drop toe hold takes Jinny back into the corner as Nina proceeded to miss with some knees, before recovering with a powerbomb for a quick two-count.

A Gory stretch follows as Nina torqued away on Jinny some more, before she got free and came back with a kick that bought her some time. Jinny’s back with a cracker of a forearm, but she’s quickly taken into the corner before she went outside, drawing out Nina for another forearm as she follows in with a Tyler Bate-ish flip senton off the ropes for a near-fall. Back inside, Samuels countered an Acid Rainmaker into an inverted suplex for a two-count as time ticked away. She’s forced to cartwheel off the top rope as a corkscrew bodypress followed to keep the pressure going, as Jinny again tried to fight back in… throwing Samuels into the corner before landing a head kick… but she’s caught up top as Samuels’ attempt at a powerbomb was countered with a ‘rana!

Jinny’s second wind continued with more kicks and stomps as we entered the final minute, before Jinny’s attempt as a ZSJ-like clutch pin led to a near-fall. Finally Jinny trapped Nina in the seated surfboard, and it paid dividends as Nina couldn’t hold on, giving up with seconds left on the clock. A fantastic match to get the show underway for the live crowd, with the pari starting at a good pace… and they kept it going too. Now… why can’t they be used like this in that other place? ***¾

Jinny makes belt motions afterwards… does she want gold to add to the diamonds?

Killer Kelly vs. Roxxy
This was Kelly’s first match for EVE since Absolute Scenes in Manchester in October… a show that’s not made VOD yet. Before then? You’d have to go back to the Kris Wolf retirement show.

Roxxy was making her return to EVE, having spent a few weeks in Germany with wXw, where she’d teamed up with and faced-off against Kelly. This one got going with a lock-up that went nowhere as they broke away from the ropes, before Roxxy looked to go for a waistlock, only to have to duck away from a kick attempt. Second time was the charm for Kelly as she caught Roxxy in the corner, before a running PK found its target for a near-fall.

Roxxy lands a headbutt in response, sending Kelly falling like a tree as a running Meteora landed for a near-fall. A dropkick’s next, but Roxxy misses a charge into the corner and got dumped with a release German suplex out of the corner. Forearms follow from Roxxy as she tried not to fall behind, and she managed to sting Kelly with a goozle and a slap… someone’s been watching Tim Thatcher! Kelly replies in kind, but got another one back… and snapped from there, hitting some capture headbutts before landing a butterfly suplex. A Shibata-ish dropkick follows, before a Vale da Morte is countered, with Roxxy hitting a wheelbarrow into a stomp from there. Roxxy keeps up with a back suplex, but got caught on the top rope as Kelly brought her down for Vale da Morte… and that’s an emphatic win. A cracking sprint here, with Kelly beating a very recent title challenger in Roxxy in a little over five minutes. ***¼

So the unofficial “pre-show” gave the live crowd a pair of cracking matches – and I’d dare say the match of the night. If you watched on Fite, and have the EVE VOD, you should definitely pay the VOD a visit and catch up with two of the better matches from the card that (until now) were just for live eyes only!