OTT returned to the National Stadium for a show where their national hero had the chance to right a wrong – and regain his title.

We open with Don Marnell welcoming us from afar as we had a stirring highlights package to set the scene. Aonghus og McAnally and the sockless Tony Kelly are on commentary. Man, Tony could do with spending money on socks rather than a new jacket… or at least a new pair of trousers that aren’t insanely short…but at least TK babyfaces himself after crapping all over the Irish rugby team. From there, Aonghus launches into a stirring speech about how Ireland were going to take on the world tonight… and that’s a fitting way to get us going!

Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) vs. Angelico & Rey Horus vs. Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aidan)
Seems some of Dublin forgot that the Aussies turned bad last time they were here… not to worry, they made their point during their intro!

The Aussies jumped Club Tropicana at the bell, as they reignited the feud from months ago, but the four-way dance mechanic of this match meant that we had some chaos early on. A flying ‘rana from Horus takes Davis down, but Kyle’s quickly in… and cornered by the lucha pai rof Horus and Angelico, before duelling submissions looked to end this one early. Except Club Tropicana break the holds by smashing the lucha pair with an oar. Not a typo. Or an euphemism…

Everyone gets oared as Club Tropicana eased into the lead, before they slammed Angelico and whacked him in the arse with an oar handle. Dives follow as all eight men end up on the outside, before Angelico returned to the ring for a sweet over-the-turnbuckles tope con giro! Back in the ring, a satellite DDT from Horus, and an Angelico senton bomb nearly puts away Davis, as Fletcher again made a save before he tagged in. The Besties keep the pace high with overhead kicks and running gamengiri into the corner, before Kyle ate another version of his assisted cutter for a near-fall.

Sexsea hits a nice double-team DDT onto the Besties as he floated over Aidan… before Club Tropicana worked their way into a massively-stacked up slip and slide into the other six men in the corner. So big the hit spread through EVERYONE’s groins! A side Russian legsweep/Blockbuster combo nearly got Tropicana the win over Fletcher, before Davis’ attempt to strike his way back in ended with him eating a knee as a Parade of Strikes broke out.

Horus’ Spanish Fly calms it down, before a pop-up dropkick took Davis into the ropes ahead of a monstrous back body drop/tope con giro into the pile outside! Back inside, it’s Aussies vs. Tropicana again as Sexsea was outgunning the Aussies single-handedly, but Davis just punts him low behind the ref’s back (…in a four way) before a Fidget Spinner got them the win. Well, this wasn’t much of a match and more an entertaining mess of diving bodies, but it kept the crowd hot from the off. ***

The Rapture (Charlie Sterling, Sha Samuels & Zack Gibson) vs. More Than Hype (Darren Kearney, LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin)
Going into ScrapperMania, More Than Hype had been on a heck of a losing streak… while the Rapture rather bravely came to Dublin with a Union Jack. On St Patrick’s Day weekend. Still, it meant we got the long-awaited return of the nuclear Zack Gibson promo, which has been sorely lacking in Britwres. Good luck even trying to subtitle that thing!

More Than Hype literally shot out of the blocks, diving onto the Rapture from the off before Nathan Martin took hold of Charlie Sterling by the scruff of his neck. Problem was, Samuels and Gibson managed to get free and corner “Psycho Nathan”, who relished the fight, only for the numbers game to quickly overwhelm him. Still, at least Zack took off his belt and jacket this time around! Chants of “no deal Brexit” flood the National Stadium to troll (and haunt) the Brits, as Gibson asked for (and got) the mic during the match. Cue insanely loud boos as Kearney tried to fight out of a chinlock from Samuels… doing so, only for Charlie Sterling to come in and repeat the job. Well, the threat was to make sure the next OTT highlight reel was Chinlock-Mania, so he did his job, I guess.

Niall Fox cottons on to the cheating Brits, forcing a separation as Martin eventually got the hot tag out to LJ Cleary… who had to deal with some interference from Gibson. A kick from LJ takes Sterling off the apron before his springboard crossbody’s caught… then landed on the second attempt as the Rapture were flagrantly ignoring the “one in, everyone out” rule. More Than Hype give it a go themselves, nearly taking the win before a roll-up from Sterling drew a near-fall as the cheating resumed, with the Rapture trying a double-stuff piledriver, only for Kearney to jack-knife into a near-fall as Cleary and Martin got involved. There’s a nice top rope ‘rana that sent the Rapture into each other as More Than Hype started to find their foothold… and after a trio of superkicks to Charlie, they almost ended their losing streak!

A double Doomsday Device from Sterling kept the Parade of Moves going, before LJ got swung into a Samuels powerbomb for another near-fall – with that particular kick-out getting the crowd, ahem, hyped. The double-spike piledriver’s attempted again, but More Than Hype make the save before they worked into the elevated Doomsday Destroyer… and that’s enough to put away Sterling and beat the former tag champs! This felt a little rushed, but it did what it needed to do story-wise – ending More Than Hype’s losing streak by beating the Brits. ***

Justy, Sammy D & Team Prick (Peter & Rick) vs. Hurricane Helms & Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B. Cool)
This came about when Team PRICK turned on Angel Cruz at Homecoming 2, which meant they… got some hideous pleather trousers. There has to be better benefits to going bad than that?

Still, the Angel Cruzers got their customary “big show” mini-movie, which included B. Cool blowing out Joe Cabray’s brains, “breathing in gas” to get a good smell… and OTT’s own Cheatum! Oh, and three murders… Their partner here was Hurricane Helms (and his gimmick title)

We start with B Cool going after his former Gymnasty buddies, chopping Justy… who dragged himself outside for respite way too early on. Tags bring in Sammy D and the Hurricane, and Helms goes straight for Sammy’s arm, only for some elbows to have him already on the back foot. A short-arm flatliner gets Helms a near-fall as Team PRICK came in to break it up, before tags took us to Angel Cruz spearing Justy.

Things eventually work around to PRICK attacking Angel and B. Cool, before we worked into quadruple chokeslams as Justy’s crew took the fall. Topes con giro from the Cruzers meet Justy’s crew outside, before Sammy tripped Helms’ unlikely dive attempt. We keep things pacey as it felt like everyone was going for crossbodies, with Justy missing his, allowing B Cool to issue some Dusty punches before PRICK flooded the ring to save Justy from a brainbuster. Justy’s back with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the corner, before Angel Cruz finally squared off against his former security detail. The numbers game overwhelms, but the Hurricane makes the save as they teased a Shield powerbomb. Angel manages to remove a weightlifting belt from Team PRICK, instead opting to… tie them to the ring with a bike chain?! Hey, it means Peter (or Rick) can’t go anywhere as he’s whipped with those belts, before Rick (or Peter) made a save with a low blow.

More belt whipping followed as Rick (or Peter) took Angel onto the stage… where Cruz disappeared and came back with… a working, petrol lawnmower. The daft bastard. He ran over Rick (or Peter)’s arm, before we returned to the ring as Justy ends up taking a brainbuster from B Cool, before a Jeff Hardy senton from Angel Cruz got the win. Well, they kept it short, but from someone who watched this mostly on VOD, I won’t be sobbing if this was the end of it all. *¾

Fortunately, someone had a key to free Peter (or Rick) from the corner afterwards…

Dan Barry vs. David Starr
Local Hero against… Hated Zero?

Starr came out to Foggy Dew by the Chieftans (a song about the 1916 Rising in Ireland… some next level heel research), while wearing his “dílseacht” tights from the match with Jordan Devlin, just to wind up the locals some more. In response, Dublin sang “Dan” to the RINGKAMPF theme. Touche. Starr tried to jump Dan at the bell, as the crowd shoehorned “Dan” into theme music. Meanwhile, Barry was just trying to make sure Starr couldn’t shoehorn his way out of a wristlock…

They keep it basic early on, with Dan outsmarting Starr early on, as he always seemed to find his way back to the wristlock. Right as Starr tried to get into it, the crowd serenade him with chants of “you’ll never beat WALTER”, which distracted him enough for Dan to get back in with a shoulder tackle, before a trip from Starr led to… headlock takeovers as Barry again neutralised him! Dan comes in with chops before he faked out and landed a dropkick, putting Starr on the apron… only to run into a clothesline as he tried to catch Starr on the apron. From there, Starr heads up to the stage to compose himself, before he headed back into the ring and nailed a tope suicida, landing head-first on Dan.

A not-faked-out throw from Starr puts Dan into the fifth row, but Dan beats the count-out… only to roll into some stomps. The sliding crossbody traps Dan in the corner, before the cartwheel kick just clobbered Barry for a near-fall. Dan throws a desperation punch, sending Starr into the ropes, before some boo/yay punches are greeted by a guy in the second row flipping off/giving a thumbs up in time.

Dan manages to shock Starr with an Air Raid Crash, but it’s only enough for a near-fall, before Starr tried to fight his way into a Cherry Mint DDT. He can’t get it, so he settled for a superkick on the apron before he’s caught on the top rope, then brought down with a snap top rope ‘rana as Dan sends Starr flying to the outside! Barry keeps up the pressure with an over-the-corner tope con giro, before a frog splash back inside… and a scoop tombstone dumped Starr for another pair of near-falls. Somehow, Starr’s able to fight back, catching Dan with a forearm in the ropes before the Cherry Mint DDT and a Han Stansen dropped him for a near-fall. From there, Starr rolls into a crossface, but Dan tries to counter with a roll-up, only for Starr to drop Dan with a Blackheart Buster for another near-fall!

Starr, sensing he had enough of an advantage, took a breather to mock Barry… before another crossface was rolled out of, as Barry nearly rolled up Starr for the win. From the kick-out, Dan lands an enziguiri, only to send Starr into the ropes for a Han Stansen, before the as-yet-unnamed over-the-knee powerbomb got Starr the win. Well, he couldn’t beat Devlin (or WALTER), but Starr’s back on track with a win over a beloved member of the roster… and you sense that he’ll be gunning for the title sooner rather than later. ***¼

Martina vs. Meiko Satomura
We’ve a build-up video as Martina vowed that this was her time to show a different side of Martina.

We start with a lock-up, as Martina took Meiko into the ropes, with a cheeky chop thrown in at the break. That may not have been wise… Satomura responds by working the arm, then throwing in a mule kick to the face as she had Martina on the mat. Some headscissors are easily slipped out of as they grappled on the mat, with Martina countering into a Fujiwara-style armbar as Meiko got to the ropes pretty quickly.

Meiko’s response was to kick Martina to the mat as she looked for a knee bar, before taking Martina into the corner. Somehow, Martina’s able to escape and come in with some running forearms, before a big boot rocked Satomura ahead of a missile dropkick that drew a solid two-count. Some more kicks from Meiko soften up Martina, who found herself back on the mat, and having to throw some rather desperate shots, as a spinning heel kick puts Martina back in the ropes. A charge from Meiko’s side-stepped as a dive follows, landing flush on Satomura in the aisle. Martina followed up with a suplex into the front row, but back in the ring it’s business as usual as Meiko reapplied a cross armbreaker, only for Martina to get to the ropes and surprise Meiko with a swinging side slam. A crossface quickly followed, but Satomura shuffles backwards to get her feet under the ropes.

Satomura’s quickly back with the cartwheel knees, clobbering Martina, who was still keeping herself alive in this match… somehow. Martina’s even got enough in her to try and fight back with forearms, teeing off on Meiko before a headbutt dropped her to the mat, ahead of a double-jump Seshbreaker that almost caused the upset. Elbows from Meiko quickly restore order though, before Martina caught her up top with a superplex… rolling it through on landing for a brainbuster too!

Still, that’s not enough though, as “still can’t get the job finished” seemed to be Martina’s MO right about now. Another Seshbreaker’s side-stepped as Meiko just watched her crash and burn, before a step-up axe kick sent Martina into the ropes. One death valley driver later, and that was it – an emphatic win as Martina brought her A-game… but still fell short. It was more of a proving ground match for Martina – I doubt many expected her to win, but this was right up there with her best “straight” performances. An outing to shut up the critics. ***

Post-match, it gets weird as Meiko raves and has a big bag of cans with Martina.

Loser Leaves Town Trios Match for OTT Tag Team Championship: British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. Kings Of The North (Bonesaw, Damien Corvin & Dunkan Disorderly) (c)
I’m not sure what the story was going in here – I’d not been following OTT’s announcements beyond the fact that British Strong Style’d be on this show… so I don’t know how we leapt from that to a “loser leaves town trios match for the OTT tag titles”.

The Kings charge at British Strong Style at the bell as things started out hot, quickly settling down to Trent Seven chopping and DDT’ing Dunkan, sending him outside for a Trent tope. Bonesaw and Bate are in next to wheel away on each other, before Tyler went for an over-the-top tope that didn’t seem to get that much of a reaction, especially in comparison to a simple clothesline from Dunne, who took out Corvin for an Orihara moonsault into the pile.

Staying on the outside, Corvin hits a stage dive into the pile as the brawl continued around ringside, before they all headed into the crowd as commentary was having to guess on sound alone. Dunkan does a dive from a balcony over an access tunnel, which seemed to be the cue for everyone brawling back to ringside, where the Kings begin to target Trent Seven with running knees and a cannonball in the corner.

It’s almost like a mugging as the Kings’ triple-team drew a near-fall – again, with Trent’s kick-out barely getting anything as the crowd instead burst into song. Still, the tag champions continued to gang up on Trent, who somehow managed to powerbomb them out of the corner… giving him the opening to tag in Pete Dunne, who just went hog wild on the Kings. Head kicks, German suplexes and X-plexes single-handedly turn the tide, as Dunne then looked to bite Bonesaw… who just slipped off his glove before booting Dunne to the mat. He can’t make the cover though, and a tag brings in Tyler Bate who ‘rana’s Corvin into the corner before catching a leap… and turning it into a release German suplex. Effortlessly.

A standing shooting star press nearly puts Corvin away, before Tyler used Corvin for an airplane spin… even stacking up Dunkan on top of him for extra jaw-dropping material. Trent’s brought back in for a clothesline-assisted Dragon suplex, but the Kings break up the cover as they tried to win via a mugging. Problem was, raising their red hands just led to them getting sucker punched before the ref got unsighted as the Kings hit some low blows, then a boot-assisted facebuster for a near-fall.

Yet again, Trent’s kickouts don’t seem to be getting the Dublin crowd roaring… do they secretly want the Kings to stay around? Either way, Trent manages to come right back with a short arm lariat and a piledriver before a Tyler Driver and a Bitter End to Corvin led to another near-fall… and relative silence, before a Spiral Tap and a Burning Hammer got the job done! A real shock as British Strong Style leave with the gold… and send the Kings packing. As a match, this was a lot of the BSS greatest hits, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as they cut out a lot of the comedy in favour of wild brawls. ***½

Post-match, commentary reveled in the fact that OTT is somehow able to blend WWE/NXT, New Japan, ROH and AEW wrestlers on the same shows. It’s a blessed situation to be in.

OTT Women’s Championship: Debbie Keitel vs. Raven Creed (c)
Keitel’s partnership with Valkyrie’s been dubbed as the “Woke Queens”, which may well be taken as a shot at a “massively online” section of the fandom.

Creed jumped Valkyrie with an elbow before the bell as she tried to snuff out the numbers game early on. It didn’t work as it opened the door for Keitel to jump her… but a chops ends the challenger down, as does a shotgun dropkick and a Fisherman’s suplex as Keitel was forced to kick out at two. Keitel spits at Creed, and gets kicked low for her troubles, as the champion snapped… biting Keitel in the corner before a double stomp put Debbie down for a two-count. Chops keep Keitel in the ropes, but Debbie responds by hanging Creed in the ropes, leaving her down for some choking from Valkyrie on the outside.

A grounded cobra clutch seemed to be Keitel’s only chance of victory, before she let go and landed some Sole Food for a two-count. Another cobra clutch led to a lungblower as Keitel comes close again… but the crowd still aren’t buying her challenge, especially when Valkyrie’s efforts at ringside were fruitless. Well, aside from catching her from a headbutt on the apron and a comical scream of “save yourself!” when Creed came a-running after them.

Back inside, a full nelson’s easily broken by Creed, who then had to deal with more Valkyrie distraction before a roll-up (and some feet on the ropes) crew Keitel a near-fall. Keitel’s challenge wasn’t for long though, as Creed headbutted Valkyrie on the outside before rushing back in with a lungblower for the win. Again, the story was decent enough on paper, but the National Stadium crowd perhaps weren’t biting for everything going on – not helped by the lack of time they got either. **¼

Scotty Davis vs. Jushin Thunder Liger
For some reason, overdubbed music greets Liger on the VOD, which eradicated any crowd reactions for him. Still, this was a special moment for Scotty Davis, who got to witness a barrage of red and white streamers for the soon-to-be-retiring Liger.

We start with a handshake as Liger had to counter Davis’ wristlocks early, before he pulled the youngster into a seated surfboard… then all the way back into a chinlock. Davis responds by rolling Liger to the mat, teasing a Gator roll, only for the veteran to slip out as Scotty quickly flipped out and hit the Gator roll anyway! A knee slide gets Davis under a Shotei as he was staying a step ahead of Liger, rolling him through into a gutwrench suplex as Liger was struggling to get into any kind of gear. Another leg sweep puts Liger down as a low dropkick sends him rolling outside… and into the path of a Sasuke special!

Davis rolls Liger back in to try and snatch the win, but a Shotei’s the response as Liger had his turn to do a dive, crashing into Scotty with a cannonball off the apron. A nasty-looking sheer drop brainbuster followed on the outside, which led to Davis barely beating the count-out… as he rolled back inside into more damage from Liger, this time in the form of a Romero special. A Dragon sleeper follows from the Romero special as Scotty was bent in half, before he got free and managed to shock Liger with a German suplex. Despite the kick-out, Davis keeps hold and eventually rolls into a Fisherman’s buster for a near-fall. Liger sends him onto the apron, but Davis manages to come back in, albeit less than gracefully, for a German suplex for another two-count.

A series of strikes from Davis ends when he misses a standing moonsault, opening him up as Liger went for a Ligerbomb… but Davis too had plenty left in the tank! After the kick-out, Liger goes for another brainbuster, which gets countered into a small package before Davis struggled into the Supremacy for the win. On paper, that’s a heck of an upset, but the mis-steps at the finish perhaps led to the crowd not really being so “up” for it as you’d have expected. ***¼

Before the main event, there’s another promo video that may have featured a familiar voice or three:

OTT World Championship: Jordan Devlin vs. WALTER (c)
The big match feel continues with new entrance videos, with Jordan Devlin having a pack of cards to reveal the Irish Ace…

WALTER, on the other hand, was almost universally loathed by all within the National Stadium, not helped by him throwing his belt on the mat. Ring announcer Butch eggs on the partisan crowd, like they needed it, and this is an atmosphere that’s giving me goosebumps!

The bell sounds and Devlin goes all Katie Taylor on WALTER, throwing some body blows before a right hand led to a teased package piledriver… but WALTER powers out, only to get sent outside as Devlin refused to back down, keeping up on him with a tope and some more right hands as the boxing motif that’s coursed throughout this build continued. A stomp from the apron finds WALTER flush… but then the Austrian swings with a chop that sent the challenger crashing to the mat. WALTER stops himself from chopping the ring post, but Devlin had no such luck as he went for a post… and now all of a sudden, WALTER’s got a blindingly-obvious target to go for. He throws the right arm and hand of Devlin into the apron, then stomps on it for good luck, before he switched up the offence, this time going on the arm before he proceeded to use his boot to try and choke Devlin out of the ring.

A suplex followed as WALTER put his foot on Devlin’s chest for a very nonchalant two-count… which seemed to fire up Devlin into a brief fightback, only for WALTER to clock him in the midsection before a release German suplex just ragdolled the Irishman to the mat. It gets worse as Devlin’s draped across the top rope and chopped to the floor, before WALTER draped Devlin’s Irish flag over his body… and stomped some more. MASSIVE HEAT.

Devlin tries to fight back, but his slingshot cutter’s quickly caught by WALTER, who somehow lost him as Devlin scrambled onto the back for a rear naked choke. A rope break led to Devlin trying for a RINGKAMPF German, but WALTER gets free and chops the back. Yuck. Devlin goes back to the rear naked choke and drags WALTER down, as the National Stadium comes alive… but it’s still way too early in the match as WALTER stood up, climbed the ropes, and fell back to break it. For like a second… because Devlin was right back on him! WALTER manages to throw Devlin forward, finishing him off with a tombstone… but Devlin’s up at two! So WALTER heads up top, but he took too long as Devlin clocks him with a gamengiri before he eventually caught WALTER with a slingshot avalanche cutter for a near-fall.

Going thumbs up/thumbs down in an ode to Batista, Devlin tries for the package piledriver, eventually landing it at the second attempt… but he blew out his back and couldn’t make the cover, eventually getting to the giant, loathed Austrian just as WALTER rolled himself to the floor. Ohhh! Devlin eventually collects himself and heads outside, hauling WALTER back inside as he had to keep the match from going to a count out… before Devlin went back to form and began throwing right hands. Injured hand be damned! A chop from WALTER looked to rock Devlin, but on his way down Devlin swung with a headbutt as the front row were banging that ring mat like war drums (cheers Aonghus…)… and then things looked to take a turn for the worse. Devlin’s 450 splash lands firmly in WALTER’s knees, with the champion going right in with a German suplex for a near-fall as the momentum continued to swing.

The big boot of WALTER puts Devlin back on the mat as Dublin seemed to be having their own squeaky bum moment, not helped by WALTER cracking Devlin through the ropes with some crossface punches. WALTER changes tactic, going for the hand… but Devlin manages to catch the arm and jam it over his shoulder to stop the tide, before he began to stomp on WALTER’s arm and creating an opening for a German suplex off the ropes. Turnabout was fair play as Devlin traps WALTER in the ropes for a hanging back cracker, taking WALTER outside as more stomps and kicks left the Austrian prone for an Orihara moonsault… and maybe, just maybe, Devlin had a fighting chance once again??

Back inside, Devlin scores with a 450 splash for a near-fall, but it became clear – to win, he’d need to find it in him to land another package piledriver. WALTER knew that too, and chops him back to the mat as he returned to a Gojira clutch… which he then released as he ragdolled Devlin with a powerbomb for a near-fall. Another powerbomb splats Devlin for another two-count, before WALTER dove on him with the Gojira clutch again as he tried to squeeze the life out of his challenger.

WALTER sounded frustrated as the referee took his time lifting and dropping Devlin’s arms… but Jordan was not done yet! The crowd get to their feet as he fought back, then groaned as Devlin took a Fire Thunder driver… but unlike last time, WALTER was not to be victorious with that move, as Dublin jumped when Devlin kicked out! From there, WALTER heads to the stage to grab his title belt, seemingly teasing a walk-out, chopping the referee as he called back to his match with PAC last month… but unlike then, Niall Fox told him to “get the fuck back in” as he refused to DQ the champion. So WALTER just walks away, only for OTT promoter Joe Cabray to appear on the stage, defending the honour of his promotion with his own fists. I think Tony Kelly may have had a moment there…

WALTER’s other attempts to exit the stadium were thwarted by the roster who were providing backup: More Than Hype… Paul Tracey… all stopped WALTER from walking away, as Devlin capitalised with a body press to the Austrian, before he countered a shotgun dropkick with a leaping double stomp! An O’Connor Roll is next, but the crowd groans as WALTER countered with another rear naked choke, only for Devlin to get free and trap WALTER with some repeated stomps a la Pete Dunne!

CHOP! That was seemingly all WALTER had left, but Devlin was not to be outdone, as he’d batter WALTER with some more body blows… then a snap package piledriver… ONE… TWO… THREE. You could hear the roar from anywhere it seemed, as Jordan Devlin had slain the beast… and regained his OTT title. The sheer noise, the reaction, the passion that erupted from that three-count is, in one emotion, why we love wrestling. Fans hugging one another around ringside, commentary breaking down in tears, and the roster flooding out from ringside to celebrate. Including David Starr, who appeared on the stage, arms crossed, to watch as he stood there almost emotionless as his former best friend did what he repeatedly could not. Beat WALTER. ****¾

If you’re going to nitpick, you’ll have to search pretty hard for things to criticise. Maybe the story was told too well – perhaps there was only ever likely to be one winner on St Patrick’s Day weekend, but at the end of it all, who gives a rat’s ass? This is pro wrestling, this is what we all fell in love with, and what we want to see time and time again. Do yourself a favour. Head over to – sign up, watch this (and the rest of the build) for yourself… and wait for the goosebumps to subside.

As for the rest of the show; it’d be harsh to say that this was a one-match card – certainly, everything delivered to some extent, but when the main event was in a different galaxy to the rest of the line-up, you could have had an undercard of people sleepwalking through matches and this crowd still would have been on fire. Cherry pickers will only want to see the main event, and certainly that’s about the only thing I’d say is a “must see”, but you’ll be missing a lot of the usual OTT story development – especially as it seems we’re on a crash course for Starr/Devlin III down the road.