OTT returned to the Arena on Suir Road – and once again it proved to be the home of a shocker in our main event.

This was the final non-Contenders show to take place in Dublin this year, and as ever OTT brought a stacked card. It’s going to be one of our “we’ll try not to go too in-depth, but we’ll be detailed as hell for the main event” reviews…

We open with a backstage spot where Mark Haskins baited LJ Cleary into defending his Gender Neutral in a four-way match – alongside Chris Ridgeway and Scotty Davis. LJ agreed to it, but only after he called out Haskins for not cashing in his golden opportunity on WALTER…

Inside Suir Road, it’s Aonghus McAnally opening up the show, creating a monster of a pop when he just said “Dan Barry”. With Don Marnell “”in the crowd” rather than on commentary as he’s about to emigrate, he’s replaced by Tony Kelly… who did his damndest to look like a knock off Dan Barry on first glance.

For those wondering “where were Trent and Tyler”, who were on the original poster for this show… well, WWE commitments meant that they were needed elsewhere.

Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) & Travis Banks vs. More Than Hype (Darren Kearney, LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin)
This was the first outing for the newly-turned Antipodeans… who came out in their very Fight Club Pro-y Schadenfreude gear, with Kyle giving out middle fingers instead of high-fives.

Travis Banks was making his return from injury here (cough, not counting TV tapings), and he’s got new gear too – long tights! He’s also got his old Defiant ring music, which is a thing. More Than Hype came off well here in their role at the start of the card, getting the crowd, erm, hyped up, as they managed to talk the returning Kiwi Buzzsaw into “giving us a bleh”.

That’s one way to upset your partners.

Kearney enjoyed some early offence, as Fletcher took some early double-teaming before he backed into the corner and tagged in Travis Banks. The mere square-off between Martin and Banks made LJ comment “this is class” – something which buoyed “Psycho Nathan” as he caught Banks with a dropkick for an early near-fall. Banks instantly responds with a series of kicks as he cleared the ring.

LJ comes in and mocks Banks a little, throwing him a chop that barely fazed the former PROGRESS champion. Banks gees up for a receipt… but instead tags in Dunkzilla, who punches out LJ. Comedy! The LJ Death Wish continues as he slaps Davis and lands some lucha-inspired offence, as More Than Hype again took the initiative as they left the lads from Down Under down and out.

Dives are next, but we stay outside as More Than Hype get dumped onto the apron before they’re turfed into the crowd as the Aussies and the Kiwi took firm control. Martin tries to fire back with chops to Davis, before a leap over saw him tweak his knee again… and Davis is on that like a shark is on blood, as were his team-mates as Martin’s bad wheel became the weak link in his team. He manages to catch Banks with a dropkick, but it wasn’t such a good idea… nor was the enziguiri as he aggravated the knee some more.

Darren Kearney finally gets the tagin as he wipes out Davis with an enziguiri, before a crossbody off the top just cleared Aussie Open. Banks rushes in to spark a strike battle, only to get caught with his own Slice of Heaven from Clearly as More Than Hype dogpile Banks for a near-fall. Kearney keeps up on Davis, landing another enziguiri ahead of a waistlock takedown, as a frog splash from Clearly gets a near-fall – despite him not being the legal man.

The big ol’ parade of moves continues, but More Than Hype can’t get the job done, and Banks is back with kicks to Kearney and Cleary. Those lead to a low-pe to LJ, a PK off the apron to Martin, then a flying stomp to Kearney back inside as LJ barely broke up the pin in time. Fletcher lifts LJ from the ring to the floor, before playing his part in a double-team Go To Sleep on Kearney… but still, More Than Hype lived on!

At least for a little while longer, as LJ took a Slice of Heaven and a Fidget Spinner… but somehow LJ kicks out! All six men are fighting from their knees, but it doesn’t go More Than Hype’s way as Kearney ate a Kiwi Krusher before LJ was thrown through the ring post – injuring his shoulder in the process. Nathan Martin fires back, but the referee’s on the outside checking on LJ… and he misses a low blow, returning as Kyle Fletcher scored the easy pin. A fun opener, and a loss for the inexperienced trio – with LJ going into his baited title defence later on at a massive disadvantage. ***¼

Post-match, Kyle Fletcher pulled Banks away from checking on LJ.

We’ve a video package recapping the Justy/B Cool feud – with promos that set things up for the blow-off to the Gymnasties storyline.

Justy vs. B. Cool
Justy’s out in boxing gloves, alongside Liam Royal whose debut in OTT was auspicious to say the least at the Anniversary show. This is a “Justy-jitsu” match, with a special referee in the shape of Justin Daniels since regular OTT ref Niall Fox didn’t know the rules. Yeah, Justy’s stacking the decks, and I’m getting flashbacks to WCW here.

Justy outlines that with purposely vague rules, including “fish hooks will be legal” and “brainbusters will not be legal”. Well, one of those will be hard to do through boxing gloves.

Liam Royal docks a point for “poor sportsmanship” as Justy jumps B from behind… with round one ending as soon as B got some offence in. Round two starts with Justy having the gloves off, as it’s time to grapple – something B Cool can’t defend against with boxing gloves on. B takes his gloves off, and the round’s over… and we resume with a German suplex as the stacked deck made this less of a blood feud finale and more of a weird comedy outing.

A fish hook just gives Liam Royal a chance to scream “points to Justy” as I suddenly pine for the return of Tony Idle. This is drawing the wrong kind of heat, as Justy pulled Cool into the ropes with a Romero special-like chinlock. A backbreaker’s next, then a legdrop for a fast two count, and I just want this to be over.

Justy climbs up top for some posing… before he misses a Tennessee Jam legdrop. “His arse is broken,” quips Tony Kelly on commentary, before the bell rung as B went for a fish hook. We’re right back in as a Sharpshooter was tried, but B pushes out… and then gets stopped by the referee as dives were apparently illegal. The distraction keeps the motif going.

B Cool goes for a brainbuster, but instead decides to dump the referee with one as he loses his cool. Liam Royal gets a low blow, while some eejit at ringside dings the bell like his life depends on it. The guest time keeper’s stared down, and then chased to the back of the room by B Cool and a bell hammer… but Justy catches B Cool with the bell before an Alabama Slam drew a delayed two-count. What, no fast count?

Justy throws out the referee, then gets caught with a brainbuster onto the bell… before referee Niall Fox slides in to count the pin. Man, there’s so many better ideas to have ripped off from even the dying days of WCW… this was just a mess. A badly-executed mess we’ll do well to not speak of in the future. -*

Post-match, Royal lays out B Cool and carries Justy to the back.

The Lads From The Flats (Paddy M & Workie) vs. Club Tropicana (Aidan Epic & Captain Sexsea)
We’re back with more “local lads”, including Jose Idle, who drew “cero miedo” chants as he came out with face paint for a delayed Day of the Dead celebration. I popped.

We’ve a fairly simple start as Sexsea and Paddy work through holds, with headlock takedowns, counters and escapes being the order of the day early on. Tags bring in Aidan Epic and Workie, but a bag of cans bring a halt to proceedings as the Lads try to get Aidan drunk by using some gimmicked cans. It works… Rolling round the ring didn’t really work in Aidan’s favour, nor in Workie’s as both men collapsed to the mat out of dizziness. Sexsea tries to lift up Workie, but he’s dead weight… at least until Jose opens a can and raises Workie up like Paul Bearer woke up the Undertaker with the urn.

Aidan takes a nasty spill as Workie threw him outside into Sexsea, before a tope from Workie followed up with a dive. Paddy flies too, scoring a flip plancha, before they rolled back the clock with a Whassup headbutt of sorts, as Paddy was shoved off the top towards Workie. Club Tropicana turn it around from there, but Drunk Aidan heads up top slowly and ends up missing the mark with a Tennessee Jam legdrop.

A palm strike from Paddy snaps Aidan out of it, as the pair end up running into a duelling clothesline. Workie’s back with a back body drop, then a Sky High to Aidan, as we all love ourselves some D’Lo… but Epic’s out at two and hits back with a shotgun dropkick that set up for the Sexsea Slip n Slide, which saw him land head-first in Workie for a near-fall. Paddy broke that up as the Lads turn to around, looking for a moonsault/reverse DDT combo onto Aidan, before a roll-up from Workie got the anticlimactic win. Something tells me that the flashier of the moves should have won, but it was what it was. This wasn’t bad – although some stuff didn’t go as planned… but the relative inexperience showed through. **½

Sammy D vs. Dan Barry
We’ve got more Liam Royal here as Sammy D took on OTT’s adopted son, Dan Barry. All the pops here.

We had the litany of Dan-related chants, including a version of what I’m calling “DANKAMPF”, which meant that the match we got was fairly easy – after all, why break a neck when the crowd’s eating up simple stuff like headlocks? A dropkick surprises Sammy, who’s caught back in a Rings of Saturn-like submission, then a modified armbar into an Indian deathlock as Liam Royal looked to get involved.

He’s quickly knocked off the apron by Barry, who suplexes Sammy… and instantly kips up out of it. Hey-ho! There’s a surprise tope to Royal on the outside, but that just had Dan distract himself as he snaps out of it and catches an apron PK from Sammy, who just gets free and posts Dan instead. That puts Sammy D on top for a spell, as he nearly snatches the win with a Blue Thunder Bomb… but Sammy falls for the crowd’s taunts, and that opened the door for Barry to get back into it.

A superplex brings Sammy down off the top, before some clotheslines took us into a pumphandle fallaway slam… forcing Royal to pull Sammy outside to safety. Except “safety” looked to mean “landing pad” as Barry went for a Sasuke Special, only to get tied up in the ropes… before a tope con giro hit anyway. Dan’s all marked up from that tangling in the ropes, but he’s able to hit a frog splash back in the ring for a near-fall as the welts continued to grow.

Sammy hits back when he tilt-a-whirls into a reverse DDT for a near-fall, but he takes his sweet time in following that up, and he’s caught with an uppercut in the ropes. The Irish Car Bomb – moonsault fallaway slam – looked to get the win, but Liam Royal ties up the referee because we have to have interference… Barry brings him in the wrong way and catches him with chops and an enziguiri, before dishing out a superkick to Sammy.

Barry looks to moonsault into Sammy, but instead he flips into a superkick before a DDT sucked the air out of the room as Sammy D stole the win. This was fine, but an unpopular result… Dan Barry’s 0-2 in OTT, having lost to two-thirds of the former Gymnasties… and the Suir Road crowd could barely muster charitable boos for Sammy. **¾

After the match, Dan Barry vowed to be back. Ireland remained happy.

Death Match: Angel Cruz vs. Jimmy Havoc
Oh man, Angel’s out with an axe… he’s been watching fairly recent PROGRESS then, while Team PRICK were out to accompany him… wrapped in barbed wire. Hmm…

Meanwhile, Jimmy Havoc has a barbed wire chair with him. Standard.

We start with both men throwing down their weapons… but only because Havoc has a pair of staple guns that he tried to jump Cruz with. A test of strength over a staple gun ends with no shots fired, as Angel scores a brainbuster and orders his barbed wired security to splash onto Jimmy off the top rope.

Rick – of Team PRICK – brings out a baking tray full of loaded mouse traps, but it’s Rick who takes them as Angel Cruz’s superplex is shoved away, with the security detail taking the blow for his boss. Angel tries to go Old School, but he’s got no helping hand… so Jimmy staple guns his balls as we’ll not be having any baby Angels for a while.

Havoc finds his groove as he shrugs off a baking tray shot, then whacks Peter with the same tray as Angel’s taken into the crowd and buried under some chairs. Angel’s back as he staples an 8×10” of Havoc to Havoc… prompting Jimmy to pull out the staples before he again turfed Angel deep into the crowd. Barbed wire’s next on the agenda as Cruz gets ripped apart with it, before Jimmy pulls out… a rake?!

THERE’S A LITERAL BACK RAKE ON ANGEL CRUZ. Okay, hardcore wrestling has peaked with that.

Jimmy’s back to throwing chairs at Cruz, who’s bleeding from having the rake jabbed in his forehead earlier, and we’ve more plunder. Baking tray shots leave Angel down, but Jimmy’s got a lemon which he uses to apply some citric pressure after he’d dished out a paper cut or two. A table’s next as Cruz refuses to quit… as he’s forced to swerve an axe shot as Havoc’s attempt at beheading leads to a table being smashed apart.

Cruz come back with a hiptoss through a chair as the crowd begin to get behind him again, watching as Team PRICK throw some barbed wire in… it’s not used as Cruz senton bombs Havoc through the plastic table for a near-fall. A bucket of thumb tacks gets spread around the ring (yep, we’re upgrading measurements from bags to buckets) as the crowd shrieked in disbelief… and of course, Cruz takes the tacks as a death valley driver gets Havoc a near-fall.

Jimmy ups the ante by removing Angel’s footwear (did nobody learn from Team PRICK’s shoes going walkies?), but he goes a different route. Toe biting, paper cuts then an attempt to plant Cruz’s soles in the pins follow… before Havoc sets up some chairs on their side, and ends up getting thrown into them with a sidewalk slam. GOOD GOD.

Cruz’s barbed wire chair’s up next as he set up for an extra ouchie Coast to Coast, but Cruz landing in the wire caused extra problems as it led to a delayed cover and a kick-out. Team PRICK come back to help with a Shield Powerbomb in the thumbtacks, but Havoc’s up at one and quickly responds by dumping Angel feet-first in the pins. More ouchie stuff follows before an Acid Rainmaker draws a near-fall… then one more Rainmaker does the job. Very death matchey, and cheers for the close-up of Angel’s drawing pin-riddled feet at the end. I’m not a death match guy, but this felt like a match that could be used to close the book on Angel Cruz’s hardcore dealings… and then Jimmy gives him his axe back. Not a show stealer, but still memorable. ***

OTT Women’s Championship: Lana Austin vs. Raven Creed (c)
Having won the OTT Women’s title from Sammii Jayne last month, Lana Austin as the first challenger feels odd… but given that EVE were running SHE-1 the same weekend, the potential pool of fly in opponents was particularly drained.

Austin offered a handshake at the bell, but it suckered Creed in for a headbutt as the challenger tried to start out hot… but Creed’s quickly on her with clubbing forearms on the outside as we had some brawling around ringside. Creed edges ahead by charging Austin back-first into the ring post, before returning to the ring to issue a receipt for that earlier headbutt.

Creed pulls up Lana into some repeated headbutts, standing on her feet to create a makeshift human pivot, but Austin’s quickly back with a neckbreaker out of the corner for a near-fall. While Lana had some fans inside Suir Road, the crowd was largely pro-Creed, which frustrated the challenger as she went for a hip attack… only to kick Creed in the head. A clothesline gets Lana a near-fall, before another kick is caught, with Austin eventually getting met with a Fisherman’s suplex for another near-fall.

Austin’s back as she stomps a mudhole on Creed in the corner, following up with some chops and yet more disdain for the Dublin crowd. Those chops just fire up Creed though, who then turns a little Mrs Doyle as she began her fight back, with chops and clotheslines ahead of a Samoan drop that almost ended things.

Lana has a hopeful shot with a discus forearm that forced the champion to kick out late, as the match became delicately poised… another headbutt from Austin keeps Creed on the apron, before she’s dragged in for a draping DDT off the middle rope, but she still kicks out and quickly mounts a match-winning comeback with a forearm and a MASSIVE back cracker that bounced Austin high for the win. A solid first defence from Creed, whom you’d have to think has a massive 2019 ahead of her… and hopefully a new belt too! ***¼

OTT Gender Neutral Championship: Scotty Davis vs. Chris Ridgeway vs. Mark Haskins vs. LJ Cleary (c)
This wasn’t originally booked, with Scotty Davis originally down to face Tyler Bate before changes to the card turned it into a three way… then a four-way after Haskins’ baiting at the start of the show. LJ came in with some massive disadvantages – one, he’d already wrestled tonight, two he had an injured shoulder from said earlier match, and three… the inherent issues with multi-man matches.

It looked like Haskins wasn’t cashing in his Golden Contract yet though, as he put his briefcase on the line as he continued to bait LJ into appearing. It worked, as I would suggest this could be sewing seeds for unifying some titles?

Anyway, we start with the a-typical four-way tie-up, which quickly broke down as a Parade of Moves broke out en route to the four-way dropkicks which just hurt LJ’s shoulder a little more. Haskins antagonises everyone else then powders to the outside, which left Scotty almost winning the match early with a nice pinning attempt before he Gator rolls LJ around the ring ahead of an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

With one arm, LJ mounts a comeback with a back body drop, only to get tossed to the outside as Haskins and Ridgeway took over, trading kicks to the legs. LJ’s back and gets kicked in the chest by Ridgeway, who then caught Davis in an ankle lock as the revolving door effect took over, as Haskins breaks up one hold before putting Ridgeway in a Stretch Muffler.

We stack up submissions for a while, before the match headed outside… and quickly returned to the ring as Haskins really began to focus on LJ’s injured shoulder. Haskins keeps the ring clear as he wanted to beat LJ on his own, knocking Ridgeway and Davis off the apron as LJ looked to be in trouble. ALL the torque on LJ’s arm forces him into the ropes, forcing LJ to mount a comeback using his head… but in comes Scotty Davis to throw in some new opposition as the ring slowly fills up.

Ridgeway and Davis grab single-leg crabs as the pair looked to eke out a submission… only to get shoved into each other as another Parade of Moves broke out. Maybe a touch too synchronised, but the battle of kicks left all four men down on the mat, only for them to pop back up as the breathless series continued. A German suplex and an axe kick to Davis nearly gets Ridgeway the win, but Davis is right back with German suplexes then a Quebrada to Ridgeway.

There’s a spear to Haskins for a near-fall as LJ saved the match… Davis decides to take out LJ on the outside as he looked to send the champion into the crowd… avoiding that, LJ flies back in with a missile dropkick to Haskins and Ridgeway as he mounted an unlikely comeback, taking down Ridgeway with a Disaster Kick… only to get caught in Haskin’s Sharpshooter. Somehow, LJ nearly gets the win as he crawled into a cover on Ridgeway, before Davis Gator Rolls the move away… and we’re quickly back to Haskins and LJ, with a death valley driver planting LJ hard.

Haskins goes for the misdirection dive, wiping out Davis, then Ridgeway, as he then goes back to the fallen LJ with a gamengiri ahead of a double stomp off the top. That finds its mark, before the pumphandle driver spikes LJ for another near-fall! A shock roll-up from LJ nearly got the win, but in the end Haskins kicks out and floats over into a bridging armbar on LJ’s injured arm for the verbal submission! Haskins wins the GN title – and keeps his contract too – as LJ was made to pay for his own fighting spirit. While this was perhaps a touch too contrived (all those neatly-timed sequences), this was a nice little match – and one that leaves us with a new question: what now for LJ Cleary? Will he mount a fresh challenge, or is he destined for trios matches with More Than Hype for the forseeable? ***¾

David Starr & Jordan Devlin vs. RINGKAMPF (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER)
Originally this was meant to have been Devlin and Will Ospreay against RINGKAMPF… but Ospreay’s rib injury led to a rather more storyline-friendly tag, complete with a promo that stirred the proverbial drink between Devlin and Ospreay some more.

The crowd were on fire just for the introductions, and we start with Thatcher and Devlin, with the crowd being a little divided for their love here. Devlin and Thatcher lock up, with the Irishman looking for Thatcher’s arm, instead grabbing the heck as they went at it rather scrappily on the mat, which led to Thatcher looking for a single leg crab that ended rather quickly.

Tags bring in WALTER and Starr, with the latter quickly finding himself unable to shove away a headlock. When he did get free, Starr tried to wrench away on WALTER’s leg, only for the Austrian to back him up into the wrong corner as Thatcher comes in and flashes his masochistic smile as he looked to pull Starr into a bow-and-arrow hold. There’s teamwork out of the “Killer Product” too, as a backbreaker takes down Thatcher, before Devlin knocks WALTER off the apron – delighting the Suir Road crowd.

Devlin takes over on Thatcher with uppercuts in the corner, following up with a standing uranage then a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Starr’s back with chops and forearms to pin Thatcher into a corner, ahead of the Pretty Pumped inverted slam as Starr looked to make short work of things… only to have to shove away WALTER as the OTT champion eventually low bridges him to the outside.

There’s a backdrop suplex onto the apron for Starr, who quickly finds himself isolated as WALTER’s back in with chops, leaving the Product in a familiar place: on the defensive against WALTER. Thatcher’s back in as WALTER pulls Devlin off the apron, continuing that fight to isolate Starr, who found himself in a rather bone-bending leglock from Thatcher in the middle of the ring, before the boot of WALTER just shoved Starr to the outside, via the bottom rope.

Starr eventually fights back with a chop, but he can’t get the tag out as still RINGKAMPF cheapshot Devlin, leaving Starr alone as WALTER slammed him into the mat ahead of a Boston crab. Devlin comes in to try and break that up, but it ends poorly for him as Jordan once again found himself on the floor. More grappling on the mat led to Thatcher grabbing a heel hook as Starr’s attempt for the same hold were cut-off.

There’s an enziguiri out of Thatcher, but Starr’s right back with a lariat before the hot tag’s made to Devlin… who eyeballs the freshly-tagged WALTER before… running into a boot. Hot tag, extinguished! Devlin fires back with chops, forearms and punches, but WALTER rode it out and rakes the eyes, before he got caught in the ropes with a back cracker. A slingshot cutter’s next, but WALTER catches him with a Gojira clutch before the RINGKAMPF German’s countered into a wheelbarrow and a double stomp!

WALTER tags out and brings in Thatcher, who doggedly takes down Devlin again, as the match descended into a striking battle that ended with a pair of WALTER lariats. Starr tries to hit back with a back elbow and some Han Stansens, but they serve as a distraction as Devlin’s slingshot cutter took down WALTER… who then kicked out of another Han Stansen as Starr looked to end his own personal hoodoo over the Austrian.

Starr struggles for a Product Placement, eventually landing it with the help of a dropkick from Devlin for a near-fall, before Devlin rained down more blows on WALTER, combining punches and knees… until the Austrian swiped him away. Starr suffered a similar fate before the pair fired back, countering out of RINGKAMPF German suplexes for pinning attempts, only to get caught in duelling armbars/STFs.

Devlin and Starr somehow escape, and there’s some fortuitousness as Thatcher’s errant clothesline knocked down WALTER. Jordan’s brief hope is dashed as WALTER recovers enough to PROPEL Starr into the corner with a shotgun dropkick, before a powerbomb/uppercut combo to Starr needed a flying stomp from Devlin to break it up. Good GOD the impact on that John Woo…

Devlin drags Starr to his own corner so he could tag back in, and Jordan’s back in with more strikes to WALTER… who just shrugs it off and flattens him with a powerbomb for another near-fall. A punch to the jaw clocks WALTER, as Devlin continues with body blows to bring the giant to his knees… eventually forcing WALTER to beg off. No mercy was granted as Devlin goes for… and gets the package piledriver! It’s elementary from here, but the referee’s pulled out…

…and David Starr’s the guilty party! The air escapes the Arena on Suir Road as the crowd parsed what they saw. Starr stares guiltily at Devlin, who couldn’t believe what just happened… and that leaves Devlin prone for a crazed Thatcher to lock in a Gojira clutch as the former champion was powerbombed into another uppercut… and THAT is elementary. David Starr just stares on as the crowd were silent as once again, WALTER picked up the win over Devlin, with the question of “why?” overshadowing the match that they’d just seen. ****¼

Starr leaves to the back as everyone was left in disbelief… After the show, OTT uploaded this promo to YouTube as David Starr tried to explain his actions…

As a full show, Redemption wasn’t the bust of a show some had called it. Sure, it was a step down from the New Japan-heavy cards we’ve recently seen, and it also reminded us that in spite of recent strides, the Irish scene perhaps isn’t quite ready for “home grown supershows” (then again, without New Japan, we level the same accusation at Rev Pro!)

Take away the god-awful Justy/B Cool match that I’m sure was a good idea on paper (before it was overblown a la WCW), this was a solid show that delivered exactly where it needed to: the main event. We were all so focused on Jordan Devlin trying to win back his title from WALTER that we forgot the other underlying story that had perhaps been away from our consciousness for a long while: David Starr’s own, longer-term battle with the Austrian.

While some may be annoyed that Devlin’s storyline has taken a detour, it does mean that for the near-future, WALTER is freed up for other challengers as he continues to cement his place as challenger. Oh, and don’t forget Mark Haskins’ pesky Golden contract, and whatever he wants to do with his newly-won Gender Neutral title.

OTT has two shows left this year – a Contenders’ show in Dublin, and an event in Belfast. While both of these shows may fly under everyone’s radar, they will be useful to see where OTT will be heading to in 2019… even if there’s still no word on what their regular venue will be going forward. Or indeed, where their first big show of the new year, Homecoming on February 17, which’ll feature the indy return of PAC to Ireland for the first time in almost 12 years.