OTT’s “go home” show before August’s WrestleRama double-header saw them stack the card for their latest appearance at the Tivoli.

On this month’s show, Chris Brookes faces Damien Corvin with the “Golden Ring” from last month’s Marble Zone match on the line, whilst we also had appearances from Keith Lee and Donovan Dijak, whilst Ryan Smile put up the NLW title against Mark Haskins. You know the score with the pre-match stuff, Aonghus McAnally sets the stage, Don Marnell pretends to be Joel Gertner, and that part of the act is so stale it’s getting all mouldy and furry.

Golden Ring Match: Chris Brookes vs. Damien Corvin
They’re opening the show with this one – basically the “Golden Ring” that CCK won at the last show’s on the line here. Whomever has it after tonight’s match gets to cash it in at WrestleRama. Damien Corvin actually has a name after his WCPW appearance as the nameless, and he wasn’t alone as his tag team partner, Bonesaw, appeared with him.

Brookes opens by spraying water at Corvin, then chopping him around the ring as the lone half of CCK started out on fire. A knee drop gets Brookes a two-count, before a dropkick sent Corvin to the outside… but Bonesaw tripped Brookes as he went for a dive, and that leads us into some attempts at distraction.

Those attempts succeed as Brookes gets booted off the apron, and that’s enough for the refere to eject Bonesaw from the ringside area. Still, Corvin retained the upper hand as a diving uppercut gets him a near-fall, before blocking an attempt at a slingshot cutter and just dumping Brookes with a German suplex.

Brookes fights back though, knocking Corvin loopy with a corner dropkick before returning the favour with that German suplex into the turnbuckles. A flying knee off the apron keeps Corvin loopy, before a Michinoku driver almost saw Brookes retain that shiny brass, I mean gold, ring! The tide swings back and forth as Corvin connects with a short DDT for a near-fall, before an F5 and the White Star Line left Brookes down… but he found a way to kick out as Corvin was left with his head in his hands. Bonesaw re-appeared at ringside for some reason, and instantly made an impact as he put Corvin’s foot on the rope after Brookes hit the Whiplash off the ropes.

With the referee distracted by Bonesaw, Corvin boots Brookes low, before Corvin shoved the ref too. That’s apparently not a DQ, as the ref fired up and instead watched Brookes kick Corvin low… before Niall Fox was used to play Lykos for the elevated Codebreaker/back senton combo?! You read that right… Bonesaw’s taken out with a dropkick off the apron, then again with a tope con hilo before Brookes got another near-fall with the slingshot cutter. From the kick-out, he puts in the Octopus hold, and that’s all she wrote as Corvin’s forced to tap! Take out that referee spot, and this was quite the match – it’s personal taste, but I am not a fan of superfluous stuff with refs, unless it’s part of a longer-term story. ***½

After the match, Brookes confirms that the Gold Ring’s being cashed in – in a six-man tag as the Kings of the North take on both of Brookes’ CCK buddies… yes, the Dirty Wolf has his pet passport, and he’s coming to Ireland for WrestleRama! Well, the OTT tag titles have been defended in six-man tags before, so this isn’t too weird, I guess.

Justin Shape & Logan Bryce vs. Pastor William Eaver & Virgin Martina
This was set-up on last month’s show… again, Bryce and Shape came out with William J Humperdink and Valerie – a weird case of the kayfabe “owner” putting himself into the lowest of low-key storylines. Humperdink calls this a handicap tag match because he’s not booked anyone else for this. So what was the point of a surprise tag team partner then?

The “no tag partner” is a lie, because after Humperdink moans about Mick Foley being the GM for WrestleRama (and teasing that there’ll be fighting between them, oh joy), Eaver comes out with his partner… and no, it’s not the Holy Hadouken. It’s “the Virgin Martina”. Was NOT expecting that one!

It starts out with comedy as Justin’s made to pray, before Martina busted out a “holy hurricanrana” as she begged for forgiveness as she didn’t want to partake in any violence. That’s a bad choice of tag partner there! The Pastor comes in and blocks Bryce’s slap with the Holy Ghost, before unloading with some uppercuts and a backbreaker.

Shape attacks the Pastor from behind after he’d faked out a dive, and this quickly turned into a two-on-one attack, starting when Shape dropped the Pastor with a spinning brainbuster. Eaver tries to hit a crucifix, but Bryce catches it and switches it into an Air Raid Crash as the Pastor kept taking something of a beating, along with some fish hooking from Shape, who provides some goofy facials of his own.

At the second try, Eaver hits the crucifix for a near-fall, before diving to tag in the Virgin Martina again, who scores a cross body on Bryce, then a clothesline after getting strength from the Pastor. The Holy Tarantula follows as the Pastor gives Martina a refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage that she uses to spray in Logan’s eyes, before Eaver returns for some Pope-ish Hammers.

Despite hitting a Fisherman’s suplex, the Pastor wants to do something bigger for the win, but Shape cuts him off. Eventually Eaver hits a crossbody off the top as a set-up for a holy tornado DDT from Martina to Shape, before Bryce fell to the Holy Hadouken. A Clothesline from Heaven follows to Shape, but Martina wants to fly again… and so the Pastor obliges by propelling her to the outside for a dive… but that just gave Shape a chance to steal the pin with a roll-up and a handful of hairy-arse-exposing tights for the pin. This was all about the comedy… and this whole thing probably wouldn’t work outside of Ireland. **¼

After the match Martina starts dancing (because of course we do), and gets the Pastor to join in with his best Mick Foley impression… but Katey Harvey thankfully breaks it up. She boots the Pastor out of the ring too, and then she just disappears. Fair enough!

Ahead of the next match, Zack Gibson cuts a promo, and gets furnace-like heat in the Tivoli (or as he calls it, the Tiv-oh-lee), especially when he labels the Irish scene as “a copy of the UK”, and when he tells the crowd that they’ll only stop when OTT is full of quality English talent. Given their reputation with imports, they’re not that far off! Charlie Sterling sings God Save The Queen for more heat, and they’re interrupted by the Tivoli’s hottest new discovery: 2 Unlimited. Yes, I’m being facetious.

Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling vs. 2 Unlimited (Jay Sammon & Patrick Sammon)
Hopefully this month, 2 Unlimited manage to eliminate some of the slippiness out of their game. Gibson starts by targeting Patrick with a wristlock, taking him to the mat, before Patrick works back up and backflips off the rope to free himself.

Sterling tries to out-flip Patrick, but he ends up being caught in some headscissors as Jay comes in for a Young Bucks-esque dropkick to the trapped Charlie. A step-up dropkick follows to Gibson as the Sammons take their English foes to the outside, where Jay follows with a springboard moonsault to the floor… sending himself into the third row of the Tivoli.

The Sammons take over with some near-falls on Sterling, but Gibson causes a distraction that allows Charlie to rake the eyes and make a tag out, allowing Zack to wipe out Jay with a big clothesline. Some uppercuts follow as Gibson keeps Jay on the mat, before Charlie Sterling comes in and takes a sunset flip… and of course, it leads to a brief bit of mooning as we can’t have a show without that trope!

Sterling returns by knocking Patrick off the apron as Jay continued to take a beating, but he’s finally able to tag out as Patrick cleaned house on Gibson. A Sliced Bread onto the apron takes out Sterling as does a tornado DDT to the floor. They keep up with a flying body press to Gibson on the outside as Sterling takes another Sliced Break in the ring, before Jay propels off his brother for a standing shooting star… that just about met its mark.

Things threaten to break down once more as Patrick hits a springboard stunner, and the sloppiness is creeping in I’m afraid. Gibson kicks out a springboard 450, as 2 Unlimited looked to end things… but Sterling shoved off Jay as they went for Limitless Effect. Patrick somehow kicks out of a Spiral Tap from Charlie, before superkicking his way out of trouble… and springboarding back into it as a handspring back elbow turned into a double-team powerbomb.

The English duo tied up Patrick with a Shankly Gates/Boston crab combo… but instead of getting the illegal man out of the ring, the referee instead checks for a submission. Worse than Roberts! Jay breaks it up with a missile dropkick though, before hitting a springboard reverse ‘rana to Sterling. Gibson quickly targets Jay’s left arm with a punch, but runs into some superkicks as the Sammons manage to take down Zack with their Limitless Effect – a 450 from Jay off the shoulders of Patrick on the top rope, before Patrick hit a frog splash. Poor Zack got crushed by Jay’s shins there, and it didn’t even lead to the pin as Sterling instead pulled out the ref and punched him. That’s ruled a DQ (by whom, we don’t know as the referee was knocked out), and the Lads from the Flats quickly head out to… even the score? Well, this was becoming classic 2 Unlimited – impressive, but sloppy, and at times, their stuff looked dangerous. Spectacular, but we’ve already got the Young Bucks… ***

The Irish lads had a shove-off as the English pair ran away, with 2 Unlimited clearly unhappy with the unwanted help. Workie gets a microphone and offers out the English lads for a fight… at WrestleRama. I’m guessing it’ll be Sha, Charlie and Zack against all three of the Lads?

We cut backstage where B. Cool’s agitated with Angel Cruz in some “live” footage. In walks Kenny Williams, whose act of picking something off the floor annoys Cool, because he’s having to squat to do so. This leads to an argument, and a squat-off later tonight.

OTT Women’s Championship: Xia Brookside vs. Katey Harvey (c)
The daughter of Robbie, Xia had quite the buzz about her last year… but that seems to have faded away somewhat as she’s wrestled in smaller promotions, which isn’t always a bad thing. This is her debut, and somehow she’s gotten a title shot despite Martina being the number one contender.

They start with Harvey working over Xia with some basics, focusing on the head and arm, before an attempt at Xia to do the same thing was rudely interrupted with an elbow smash. Xia recovers and takes down Harvey with some headscissors, before a facebuster got her an early two-count… which seemed to be the cue for Katey to start the beatdown, charging a shoulder into Xia in the corner, only to get rolled out of it as Brookside snuck in some shots for a two-count.

The pair jockey over a suplex, which Harvey wins out on by suplexing Xia into the corner, before following up with a T-bone suplex and a Fisherman’s suplex for a two-count. Brookside counters back by pulling Katey into a Tree of Woe ahead of a baseball slide dropkick as Xia looked to come close… and again with some headscissors out of the corner too.

Out of nowhere though, Harvey catches Xia with a standing crossface, before dumping Brookside on her head on the way down to a grounded Octopus, and that’s enough for the submission. There’s a long way for Xia to go, but this was pretty decent as a warm-up for WrestleRama. **¾

Pretty much as soon as Xia tapped, Aongus on commentary started bellowing for Katey to “let the hold go”. That kinda telegraphed what happened next as Harvey did let it go… before re-applying an armbar as Martina hit the ring, sans Virgin Mary gear. Again though, Harvey did a runner as Martina vowed that at WrestleRama it’d be all business.

We get a jump cut as we return with another guy in the ring… dressed in a suit and a dickie bow tie. It turns out it’s a second ring announcer, as we have a debut here. The un-named announcer is giving it the full-on “sports presentation”, for want of a better term, as he’s playing a darts announcer for the newcomer… Bobby George Jr. The Tivoli crowd eat up the darts-related jokes, as the kayfabe son of darts player Bobby George came out. It’s quite the character, even if it has a ceiling… but hey, he’s gotten Seven Nation Army since Trent’ll not be using it anymore.

Terry Thatcher vs. Bobby George Jr.
Thatcher cheapshots George at the bell with a headbutt, but the darts player comes back with a back drop and a series of clothesline as the crowd was having a ball. I’m guessing there’s a high crossover of darts fans in the Tivoli!

George runs the ropes and runs out of breath as he went for a dive, before instead dumping Thatcher with a spinebuster as he then went for a drink. My God, they’ve put a spin on Bowlarama! After downing what looked like a watered down pint in one go, George turns around into a beating from Thatcher, before his attempt at a comeback ended with him getting crotched on the top rope.

The one-sided beatdown continued as Thatcher nailed George with a forearm, and it’s almost like George is a darts player who barely knew wrestling. Or watched it. Just as I say that, he dumps Thatcher with a fallaway slam before “throwing darts” at him, and finishing with an inverted crucifix bomb as his ring announcer cried “one hundred and eighty”.

George loses him on a powerbomb, but nevermind as Thatcher comes back with some dropkicks into the corner, before George rolled away and hit a spear to take the tough guy down. The end comes with a “double top” elbow drop, and that’s your lot. Well, it’s a gimmick that goes down well for the live crowd, but this was more of a debut to get a character over rather than be any kind of dominant. It has a shelf life, so it’s up to OTT to get the most out of it before it fades away… **

British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. Limitless Death Machines (Keith Lee, Donovan Dijak & Sami Callihan)
Well, this is certainly one of the more star-heavy of the random trios matches that British Strong Style have taken on. And with the incluson of a game of beer pong during their entrance… one of the weirdest too. For some reason, OTT didn’t use Keith Lee’s music, which is just strange as hell, but not as strange as… Donovan Dijak dressed as Keith Lee?!

There’s a swift jump start as this match instantly spilled to the outside, with Keith Lee going after Tyler Bate in the opening stages. It’s half-comedy, half-strong style as Trent plays along with some rapid-fire chops, and this is one of those outings where the car crash stuff makes it impossible to follow.

We get a brief exchange between Dunne and Dijak for the second time in a week, but a forearm knocks the Tall Don into the corner as we then switch to Keith Lee and Pete Dunne. The latter of which tries in vain to push away Lee, and instead has to make do with out-pacing him before taking a pounce, as Tyler Bate came in to try and give a German suplex to Lee.

Yeah, it didn’t work the first two times, so he has to make do with a dropkick before doing the Chris Benoit throat-slit gesture ahead of a built-up charge into the corner… which misses. British Strong Style get tripped into each other in the corner as Callihan runs in with a trio of kicks, and the Tivoli is caring a lot more about the Worldwide Desperado than they did last month! Things quickly turn up a notch as we get a variety of dives and kicks as very little was given time to settle in the memory, before Keith Lee teased doing a dive too… and succeeded with a huge tope con hilo! Well, that’s a bunch of plants dead!

Someone found an inside out umbrella for Dunne to use… which meant that he was able to play Marty Scurll with a “just kidding” superkick. Callihan took offence and used the umbrella on Dunne… who then jabbed some of the exposed metal rods into Sami as payback as everyone brawled around ringside. We get Dunne using security as a battering ram on Keith Lee, but that just irks the Limitless one, and the next thing we (don’t) see is Callihan’s lap of honour. Next up… Sami and Dijak piggyback onto Keith Lee, who has to steady himself ahead of the world’s biggest lap of honour… but of course, British Strong Style’d recovered and decked them with forearms.

I’ve hinted at it before, but the Tivoli is way too small to be able to do this kind of stuff effectively AND have it visible for even the VOD viewers.

Back in the ring, Dunne bites away at Dijak, who shrugs it off into a choke-breaker, only for Dunen to come straight back with an X-plex as the parade of stuff continued. Dunne and Callihan reverse tombstones until Sami turned his into a package tombstone that Trent broke up… and ends up piledriving Callihan out of the ring. In comes Keith Lee, who no-sells a spinning back-chop and delivers a stinging overhand chop.

That parade continues again as they built up to Tyler doing something impressive with Lee… but first he spins Sami with an airplane spin, then Dijak, before landing a standing shooting star press and his deadlift German to Lee… with a helping hand from Trent and Pete. Yep, that was worth the wait!

Lee recovers to drop Trent and Pete with Spirit Bombs, before finishing off a Tower of Doom onto Bate. A Powerbomb/moonsault from Dijak onto Bate gets a near-fall as Bate wouldn’t die, so the American trio pepper him with kicks to try and finish him off. Lee goes to moonsault Bate, but Tyler escapes as Lee ended up taking out Dijak instead. Sami kicked out at one after a Pedigree from Dunne, but a triple-team Pedigree ends up doing the job as our monthly bout of BSS wackiness comes to a close.

These matches are leaving me cold. There, I said it. Yes, it’s one way to get Pete, Trent and Tyler on these shows without any risk of political headaches. It also means you can’t really do storylines… so all you get here are comedy exhibitions that are fun for the live crowd, but are a mountainous struggle to invest in after the fact. ***½

Next up was our “squat-off” between B. Cool and Kenny Williams. B still thinks he’s a Gymnasty as he has issues moving on from the past, and Angel Cruz is pleading with him to not be so hung up over the concept of a squat. Cool’s still overly wired from his new protein powder, and he’s taking it out on everyone…

Kenny Williams comes out with a bag of cans to make himself the easy crowd favourite… he’s also got Cool’s protein powder which he’s still tweeking for. They alternate between “squat” and “scoop” (having a drink), and you can tell Cool isn’t used to chugging his beer. They’re clearly having way too much fun, and anyone who’s seen anything in the UK this year knows where this is going.

Sirens wail, and out comes the Anti-Fun Police! Represented here by Chief Deputy Dunne, the Fabulous Nicky and Bull James. It’s not the Chief Deputy’s best recruitment, it has to be said. Of course, the Tivoli sings “YMCA” in response to this, as Dunne introduces Officer Nick and Officer Dempsey. I wonder if Trademark Officer McDevitt’s watching?

Angel Cruz, B. Cool & Kenny Williams vs. Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne, Officer Nicky & Officer Dempsey)
A random six-man tag breaks out, and of course Nicky has handcuffs, because why wouldn’t he? Cruz falls for the “freeze!” enziguiri as Dunne handcuffs him to Cool, which forces the referee to eject Cool as they had two men in the ring. Well, the ref had a point, but this was like Chris Roberts comedy here.

Of course, Cool and Cruz double-team Dunne with clotheslines and a double back body drop, before Cool somehow squatted his way out of the handcuffs. Well, it worked! Cruz then faced off with Nicky – his former tag partner (and someone who hadn’t been in OTT at all this year, so make of that what you will!) – and thought he’d try and win him back by being Fabulous.

It didn’t quite go to plan, as Nicky just tagged in Officer Dempsey, so Cruz brought in B. Cool, who opted to try and tire him out. Dempsey easily overpowered him, so Cool goes for his supplements… but Cruz’s security detail down them instead. Team Prick end up guzzling the entire bottle, then go all Incredible Hulk, knocking down everyone with clotheslines before dropping Cruz and Cool with brainbusters.

Well, Lykos is going to need something new when he heads here next month.

Officer Dempsey breaks it all up as Cool for some reason tries an RKO. And misses. Then a Superman Punch… and of course, the crowd boo because Roman Reigns. In the end, Cool tries to slam Dempsey, which doesn’t work as Bull easily dropped the Gymnasty, who found himself isolated for a spell.

Another attempted slam from Cool backfired as Dempsey fell onto him, and apparently there’s still some of those supplements left as Williams threw the bottle to Cool… but it’s empty. Nevermind, he’s able to slam Dempsey anyway, before bringing in Williams who hits a couple of dives and then a diving back elbow for a near-fall on Dunne. Somewhere in here, Dempsey’s shirt popped open as we went back to Cruz and Nicky… Cruz tried to fish-hook Nicky with the handcuffs, but Dunne makes the save, only to counter a brainbuster into a rope-hanging DDT onto B. Cool for the win. This was all over the place, and not something I could get into. Still, it continued to highlight the problem of the OTT undercards – without imports, it’s way too easy for them to fall into “guys backyarding in a proper ring”, doing stars’ moves… either intentionally or otherwise. **½

After the match, Cruz suggests a match for WrestleRama – the Angel Cruisers against the World’s Cutest Tag Team. With Cruz mistaking Joey Ryan for Joey Mercury, because he always confuses indy guys for those who are/have been in WWE.

Ahead of the main event, we’ve a video package with Ryan Smile vowing to overcome every obstacle in his way as he looked to retain his title. The promo came across as more defiant than dick-ish, which is odd since the OTT crowd have turned big-time on him lately.

NLW Championship: Mark Haskins vs. Ryan Smile (c)
Smile did his entrance… then went to the back. So Mark Haskins called him a “pussy bitch”, which the Tivoli chanted along with. Because who needs self-policing, am I right? Ryan got his second entrance anyway, further angering Haskins.

When the match started, Haskins started out like a house on fire, throwing Smile to the outside for a tope and some obligatory brawling around the venue. Smile tries to avoid a kick by the ring post, but he moved just too late as Haskins continued the beat down… and somehow Ryan was able to get enough separation to head to the ring and hit his across-the-turnbuckles tope con hilo into the aisleway.

Smile throws Haskins into a wall as he tried to get a count-out, but Haskins came back in just before the referee reached 10. There’s almost a sense of desperation as Smile flung Haskins into the turnbuckles and made a cover… and it’s a trend as Smile keeps going for covers or count-outs as he looked to end this early.

That desperation ends as Smile starts getting cocky, pushing down Haskins with a boot… but the challenger erupts with kicks to send Smile down, before snapping into the “Tyrannosaurus Plex” for a near-fall. More kicks rock Smile, who eventually catches one before taking a death valley driver after Haskins rebounded off the ropes. So much kick from the challenger, who was quickly racking up those two-counts!

A double stomp misses as Smile rolled away, before he blocks a roll-up Sharpshooter and comes back with a curb stomp of his own for a near-fall. Ryan goes Sky High for a near-fall too, before blasting Haskins with some superkicks and a tombstone… complete with the Undertaker tongue-out pin, but Haskins kicked out at one!

The pair rebound with bicycle kicks to knock each other down, but Ryan gets up first as he unloads his frustrations some more… before pulling a page out of Marty Scurll’s book with a “Just Kidding” superkick. A chicken wing is called for, but Haskins elbows out before kicking down the ref… but he continues with a superkick and a Sharpshooter to Smile, who taps… and of course it means nothing because the ref’s down. I loathe that spot – especially how stupid it makes the babyface look.

Oh, and commentary too, since the lead commentator Aonghus McAnally acted all confused as to why the bell hadn’t rung despite Smile tapping.

Smile leaps into the diving wall to avoid Haskins, but Mark connects with a tope anyway as they headed into the crowd. They tease a superplex off the wall, before Haskins switches it up with a death valley driver off the wall into a pile of trainees on the floor… as Aonghus still insisted that Haskins won the title.

Back in the ring, a roll-up death valley driver plants Smile, but the referee’s only just stirring and of course Smile kicked out just before the count of three! A Blue Thunder Bomb from Smile gets a two-count as referee Niall Fox is still a little slow, before an OsCutter dumped Haskins for the Smile High frog splash. Ryan goes up again for another Smile High, but Haskins rolls away and returns with a Star Armbar… and Smile taps?!

Haskins celebrates with the title, even though Smile had looked to have gotten his leg under the rope… but that’s apparently missed by the referee. Smile heads to the back, but a bald guy in a baseball cap who looks a lot like former OTT champion Luther Ward (yes, it’s the promoter) heads out to discuss things with the ref as Smile started ripping apart turnbuckles. Anyway, Luther Ward/Joey Cabray/whatever they call him orders the restart… which sees Smile low blow Haskins and then score a curb stomp for the win.

This was a really good main event, with Smile flitting between his old self and the dick-ish character that’s frustrated at how the crowd’s turned on him. I wasn’t too keen on the restart angle, but it keeps the crowd hot against Ryan. ****

After the match, Smile kicks away the referee as he continued tearing off the turnbuckles, before he’s interrupted by Mick Foley on video, who announces that Haskins is added to that title match at WrestleRama, as it’s now a triple-threat. We end with Haskins uttering his not-PC-at-all catchphrase again, as he vows to beat Smile at WrestleRama… and that’s all folks!

Let’s look at the card for next month’s WrestleRama in Dublin:

Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch vs. 2 Unlimited (Jay & Patrick Sammon)
Lads from the Flats (Workie & Paddy) vs. Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling
Angel Cruz & B. Cool vs. World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan & Candace LeRae)
British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe) & Jeff Cobb
Jordan Devlin vs. Matt Cross
Ricochet vs. Matt Sydal
Jimmy Havoc vs. Paul Tracey
OTT Tag Titles: Kings of the North (Bonesaw, Damien Corvin & Dunkan Disorderly) (c) vs. CCK (Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos & Travis Banks)
OTT Women’s title: Katey Harvey (c) vs. Martina
NLW Title: Ryan Smile (c) vs. Mark Haskins vs. Marty Scurll

That’s a heck of a loaded card if I ever saw one, but there will be fingers pointed at having “too many fly ins”. As is the norm for OTT. The BSS vs. Cobb/Machine trios match should be good, but will probably be another of those “best seen live” matches, whilst Ricochet vs. Matt Sydal is a match that’s there… just because?

Still, at least they build up a lot of the show here, with all three title matches getting the spotlight treatment, along with the Ireland vs. England feud that’s run throughout OTT… but I have a bit of an uneasy feeling about WrestleRama. With ten matches, some of which hasn’t had that much build, there’s the risk of this being full of filler, or extremely long… but let’s see how this goes.