JONAH’s up against FinJuice once again this week, as we’ve a tag team main event.

Quick Results
TJP submitted Brogan Finlay in 9:06 (**¾)
Christopher Daniels defeats pinned Fredericks in 11:40 (***)
Bad Dude Tito & JONAH pinned David Finlay & Juice Robinson in 8:16 (***)

We’re back to the Vermont Hollywood in Los Angeles for the start of a new set of tapings… Ian Riccaboni’s on the call alongside Alex Koslov, as they first run down today’s three matches.

Brogan Finlay vs. TJP
Finlay’s still looking for his first win on Strong, having been on the losing side of his two prior tag outings.

TJP and Finlay stay close to start with, as TJP worked a wristlock in the early going before Finlay returned the favour. A dropkick gets TJP free, but they’re back on the arms, until Finlay was taken down with some spinning headscissors. Finlay’s own headscissors are escaped, but he’s able to return with a backslide for a two-count before TJP found his way back in with a Cobra twist.

Finlay instantly goes to the ropes to break up the cover but ends up getting thrown into the corner. Face-washing boots follow to Brogan, as TJP began to dominate the relative rookie. A snapmare and a senton atomico laid out Brogan as we passed the five minute mark, before knee strikes to the arms kept things going.

A chinlock’s next from TJP, then a snapping armbar as TJP then went up top for a Mamba splash… but Finlay rolls away and came back with a back body drop. Brogan powered on with clotheslines and uppercuts, ahead of a Finlay roll out of the corner, but it’s only good for a two-count, before a head kick from TJP earned him a clothesline.

The pair trade right hands as they fought back to their feet, but a boot from Finlay leads to a second crack at the Finlay roll. TJP pulls the hair to escape, then hit a low dropkick and a Mamba splash to the back before a Pinoy stretch forced the submission. A decent showing from Finlay, but the result rarely felt in doubt. **¾

After the match, TJP took the mic and declared that the United Empire could make short work out of anyone, He rattled off his prior accomplishments, and vowed to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title… before he was interrupted in the aisle by a returning Mascara Dorada! The one-time Gran Metalik got in TJP’s face and took him out with a ‘rana before taking out a dive.

Karl Fredericks vs. Christopher Daniels
Originally advertised as Gabriel Kidd vs. Christopher Daniels, but was changed on show day so Kidd could take time off and deal with some issues.

Fredericks refused the offer of a handshake at the start, as we opened with Daniels working the arm and wrist of the former Young Lion. Fredericks switches out and takes down Daniels in a waistlock, but Daniels countered out into a front facelock, before the pair broke in the ropes.

Back on the mat, Daniels grabbed a hammerlock, then a chinlock, before a headlock takedown led to Fredericks escaping with some headscissors. We’re back with a side headlock from Daniels, which is pushed off for a shoulder tackle, before a leapfrog and crossbody from Fredericks put him ahead.

Daniels rushes into an armdrag next as Fredericks maintained control, grabbing a scissored armbar that Daniels broke by rolling up for a pin. He’s quickly taken into the corner from the kick-out as chops lit up the Fallen Angel, who responded with a flapjack out of nowhere. A Kitchen Sink knee to the gut is next, then some chops in the corner as Fredericks tried to shrug it off.

Fredericks marches back out of the corner and pulled ahead with a strike exchange, only to get caught with a spear for a near-fall. Another flapjack drops Fredericks for a two-count, as a grounded reverse bearhug keeps Fredericks in trouble… but he elbows free and countered out of a uranage with an armdrag.

An overhead kick from Fredericks dropped Daniels to buy him some time, as clothesline follow and a back body drop too. The hesitation dropkick crashes into Daniels in the corner after that, while a back suplex followed ahead of a leaping elbow drop for a near-fall. Fredericks tries for the Manifest Destiny DDT, only for Daniels to counter out for a Blue Thunder Bomb.

From the kick-out, Fredericks goes for a sunset flip, but Daniels sits down as the pair see-saw pins, before Daniels rolled Fredericks for Angels Wings. Its countered out of as Fredericks almost nicked the win, then again with a crucifix, before Daniels pushed through for a uranage and the Best Moonsault Ever for the win. ***

After the match, Danielson addressed Fredericks and put him over for his performance, as well as the LA Dojo.

We’ve got a new advert, as Team Filthy got to make a Tokon Shop advert, as they somehow can deliver to Parts Unknown…

Bad Dude Tito & JONAH vs. FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)
A rematch from several weeks back, as FinJuice charged the ring to start… and got themselves a clubbering.

Juice puts the punches to Tito as Finlay had to overcome JONAH, but Tito kicks Juice to the outside as the match finally got going. Shoulder charges from JONAH traps Finlay in the corner as Tito returned to choke Finlay in the ropes. JONAH’s back with a chinlock on Finlay, before he wiped out Finlay after a charge off the ropes.

A press slam from JONAH’s countered into a DDT by Finlay, as tags bring us to Juice and Tito trading right hands. Juice’s spinebuster cuts off Tito ahead of a clothesline and a cannonball into the corner, before an attempted dive to JONAH on the floor was caught, with JONAH posting Juice from there.

Back inside, Juice eats an enziguiri, then tagged out to Finlay as the pair managed to hit a double-team backbreaker/elbow drop combo. It’s good for a near-fall for Finlay, but after Finlay tagged out, JONAH dragged him out of the ring as Tito ended up getting downed with a back elbow. JONAH comes in for a double-team of his own, with a nice boot-assisted suplex nearly winning things.

Finlay dives in to break up that pin, but got POUNCE’d into a Blue Thunder Bomb by Tito as Juice ends up taking a double-team Blockbuster for a near-fall. A powerbomb by JONAH’s countered with a ‘rana as Tito takes a double-team flapjack, before JONAH’s peppered with some Left Hands of God.

From there, Tito’s left on his own as Juice called for a Doomsday Device, but JONAH crotches Finlay the top rope. JONAH distracts the ref as SHANE HASTE (formerly Shane Thorne) ran out to hit an elevated German suplex on Juice, allowing Tito to get the easy win with a frog splash! The feud clearly must continue as JONAH and Haste reunite, with TMDK – The Mighty Don’t Kneel – slowly gathering back together in New Japan. ***

After the match, Finlay’s swarmed, prompting Brogan Finlay to run out to make the save. He’s obliterated by JONAH’s body attack, then Haste’s fireman’s carry slam, before JONAH crushed Brogan with a big splash off the top to close the show…

Between the bells the in-ring was solid, but this was an episode of Strong that was all about the story progression as the returns of Mascara Dorada and Shane Haste (the latter seven years after his only prior New Japan appearance) would prove to be the big talking points this week.