We’re plucking out another random match from our IWTV.live watching – and it’s one from Maine’s Limitless Wrestling…

This one comes from the Portland Expo in Portland, Maine – and it features a couple of new favourites from our recent trip to Germany, so why not dip in?

WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) vs. New Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Teddy Hart)
Since leaving New Japan, Davey Boy Smith Jr’s schedule has been a little weird – mostly doing MLW and random indies.

Henry and Smith start us off, heading into the ropes as Smith broke cleanly. Second time was the charm as Henry looked to work over Smith’s wrist, but Smith’s able to counter on the mat, as things led to a standoff. Smith jerks the arm next, forcing Henry to roll free and land a dropkick, before some kicks proved to be more an annoyance than anything else… because Smith replied… BY KICKING HENRY’S LEG OUT OF HIS LEG. Complete with the Owen Hart “holding the rope” set-up and bump. I’ll never not pop for that.

Tags bring in Teddy Hart and JD Drake, and yeah, there’s a disparity here. Hart throws forearms to Drake, then uppercuts, but a simple chop had Teddy reeling, as did the regular and inverted atomic drops, as Drake was just having his way with Teddy. An overhead belly-to-belly’s good for a near-fall for Drake, before a Code Red out of the corner got Teddy a near-fall. A chop from Drake sets up for more, but Hart responds with a Destroyer, before Teddy came down from a moonsault with snow on him. THE HEIGHT. The match quickly spilled outside as Smith and Drake paired off, while Henry and Hart also went into the crowd. Those pairings much more even, you gotta think…

Hart suplexes Henry onto the floor, but the receipt comes as Teddy gets a Brookesing. Teddy returned with a diving knee just off camera, as Smith and Drake continued to brawl – yeah, this was one that was giving the camera crew nightmares! Things calmed down a little as Smith blocked a double-team suplex, before he proceeded to slam Henry through the chairs that the WorkHorsemen had set up as a landing pad.

The New Hart Foundation stay on the outside as Teddy got high again, this time with an Asai moonsault into the WorkHorsemen, before they got brought into the ring as Teddy hit a slingshot piledriver/DDT in the ropes with some help from Smith for a near-fall. Being inventive doesn’t always work out right! Henry and Drake get back in it in a hurry, as Hart almost bounced off his head from a release German suplex, before Drake began to rough him up some more. Quick tags keep the WorkHorsemen relatively fresh, before Henry lost control of Hart and ended up eating an Essex Destroyer DDT, then a Power Breaker (powerbomb/backcracker) as Hart got free.

Smith’s back in to land mounted punches on Drake in the corner, following up with a slam to Drake, then a big boot to Henry before he Hulked up with a leg drop for a two-count. Hart’s back in to help Smith hit an elevated slam off the top, before another high moonsault from Hart led to Drake breaking up the pin by cannonballing into the pile. Drake keeps the comeback going with a stunner, then a cannonball to a cornered Smith, with Drake following up with a… moonsault of his own off the top, but Smith moves away! That winds Drake, leaving Henry alone as a dropkick-assisted Tiger suplex dumps him awkwardly, before a backcracker continued a long series of moves, ending with a flying Destroyer from Hart for the win. This had its moments, with Hart bringing his usual array of high-flying stuff… not all of it came off crisply, but this was a fun midcard outing for all. ***¼

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