We keep in touch with GCW again, with another match from their early-August card as we check in on Blake Christian.

This one comes from the Celebration Plaza Amphitheater in Indianapolis, Indiana, with commentary courtesy of Kevin Gill and Dave Prazak.

Quick Result
Blake Christian pinned Tre Lamar in 13:40 (***¼)

Tre Lamar vs. Blake Christian
We’ve already spoken on Christian in the past – Lamar is another one on the verge of poking through to the next level, having appeared a bunch of times for GCW after grinding away on that midwest indie scene…

After some circling, Lamar goes for a wristlock as Kevin Gill opined about the money left on the table because of shows cancelled by covid… Christian counters with a side headlock, but a hair pull frees Lamar as Blake flipped off the sun. A bridging overhead wristlock from Christian forces Lamar to bridge himself to avoid getting pinned, as they stayed at close quarters… before a shoulder tackle knocked Blake down.

The tempo raises as Blake flips over a drop down, before catching Tre with an armdrag that’s pushed off, before a stand-off ended with Christian swatting away Lamar. They resume with a knuckle lock, but that goes away as a tijeras takes Lamar outside… he returns to dropkick Christian to the outside as we start dive season with a misdirection tope.

Grabbing Christian by the hair, Lamar takes it back to the ring, where he’s caught with a pop-up tijeras by Christian… then another one, taking him outside for a goddamn tope suicida! Back inside, Christian vaults over the top rope into a leaping double knees, before Lemar’s springboard stomp caught him for a near-fall. A chop sinks Christian, before a floatover suplex gets Tre another near-fall, before some kicks back-and-forth force Lamar to the outside.

Blake measures up for another dive, but he baseball slides into a gamengiri on the apron, before a springboard clothesline folded Christian in half for a near-fall. Lamar slows things down with a chinlock, but it’s fought out of as we go back to the strikes, with Christian getting flipped backwards… and into an enziguiri!

Lamar keeps going with an O’Connor roll, but Blake rotates further and catches Tre with moonsault double knees for a near-fall. A half nelson suplex from Christian comes to nought, so he headbutts Tre in the back of the head, prompting Lamar to come back with clotheslines and elbows before he was sent onto the apron… the pace is picking up again as Tre tries for a springboard something or other, and gets met with a dropkick.

That half-nelson suplex comes to nought, to Christian log rolls him into the ropes ahead of a 619 on the bottom rope. A springboard 450 comes up short, unlike that half-nelson suplex, which gets a near-fall. Blake tries to push on with chops and a handspring elbow, before a roundhouse kick dumps Lamar for another two-count… Lamar rolls outside for a breather, but the fans scatter as Blake sends himself to the outside, ahead of a tope con giro from Lamar!

After pouring water on Christian, Tre heads back inside, but he’s met with a wacky Fosbury Flop Cross Rhodes first… then we’re back inside for a near-fall. They take their time getting back to their feet, but it’s Lamar who heads up top… and he whiffs a 630 splash that almost looked dangerous. Quite fitting, given Dave Prazak was on commentary.

Christian capitalises instantly, heading up top for the trust fall that turns into a splash – Elia – and that’s it! This was a fun slice of flippy-do wrestling – even if they headed outside a little too much for some people’s liking in the current era. It’ll be interesting to see how these two continue to grow as and when the indies spin up again… ***¼