Getting on it while it’s hot – here’s a very-hyped match from just last night, as Daniel Makabe and Tony Deppen put on a clinic!

We’ve been told this one’s good – so rather than add the whole show on a pile never to be watched, I’m diving straight in. This show’s coming from the wonderfully-named Soddy Daisy High School in Daisy, Tennessee, and is part of the first night of the third-annual SCI tournament.

Scenic City Invitational Tournament 2019 – First Round – Tony Deppen vs. Daniel Makabe
Deppen hijacked a mobile camera and did some filming during his entrance. Still better than a few notable indies, I’d have to say!

It’s an AC Milan kinda day for Makabe, who didn’t seem pleased by the way the ring announcer read his name. They go to ground early on as Deppen looked for the arm, eventually getting it in a hammerlock after he snapmared Makabe to the mat. He doesn’t hold it for long though, as Makabe gets out with a headlock as the pair continued to jockey for position. Deppen swivels out of a leg spreader as it’s back to the headlocks, with some nice floatovers until Deppen… got up and slapped Makabe. From there, Deppen blocks a hiptoss and comes back in with an abdominal stretch, only for Makabe to eventually get his hiptoss off, before he pulled down Deppen’s leapfrog and came back with a one-inch punch.

The pair head into the corner, but it’s a low dropkick that has Makabe down as Deppen finally began to make inroads, working a leg grapevine into plain ol’ knee stomp as Deppen had picked his body part to work on. A floatover out of the corner gives Makabe a chance to run in with a dropkick, as he then went back to Deppen’s arm with an omoplata, but Makabe’s continually grabbing the leg as Deppen’s work was having an effect. A modified stranglehold keeps Depepn down, but Makabe can’t keep in place because of the leg, so he rolls up into a snap suplex before Deppen changed the focus briefly, using an arm whip, before going back to the left leg of Makabe. A goozle tries to break the hold, but Makabe just has his knee stomped into the mat again. The retaliation came in the form of chops, with Makabe keeping wrist control before he tried to pull Deppen up… but Deppen just takes the knee out as this became a bit of a tug o’ war.

We’re down bad left arm against bad left knee as Deppen threw some paintbrushing strikes, only to get caught in the ropes as Makabe rolled forward and kicked out his knees. That was b-e-a-utiful! Makabe rolled forward into a Cattle Mutilation, but Deppen rolled out as he looked to snatch a pin, only to get caught in another armbar as the pair were starting to run to a finish. A bicycle knee from Deppen led to a Falcon arrow, then a leaping double stomp as both men finally got a breather. From their knees, Makabe and Deppen trade rights as things escalate into uppercuts, before they made a point of targeting the other’s bad limbs. Deppen pulls out the bad leg before getting caught in an inside cradle… only for Makabe to kick out and knock him out on the way to a bridging German for a near-fall… because Makabe had to have his bad left leg danging to avoid putting any pressure on it. Some nice details here for wrestling nerds like myself!

Deppen mule kicks away at Makabe’s knee to stop the tide, before he rolled through out of a German suplex and into a double stomp. Makabe heads outside for a breather, but Deppen makes sure he’s not there for too long as he dove to the outside, wiping himself out into the seating. Jesus Christ that was high risk!

Back in the ring, Deppen keeps up with some running forearms to trap Makabe into the corner, before taking him up for a superplex… rolling him through on impact… only for Makabe to go back to the arm to escape a death valley driver! Another Cattle Mutilation’s blocked as Deppen looks for a head kick, but Makabe ducks and catches him in a Euro clutch for the win! Absolutely fantastic stuff this – a nice, simple match where both men looked for a body part, worked on it throughout, and then snatched the win out of nowhere. If you’re a fan of Makabe’s style of wrestling, then you’ll be lapping this match up big time! ****¼

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