In a converted barn somewhere in Milton Keynes, was something very special: the first ever meeting between two of Europe’s prodigies. Let’s take a look…

We’re coming from the MK11 in Milton Keynes, with Jerry Bakewell doing the Lord’s work of shooting down the “one fall”ers.

The OJMO vs. Scotty Davis
Gene’s flabbergasted that Scotty Davis has wins over the likes of Jushin Thunder Liger under his belt.

We start out low and slow as the pair fought between headlocks, with Davis scoring an initial takedown, just ragdolling OJMO to the mat. OJMO recovered with a ‘rana and a dropkick to send Davis into the corner, only to get taken back into the corner himself with a release overhead belly-to-belly. Yep, the OJMO is taking those bumps. Davis keeps up with a Dragon sleeper, switching it into a Gator roll takedown as the OJMO was on the ropes. Literally. Things threatened to get worse when Davis threatened to suplex OJMO out of the ring, but instead a Gator roll took him down before OJMO was forced to fight out of another suplex… only to get Hot Shotted onto the ropes ahead of a rebound German suplex.

That pattern continued with a guillotine as Davis was just having his way with OJMO, whaling on him with forearms before another Gator Roll spiked OJMO onto his head. Eventually OJMO fought back as he spikes Davis with a DDT of his own, but it didn’t buy OJMO much time as Davis was quickly back, exchanging forearms. Finally, OJMO began to chain strikes together, knocking Davis into the corner for a splash, before a series of missed roundhouse kicks ended with a lariat. A second one spins Davis, ahead of a Jackhammer (?!) that almost got the win.

Davis headed onto the apron, where he ducked away from a springboard dropkick, before he slingshotted himself back into the ring for a roll-up… only for OJMO to kick out and crash into him in the corner with a dropkick. A Fosbury flop followed as Davis had rolled outside for respite (hah), before he borrowed a page out of Shigehiro Irie’s book with a knee that was delivered like a POUNCE! After looking to head up top, OJMO’s caught with a superplex, but he managed to return with a single-leg crab… that’s quickly rolled out of into a Fisherman’s suplex, then a Fisherman buster as Davis was just intent on showing off all the suplexes. All. Of. Them.

A second attempt at the Knee Pounce gets cut-off by a spin kick by Davis, who goes back to the suplexes, almost putting OJMO away with a Dragon suplex, before he rolled OJMO to the mat in a trapped-arm armbar. That’s somehow countered into an attempt at the single-leg crab, but Davis was wise to it and countered with a triangle choke. Somehow, OJMO fights free and back into the half crab, eventually ending in the ropes. A cheeky punt from OJMO led to him just getting back body dropped to the outside as Davis was smart to his ring positioning… then charged in with a Sasuke special to the outside at a stupidly high speed. A roundhouse kick back inside followed, before the Supremacy should have got the win, especially given how OJMO landed… but OJMO landed close to the ropes and got a hand to the bottom rope to save himself.

After kicking out of a small package, Davis went back to the head kicks, but this time OJMO was wise – and managed to catch one, turning it into a half crab as Davis quickly tapped. A heck of a finishing series as OJMO proved he could take a real beating, but still have enough left in the tank to eke out a win. This’ll be the first of many times these two will wrestle down the years – and if their matches are like this, they’ll be classics. ****