We’re going back to July for a pre-show match from Beyond’s Two Weeks Notice.

This one’s from the pre-show of Beyond’s first show back – we caught the end of it at the time, but streaming issues won out. The whole match is up now on Beyond’s YouTube.

Quick Result
SLADE pinned Benjamin Carter in 4:00 (**¼)

Benjamin Carter vs. SLADE
Full marks for Rich Palladino being very specific on where Jersey was!

Carter ducks a charging clothesline at the bell, but his chops earned him an instant goozle as SLADE tried to hit back. A dropkick from Carter takes SLADE back into the corner as Sidney Bakabella was stumbling over his words – I thought it was Rich who was meant to be sauced?

A leap onto the apron from Carter allows him to leap back in for a German suplex as commentary tagged this as a defence of SLADE’s Discovery Gauntlet crown. SLADE is back up from the German and proceeds to dump Carter with a chokeslam for a two-count, before he began to club away on the Jersey native. A sleeperhold looks to choke out Carter, but Carter snapmares his way free before he came in with elbows… only to run into one from SLADE. An Exploder suplex tosses Carter across the ring for another near-fall, but he ran into a back elbow as Carter sends him outside for a tope con giro onto the boardwalk!

Back inside, Carter rushes in for a Twister suplex, before a running shooting star press got him a little closer. A frog splash gets another two-count for Carter, who looked to a little further with a Phoenix Splash, but SLADE got out of the way and returned to clobber him with a lariat before a Hidden Blade-like diving forearm to the back of the head got the win. Way short, but that seems to be the way with Beyond’s pre-show matches, but Carter managed to shine for just enough in the four minutes or so they had. **¼