A random match from last year’s WrestlingKult show on Carat weekend – and it’s got a few familiar names!

Live, this was the one show we missed over 16 Carat Gold weekend… so why not take a look back at the one match that had everyone buzzing. That’s right, it’s Carn… oh. Wrong match. This one’s live-on-tape from the Kulttempel in Oberhausen – literally next door to the Turbinenhalle. These early morning Kult shows on the Saturday morning of Carat do make for a wild ride – but perhaps too early of a start for some. Still, the Kulttempel sells out, which makes for a hot crowd.

Robbie X vs. Sean Kustom vs. Senza Volto
This was an offer match from WrestleGate, but to fit GEMA requirements, everyone had new music. Well, everyone but Senza Volto, whose music I guess was cleared.

After handshakes, we get going with Robbie and Sean double-teaming Senza with kicks, before they nonchalantly threw him outside so they could have a go at each other. The pace quickly turns up as Robbie lands a ‘rana, then a hiptoss and a low dropkick as the sometimes-masked man looked to pull ahead.

Senza Volto’s in to chop him to pieces, following up with an armdrag that took Robbie outside, so Kustom could take a springboard armdrag… after some rope-walking. Robbie’s back, but takes another armdrag as Senza was clearing house, only to get stopped by a shotgun dropkick from Kustom following some long rope running.

Robbie tries to add himself again, but ends up taking a DDT as a side-effect to Kustom’s slingshot neckbreaker on Volto. Senza’s back with a standing moonsault, but it’s too soon for the near-falls as Robbie X broke up the cover, only to get caught with a 619 to knock him off the top rope. We’ve more broken up pins as Kustom broke up Senza’s pin from a satellite into a Code Red, as we were back to all three men being in the ring, trading blows ahead of Kustom being taken down by a pair of handspring elbows. Kustom tries to fight back, but he’s knocked down in the corner as Robbie X went up top for a Spiral Tap… he rolls through and turns around to launch Kustom into a cornered Volto with an overhead belly-to-belly.

A handspring kick from Robbie knocks Kustom off the apron as a dropkick through-the-ropes follows, before a Golden Triangle moonsault from Senza caught the pair of them off guard on the outside. Back in the ring, Robbie slips out of a Fireman’s carry and looked for the X-Clamation, but ends up running into a sweary standing Spanish Fly for a near-fall.

Kustom’s back with more chops for both men, before he maneuvered Robbie into an “accidental” Stunner on Volto. A brainbuster awaits Robbie next, before Kustom hit a neat floatover out of the corner into a sitout powerbomb for a near-fall. Robbie’s back with a roll-through death valley driver before catching Kustom with a Spiral Tap, but it’s not enough for the win as he proceeded to catch Senza with an X-Clamation and a standing moonsault combination for another near-fall.

An uppercut from Kustom just earned him a backflip kick from Robbie, before he retaliated with a forearm smash, as the Kustomizer – the pumphandle Blue Thunder Bomb – got the win. A fun three-way match – with both Robbie X and Sean Kustom looking good in their first time out in Germany. Definitely a marked change from other matches on the same show! ***½

  • The entire WrestlingKult #11 show – Frühchoppen – is available on wXwNOW.de