After bursting back onto the scene over WrestleMania weekend, we take a look at a rematch of the “star making” outing as The Wrestling Revolver hosted WALTER vs. PCO 3.

It’s a rematch from the Joey Janela Spring Break show this year… but we’re skipping over their outing for IWS about three months before this. The pre-match videos are quite salty, especially from WALTER, who accused PCO of being ungrateful since PCO was believing “that Frankenstein bullshit” since the Austrian “made him again”.

They’ve dug up WALTER’s Defiant theme here, which perhaps my least favourite of the remixes… because why mess with a classic?

The early going sees WALTER take PCO into the corner as he swung early for a chop that’s avoided. PCO comes in with shoulder tackles, eventually taking the Austrian to the outside as he looked for a dive… but WALTER slides back in with a chop before he went to the Gojira clutch.

We’re quickly going through the greatest hits after a rope break, as WALTER shoves PCO into the ropes ahead of a leapfrog and big boot, eventually taking PCO outside as we had some walk and brawl around ringside, featuring a back suplex onto the apron that sent PCO back inside, where he unwisely begins to engage in another chop battle.

Yep, WALTER’s chops hurt more.

PCO’s back up to his feet in an act of defiance, as he no-sells the chops and throws more of his own, taking WALTER into the corner for some Machine Gun chops and a clothesline… before a nasty DDT sent WALTER rolling to the outside… where he ends up taking a tope as PCO flew!

WALTER catches him with more chops as PCO tries to go to the top rope… and the Canadian’s thrown down with a superplex as the crowd began to chant for the Austrian. Elbows and chops follow, before PCO grabbed WALTER by the throat for a chokeslam, which he followed up with a senton bomb off the top rope for another near-fall.

A discus lariat’s next as WALTER’s knocked down, then picked back up as PCO scores a Finlay roll, then headed up again for a moonsault… but his split-legged moonsault turned into a very rude landing as PCO damn near landed on his head for another two-count. OW. He tries for it again, but saving two lives in one go, WALTER gets up and powerbombs him down instead as HE decides to go up top for a big splash… which connected for the win. This was fine for a Mean Guy Match, but it was nowhere near the breakout performance we saw in New Orleans earlier in the year. A lot of the sheen of PCO’s career renaissance appears to have died down. It’s not a case of being overexposed, but appearing in places where you’re not made to look special doesn’t help. ***¼

Maybe we should take a look at their other singles outing, from about a decade earlier in wXw… challenge accepted!