With Sierra Loxton sadly announcing her retirement last week, it’s only right we take a look back at one of Sierra’s final matches – and it’s a doozy from GOOD Wrestling…

We’re at the Craufurd Arms in Wolverton… and for a change, we’re actually in the crowd here. Prematch, Mike Bird tells the crowd he was Sierra’s coach, and put over Sierra as one of the best wrestlers in the country. That stings… as did that one guy in the crowd, who was quickly shouted down.

Quick Result:
Mike Bird pinned Sierra Loxton in 17:00 (****)

Mike Bird vs. Sierra Loxton
We start with the usual lock-up, as Bird quickly tripped up Loxton so he could wrench away on her leg in the early going.

Sierra’s back up, but a waistlock is broken as Bird tries the same trick… but Loxton got free and tripped him to get an early one-count. Bird takes her down by the arm again, but it’s countered with headscissors, which Loxton wrenches on before Bird headstands his way free. He’s back to the legs though, wrenching in a toe hold on Loxton, ending when Sierra rolled free. She returns the favour, trapping Bird on the mat, before a leg spreader was escaped with Bird going back to the arm. A roll through leads to a dropkick to the back as Bird picks up a one-count… only to get clocked as Sierra lands a forearm ahead of a vicious release German suplex!

She keeps up the momentum, cornering Bird for a hip attack, which gets a solid two-count… and now the tide has turned! Kicks keep Bird on the mat, as Sierra (yes) kicked his leg out of his leg, before a stomp to the elbow and wrist saw her wear down each of Bird’s limbs in turn. Bird gets back in with a snap suplex, before he cornered Sierra with a blistering chop. After a trip outside, Sierra returned to take some more chops, then some back elbows, before a forearm put her back on the mat for a two-count. She’s back up to throw some retaliatory shots, but Bird pulls down the straps on his singlet so she could throw more chops… only to get decked by another.

Loxton mounted a comeback with a DDT that sent Bird staggering outside, where he was caught with a tope. Another hip attack followed in the ring as Bird was left in the ropes, but it’s not enough for the win, so she switched up tactics and begins to pepper Bird with kicks to the chest. Up come the straps… and they’re quickly down again as Bird invited the kicks, before he fought back with chops and jabs that took Loxton back into the corner once more.

Bird runs the ropes on the way to a running uppercut in the corner, before an Exploder suplex sent Sierra flying. Heading up top, Bird navigates the low ceiling lights with a swandive headbutt for a near-fall, before a Sharpshooter left Sierra in agony… and agonisingly close to the ropes too. She eventually gets her hand to the rope, forcing the break as Bird seemed to be getting frustrated. Sending Sierra into the ropes was a bad idea for him, as Loxton ducks clotheslines and came back with a spear. She misses another hip attack though, allowing Bird to run in with a forearm as he proceeded to lift her up for a superplex… instead bringing her down with a death valley driver for another near-fall.

More right hands from Bird have Sierra on jelly legs, taking her back into the corner as the crowd began to turn on him… Sierra fired up with forearms of her own, using a cross chop to take Bird back into the corner for a hattrick of hip attacks, which almost won her the match… except Bird was able to get his wrist onto the ropes in the nick of time. Oh so close!

Now it’s Sierra who’s getting flustered, as she looked to put Bird away with a piledriver, only for him to escape and wheel away on her with clubbing shots before his Gotch piledriver… had no effect?! Sierra’s back on her feet… and does so again after another piledriver, only to collapse down as she was instantly covered for another two-count.

Bird heads back up to the top rope, taking Sierra up with him as he teases an avalanche piledriver… but she fights free and hits a spear off the ropes instead, before Bird came right back with a third piledriver for the win. A cracking outing from both, with Sierra more than holding her own here, and almost snatching the win… but in the end it was the teacher who overcame the student on this night. ****

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