With Mei Suruga debuting for Pro Wrestling EVE this weekend, we perhaps should take a look at a very recent outing that’s gotten some buzz…

This one comes from Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, in front of a crowd of just over 200 for Emi Sakura’s Gatoh Move promotion. Bizarrely, it’s for the 3CW Women’s championship – a title for a promotion that’s currently on hiatus, having pressed pause at the end of 2018.

3CW Women’s Championship: Mei Suruga vs. Emi Sakura (c)
Commentary’s in English, which is a nice touch, although we’re dealing with just a hard camera. We start with the obligatory tie-up, before a battle of takedowns saw Mei grab a full nelson… but her lack of height meant that Emi was easily able to reverse it.

Thing was, Suruga’s able to reverse it too, and despite Emi getting to the ropes, she’s got to dance her way free. Mei does the same, before she went for a springboard armdrag… which Emi puts the brakes on. Grounded bodyscissors follow from Sakura, forcing Mei to roll backwards in a bid to snatch a win, before she managed to trade places. Rolling bodyscissors dizzy Sakura on the way to a near-fall, but Emi’s back up with an elbow to the lower back before she began to vocalise her way into a Romero special. Tokyo plays along, but Mei didn’t as she slipped out and came back in with a low dropkick before she tried to mock Emi with some Queen-like vocalising of her own. I have a feeling that may be a thing at EVE this weekend…

Sakura’s annoyed, and takes Mei into the corner for a chop, then a hair mare as she flung the relative rookie across the ring. Suruga’s back with a bulldog attempt, but she’s shoved into the corner before her boots were caught… as Emi raked the thigh instead. A big boot misses as Sakura’s hung up in the ropes, left prone for a dropkick too, before a monkey flip was turned into what looked like a submission attempt.

Letting go, Mei runs in for another low dropkick for a near-fall, before another springboard armdrag was frustrated as Sakura kicked the ropes out from under her. Emi builds up with a butterfly backbreaker, before her splash to a cornered Suruga was stopped with the knees, leaving both women in a heap on the mat. A Benny Hill chase breaks out on the apron, but Emi just goes through the ring to meet Mei on the other side, before they worked onto the ramp. A slam’s teased, but instead Mei lands that springboard armdrag into the entryway before returning to the ring. Another switcheroo has Emi back on top, as she lands the crossbody through the ropes to put Mei back on the entrance ramp, only for Mei to respond with a slingshot as she jarred Emi’s arm across that top rope.

Sugura pulls Sakura up, but can’t quite get a bodyslam off, with Emi managing to counter out with a Roll of the Dice. Emi builds again with another butterfly backbreaker, before taking Mei into the corner… but a Vader bomb misses, giving Mei a chance to mock Emi on the mat. Another butterfly backbreaker was slipped out of, as Mei came back with a leaping stomp to Emi’s back for a near-fall, before a battle of strikes broke out in the middle of the ring. A dropkick from Sakura sent Sugura careering into the ropes, before Mei hit back with a wheelbarrow roll-up as both women pushed for the finish. A spinning sunset flip nearly upsets Emi multiple times, before Emi crumpled to her knees amid a Victory roll attempt.

Of course, she’s playing possum, but Suruga ignored it and went for a bodyscissor roll-up… Sakura’s right back though, going for a Tiger Driver that almost went horrid… as Mei rolled through on the landing for a near-fall. A Vader Bomb elbow’s next from Emi for a near-fall, before Suruga’s attempt at a victory roll/sunset flip variation was blocked, with Sakura countering with a tight La Magistral cradle for the win. Some of the stuff towards the end was perhaps a little rough around the edges, but this was a hell of an entertaining outing – something tells me Mei will fit in just right at EVE this weekend… ***½