We take a look at the main event of SUP’s big comeback show in Nashville – and an unexpected tag title defence!

Southern Underground Pro’s been through the wringer more than most promotions – since their last show at East Nashville’s Basement East, they lost their venue after a tornado ripped through town… and then of course, Covid. SUP has run shows in other venues and other cities, and while they had run Basement East earlier this year, it was an empty arena outing.

So, for the first time in 659 days, SUP’s back, with fans at Basement East…

Southern Underground Pro Tag Team Championship: Lost Boys (Chase Holliday & Hoodfoot) vs. Violence is Forever (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini) (c)
There were question marks over Garrini, who’d dialled back his wrestling schedule lately to help heal up injuries. A match back against Minoru Suzuki was his first in four months… and quite the way to test yourself. Meanwhile, Ku was the subject of an attack from Hootfoot and Holliday at the top of the show that set up this match.

This one started as a fight from the off, with Ku and Holliday going into the corner, swinging for the fences before a roundhouse attempt from Ku had Chase powdering. Holliday tries to go after Garrini, which distracted everyone as Hoodfoot headbutted Ku, who got up as he tried to fight a chop battle with Chase.

Hoodfoot tagged in as Ku’s cornered, which drew in Garrini to try and make a save, but he’s tossed aside as the challengers isolated Ku in the early going. A Saito suplex from Hoodfoot ragdolls Ku for a near-fall, while Holliday came back in with a back senton to keep Ku down. Chase’s chop keeps Ku by the ropes as the challengers demanded he fight back… which Ku did as he grabbed a chop and pulled Holliday down into a Fujiwara armbar.

That quickly ends in the ropes, and Ku’s quickly back on the defensive, taking some stomps while Garrini finally hit the ring to break up the cover. Ku manages to muster up some offence with kicks to the leg, eventually taking Holliday down for long enough for Garrini to tag in. Overhand chops from Garrini sting Hoodfoot and Holliday, before a German suplex led to Holliday getting sandwiched with strikes for a near-fall.

A wild lariat from Hoodfoot swipes down Ku, forcing Garrini to try and chop back in… but a ripcord lariat dropped Dom for a near-fall as the challengers looked to make the most of their rusty opponent. An elevated double-team suplex nearly puts Garrini away, but Ku breaks up the cover, then made the tag in after he’d dragged Garrini to the corner.

Ku gives Hoodfoot a free shot, then began the replies, only to eat a clothesline to the back of the head. Garrini makes the save as Hoodfoot went for a double-team, before a Chasing the Dragon bounced Holliday for the three-count to end a hell of a sprint – and a match that I’d love to see run back with everyone at 100%.

Result: Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini pinned Chase Holliday & Hoodfoot to retain the SUP Tag Team Championship in 10:29 (***½)