Killer Kelly hits the Lone Star state as she takes on the highly-touted Rok-C in the main event of New Texas Pro’s latest outing.

Coming into this, I’d not seen much (if any) of Rok-C… which reminds me, I’m way behind on my ROH. Speaking of, Rok-C won the tournament to crown a new ROH World Women’s champion, and was making her New Texas Pro return for the first time since she won the title, getting showered with streamers… while Killer Kelly has relocated to the States and is finally popping up on indies after lockdown kept her away for way-too-long. This one’s from the Houston Premier Arena in Houston, TX…

New Texas Pro Women’s & ROH World Women’s Championship: Killer Kelly vs. Rok-C (c)
Rok-C’s known as the “Prodigy”, but commentary noted how Kelly’s experience may be the edge in this…

Both women start by working over the others’ wrists, as Kelly bridges Rok-C to the mat, only to get caught in a front facelock. Kelly manages to get free, but has to headstand out of some headscissors as again stared down Rok-C… who didn’t back down, and went back in with a side headlock. This time, Kelly’s the one whose counter out is neutralised with a headstand, after she’d used headscissors to take things to the mat. Anything you can do, and all that…

One wardrobe adjustment later, we’re back with wristlocks, but Rok-C’s wheelbarrow roll through into a pin put her in trouble, as Kelly kicked out and immediately applied a rear naked choke. Kelly switches it up into a pinning attempt, before Rok-C scrambled out of a crossface as we still waited for someone to pull ahead.

Rok-C cartwheels over a dropdown, before Kelly’s attempt at a pump kick was caught… she countered with a roll-up, before Rok-C pulled ahead with armdrags, including a lucha armdrag out of the corner as the double champion looked to be getting under Kelly’s skin. Kelly asks for a curtsey, but just boots Rok-C away as some ground and pound looked to wear her down, as Rok-C’s attempt to fight back just ended with her getting knocked into the ropes.

Kelly continues to control the pace, blasting Rok-C with crossface punches, before a rear naked choke ended in the ropes. Actually breaking, Kelly quickly runs back in with a clothesline as she threatened to ruin Rok-C’s homecoming… but Rok-C’s made of sterner stuff, and looked to come back with a wheelbarrow bulldog… only for Kelly to counter with a wheelbarrow German suplex for a near-fall.

Using a cravat, Kelly keeps Rok-C on the back foot, while eye rakes led to Rok-C stunning Kelly with a knee lift. The ref checks on Kelly, who responds with a Yakuza kick in the corner before Rok-C fought back with a Thesz press. Kelly tries for a backbreaker, but Rok-C headscissors free, only to get caught with a clothesline.

An attempt at Vale da Morte from Kelly’s escaped as Rok-C’s side Russian legsweep and backflip double kneedrop put her on course for a win, only for Kelly to stifle her follow-up by bringing her down with a superplex to almost win the match. Kelly doesn’t stay on top of her though, and after kicking out from a crucifix, Rok-C applies a crossface… rolling back into the middle of the ring as Kelly had clawed her way across the ring, btu second time was the charm.

Kelly rolls outside, but ends up suckering Rok-C into a dive, which she swatted away with a forearm. An attempted suplex form the apron to the floor’s blocked by Rok-C, who instead ran in with a knee, before a return to the ring saw both Kelly and Rok-C clatter each other with dualling front kicks.

Another strike exchange ends with Rok-C knocking Kelly’s mouthguard out… but Kelly pops it back in and returned with a capture headbutt, then a butterfly suplex into the corner. The Shades of Shibata dropkick followed next, but it’s not enough for the win as Rok-C keeps kicking out at two…

Vale da Morte’s again escaped by Rok-C, who shoves Kelly outside for a low-pe, before a return to the ring led to a wheelbarrow roll-up that went back into the crossface for the quick submission. We’ve been raving about Killer Kelly since she popped up onto the scene in wXw some four years ago, and hopefully the relocation opens a lot of doors to kickstart her career. I was impressed with Rok-C here, looking really composed throughout – which you’d expect given the push she’d been given by ROH. If you haven’t already, keep an eye on Rok-C’s name, even if the usual hyperbole of “one for the future” may be “one for the now.”

Result: Rok-C submitted Killer Kelly to retain the New Texas Pro Womens & ROH World Women’s Championships in 19:01 (***½)