Once again, it’s time for something different as we dip into a fundraising show for Lost Souls Pizza.

We’re on tape delay via YouTube from the Tufnell Park Dome in London, for (as we’ve said) a show that was a charity raiser for Lost Souls Pizza – details on their fundraiser can found at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lostsoulspizza as they look to rebuild after a devastating arson attack.

Commentary comes from Dann Read and Conor Bailey.

James Mason vs. Shigehiro Irie
Opening with a handshake, the feeling-out process saw Mason take down Irie in a wristlock, before the recently-deposed wXw champion returned the favour.

A side headlock on the mat from Irie’s countered into a roll-up from Mason, who scooted his way free of the hold and back to his feet. Irie’s Fireman’s carry takedown puts Mason on the deck for a couple of pinning attempts, only for Mason to come back up and break free with a knee lift. Irie’s caught in a cravat, but manages to get to the ropes for a break before Mason tried his luck with a full nelson.Irie drops down and grabbed a wristlock to break the hold, switching up into a grounded hammerlock as Mason tried to find a way out, eventually finding a way through with a prawn hold for a two-count.

Mason’s met with cravat headbutts in return, but he rolls free before Irie used himself to spread Mason’s legs on the mat. The human torture’s stopped as Mason goes for the fingers though, only for Irie to take Mason outside with a shoulder tackle. Returning, Mason kicks away a handshake and began to change tactics, landing forearms and uppercuts on Irie, who snapped back with a slam and a slingshot splash for a two-count.

A crucifix from Mason pulls out a two-count as Irie looked to strike back… but a cross-chop to the throat, then a front flip senton kept Mason in control. Irie finally retaliated, taking Mason into the ropes for a cannonball to the back, before a Beast Bomber lariat got the win.

Result: Shigehiro Irie pinned James Mason in 9:25 (***½)

Somewhat truncated, this wasn’t your usual Irie match until the final stretch as this was mostly worked in a grounded, almost “traditional British” style.