We’ve a quick turnaround from Wrestling Resurgence as they put the title match from their most recent show online for free…

Charli earned the title shot by beating Kanji back in August in that Iron Woman match in Leicester… and after a tag team match against Gene back in January, we’re finally here. Kanji was watching this one from the crowd, as was a sold out crowd as the Nottingham Contemporary.

Wrestling Resurgence Championship: Charli Evans vs. Gene Munny (c)
Gene won the title in June 2019, having beaten Spike Trivet for Jack Sexsmith’s vacated belt – and has had two successful defences thus far, having beaten Chris Brookes and Rampage Brown.

The pair start off keeping it simple, with Munny taking down Charli with a side headlock… but she escapes and drops a knee to the arm, making an early point of targeting that limb. Munny counters back with a full nelson, but Charli slips out again and went for a Test of Strength… but she’s forced down, only to bridge up to avoid an early pinning attempt.

Evans is up and has luck with a shoulder tackle, before some kicks keep Munny down as she kept going back to that arm. Wrapping the arm around the ropes confirms that game plan further, as did an armbar on the mat. Going for the arm so much turned the crowd on Charli, as she took Gene into the corner for chops, before Gene came back from nowhere with a slingshot spear… which hurt Gene’s shoulder a little more.

Corner-to-corner clotheslines follow until a thrust kick and a capture suplex drew a solid two-count. Gene went too soon for Ainsley Lariat, but Charli blocked it before she got caught with a double legdrop. They head outside as Evans fought back, throwing forearms and chops that Gene responded to as he swatted down the Aussie with a double chop.

Breaking the count, Munny heads back outside to pop up Evans onto the apron for a forearm… but a second slingshot spear’s caught as Charli looked to go for an armbar, only for Munny to get out again for a Sick Kick. A Dragon screw from Evans bought her time, as did an Exploder suplex off the ropes, before running boot strapped Gene in the corner.

Evans heads to the middle rope for a crossbody that plants Gene for a near-fall – and all that arm-and-shoulder work was clearly causing Gene trouble. Munny digs deep for a spinebuster for a near-fall, before a punch KO’d Evans in the ropes… she’s back with forearms before shrugging off superkicks to drop Gene with a lariat. They both beat the standing ten count as they traded forearms and elbow strikes, before Evans evaded Gene and rolled him up into a knee strike for a near-fall. Straight from the kick-out, Munny’s caught in a Fujiwara armbar, but he’s able to drag himself to the bottom rope just in time. Still, Gene fought on using his good arm before a Vader Bomb out of the corner caught a running Evans.

A shotgun dropkick gets Gene a near-fall too, as Evans rolled outside for some respite. She turns it into a game of possum too, pulling Gene’s legs between the ropes as his foot got hooked, meaning he couldn’t defend himself from a series of stomps, before Evans surprised Gene with La Mistica into a Fujiwara armbar… which again ended in the ropes. From there, Charli keeps clubbing away on Gene, before she ran into a chokeslam/powerbomb… only for an Ainsley Lariat to get countered into a Fujiwara armbar for the flash submission! Add another belt to Charli’s collection – following a really good outing that saw Charli come in with a game plan that was executed to perfection. Gene nearly overcame it, but in the end too much damage had been done to that arm for too long. ***¾

Resurgence put this up for free on YouTube – so follow along and watch the rest of their shows through iwtv.live and through their Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/wrestlingresurgence