Time to dip into the wXw NOW library, and we pick out a match from a CZW show in Germany from almost nine years ago.

Yeah, it’s putting the “random” in random reviews… this one’s from what’s now known as the Steffy in Oberhausen. I blame looking at replies to a tweet from Avalanche…

Quick Result
Drunken Scaffold Match: Devon Moore pinned Danny Havoc to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship in 15:45 (***)

Drunken Scaffold Match for CZW World Heavyweight Championship: Danny Havoc vs. Devon Moore (c)
So we’ve got Tassilo Jung as one of the two referees, and Christian Michael Jakobi doing ring announcing in front of a packed crowd. Moore scales the scaffold during his entrance, and it looks a little shaky… which I bet was fun.

The rules of this were pretty wacky. A drunken scaffold match. No moves from the top of a scaffold without taking a shot… and speaking of which, one of the shot glasses broke as Danny took it out of the bag. We start with two shots each of Jägermeister, before CMJ tells the referee he has to take a shot after every pin attempt. Commentary’s joining in too, as Tass quickly exited the ring…

We start with a roll-up just to troll the ref… but he makes four two-counts… so he has to down four shots of Jim Beam. A one-handed cartwheel from Havoc sees him athletically go over Moore before a facebuster got a one-count… and another drink. Oh boy. A diving knee from Moore and a Quebrada lads for a two-count. Shot! That ref’s going to be in trouble.

Havoc went for an electric chair, but drops Moore into an atomic drop before he stretched him back into a submission attempt. Moore gets free and superkicks Havoc into the corner, then charged in with a clothesline through the corner before he went outside for a board and some workhorses. Commentary pokes fun at the referee for not counting out Moore, who sets up the makeshift table, then drapes Moore onto it before Havoc went up the scaffold.

Luckily, there’s some Jägermeister there for him, but Moore gets up and rattles the scaffold, which stopped Havoc in his tracks. Moore joins him up there and teases a death valley driver off it, but Havoc stops him… because he’s not had a qualifying shot. Jim Cornette would appreciate them following the rules here… but perhaps not Havoc throwing Moore off the scaffold through the wood.

Havoc takes a shot himself, so you know what’s up: a flying forearm off the scaffold into the ring for a near-fall. Yep, that’s a seventh shot for the ref as they replay the scaffold bumps. Going under the ring, Havoc gets more wood, but it’s kicked into him from Moore, who then set up a table of his own so he could rake Havoc’s back… before the pair again climbed up the scaffold. I sense more shots.

First, we get right hands – so shots of a kind – before Havoc reached for the Jäger. Moore bites away after they downed a shot, before he eschewed the shot glasses and just poured some straight into Danny’s mouth. That’s enough to qualify to throw Danny off the scaffold as he crashes through the second makeshift table, before a fist drop off the top rope… didn’t get a count because the referee stopped to drink. Silly bugger got the rules mixed up… and that got him superkicked.

Moore cues up for a big boot, but Havoc catches him with a wacky flip Angle Slam for a near-fall. Tass counts it, but I think he got out of the shot. A Dragon suplex follows from Havoc, as Drew Gulak on commentary asked what this was for… and they replay the scaffold bumps as Havoc went outside for a chair. It’s used for a death valley driver in the middle of the ring for a near-fall, before Moore escaped a second and tripped Havoc into the chair with a drop toe hold.

The crowd finally bully Tass into having that shot, which draws the line “bad things happen when Tassilo Jung drunks.” I wouldn’t know. Moore keeps going with a front kick through a chair to Havoc for a near-fall as they’re trolling the replacement ref, and it’s back to building some makeshift tables!

Back inside, a DDT leaves Havoc down as Moore builds the table, draping Havoc across it before he went up the scaffold again. The shot… then the chaser… which was Moore falling off the scaffold as he missed the table entirely. Havoc tries to snatch the win, but Moore kicks out – and another shot waits for Tass.

Havoc struggles with a broken chair, which he gets brainbuster’d onto, before a piledriver left him laying as Moore moved the table. Havoc’s draped across it again, as Moore then swigs more Jäger atop the scaffold ahead of massive elbow drop that folds Havoc in half for the pin. Well, this was a heck of a stunt show, building up to the scaffold spots and paying them off accordingly. Yeah, the shots in the match may be a little dumb, but at least they didn’t go totally bonkers and restricted themselves to just jumping off of tall things. ***