Another dip into the 3-2-1 BATTLE! archives here, and we’re picking up another match with a curiously-named wrestler.

First we saw Judas Icarus, now it’s Jesus Christ Jr. (from the past). There’s a bit of a religious theme going on here, eh?

Daniel Makabe vs. Jesus Christ Jr.
JC Jr. looks to be wearing goalkeeper’s gloves for this. There’s a joke about crosses to be made here…

It’s a Whitecaps day for Makabe as he starts with a handshake, before the pair transitioned from headlocks to headscissors on the mat. After escaping, Makabe grabbed the arm of JC Jr., but the wristlock is flipped out of and reversed back-and-forth before Makabe broke the chain with uppercuts and chops.

Jesus asks for mercy when Makabe went for a PK, and it worked too as he came through with a Coffin drop (?!) off the middle rope for a near-fall. An apt crucifix gets JC Jr. close too, before he hung on to turn it into a submission attempt that Makabe slipped out of, only for Makabe to get caught with an elbow before he countered a wheelbarrow into a nice cross armbar… right by the ropes though. Makabe stays on the arm though, and mocked JC’s pose as he proceeded to torque the arm and stomp on the elbow. Chops follow as Makabe had wrist control, before JC Jr. countered with headscissors into the corner, making a comeback with a splash before he took a German suplex.

Going for the hair, Makabe works over Jesus’ head and neck, before pulling him up into a nice Gory stretch… that Jesus amrdrags his way free of. The comeback continued with a nice satellite DDT for a near-fall, taking Makabe onto the apron as a got caught in a crucifix n the ropes. Jesus has to let go though, so he just follows in with a moonsault off the apron, before JC swent up top and splashed into Makabe’s knees, as a grounded Octopus variant almost forces a stoppage. After breaking out of a strait-jacket German suplex attempt, Jesus made Makabe cross (geddit?)…

Then took him down with a cutter for a near-fall. Jesus tries to follow up with another crucifix, but ends up getting rolled down and into a STF. that’s switched into a Fujiwara armbar, and there’s the submission. A different kind of match to what we usually see with Makabe, but he bounced well off of JC Jr., but when push came to shove, the persistent work on the arm paid off in what was a solid opener. ***½