Our tour of random Daniel Makabe matches continues with a stop near Seattle as he took on former Impact champion Eddie Edwards.

This one’s from the VFW Post 2100 in Everett, Washington… and it’s up on IWTV…

Daniel Makabe vs. Eddie Edwards
As usual with WAC, they cut out the entrances, and we get going with a handshake…

Things start with a tie-up as the former Impact champion took Makabe into the corner, leading to a clean break. From there, Makabe manages to grab a wristlock, which gets countered into a hammerlock, only for him to slip out and reverse that on the mat as the pair worked into a stand-off.

Another lock-up followed as Edwards went for a headlock, but gets shot into the ropes and eventually caught out Makabe with an overhead belly-to-belly, before another response from Makabe ended instantly in the ropes. Second time looked to be the charm as Makabe grabbed an Octopus hold, switching it down to the mat for a quick crossface before another Octopus was broken up as Edwards looked to roll for a cover.

Edwards is back in with chops as he looked to dictate the pace. An attempted single-leg takedown’s caught, but both men end up on the outside briefly as Makabe’s chopped back into the ring. He hits a suplex, before a dropkick into the corner led to Edwards hitting back with a powerbomb which nearly ended things. Strikes from Makabe looked to build up some momentum, as did elbows and clotheslines before Makabe headed up top for a missile dropkick. Edwards tries to elbow his way back in, but Makabe caught the arms and turned him in with a German suplex for a near-fall. Edwards instantly responded with a half crab, before Makabe got free and looked for an Octopus again… only for Edwards to fight free.

The Big Unit punch caught out Edwards before a strait-jacket German suplex actually folded him all the way over. Edwards tries for a double underhook, but instead goes for a powerbomb, then rolled Makabe through into almost a goddamn Ganso bomb for a near-fall. A Shining Wizard from Edwards misses, allowing Makabe to go in for an STF… switching it up with Danielson elbows before floating over into a Makabe Lock, and eventually a seatbelt cradle for a near-fall… before another cradle finally gets the win. A good outing from Makabe here, against someone whose style wasn’t such an obvious fit… and the win helped Makabe transition into challenging WARHORSE for the IWTV title on WAC’s next show. ***½