It’s a “does what it says on the tin” show – so let’s take a look at the main event from ACTION’s 5th anniversary spectacular.

ACTION returned to their home of the Roger Spencer Community Center in Tyrone, GA this past weekend to celebrate their fifth anniversary – with a mystery show. So you know the drill, until the music hits, it’s anyone’s guess who’s coming through the curtain.

ACTION World Championship: Daniel Makabe vs. Adam Priest (c)
I spy a POST t-shirt turned into a jacket… this was Makabe’s second crack at the ACTION title, having come close against then-champion Arik Royal back in December 2021. Adam Priest was up for a spot of butt-punching before the bell. Either that or he just doesn’t like the Whitecaps…

This was for the ACTION World title – a belt that gained the world moniker by way of Priest’s defence in wXw last month. That feels like a million years ago. Anyway, we get going with Priest stuffing a takedown, before a knuckle lock ended with Makabe getting taken to the mat as Priest walked away.

Priest hits the ropes out of a side headlock, charging down Makabe ahead of a leg grapevine that turned into a half crab… Makabe powers out and switches into a side headlock on the mat, only for Priest to power up… but this time Makabe charges Priest down to the mat. The tit-for-tat on the mat continues as Priest knee drops the arm, before the pair ended up breaking in the ropes. Another break in the ropes has Makabe break off before… HE KICKS PRIEST’S LEG OUT OF HIS LEG. That’s followed up with a running dropkick, but Priest sneaks in a pinning attempt as Makabe was stretching him on the mat. We’re back to the side headlock, but Priest cinches it in as Makabe tried to push free… Makabe blocks a static chop block to the knee and instead forced Priest to the ropes with a submission attempt.

Makabe goes back to the leg, but Priest slips free as standing switches end with a Dragon screw that sent Priest rolling onto the apron. Makabe’s starting to get a little surly here, since Tyrone’s getting behind Priest… right as Priest chopped his way out of the corner ahead of a brainbuster on Makabe. He can’t make a cover, and Makabe pounces with a STF… which Priest bit his way free of. Priest’s leg gives as he’s whipped corner to corner, but he’s able to hit almost a desperation enziguiri before he lifted Makabe up and over the top rope to the floor. If it works, it works… because it allowed Priest to take some risks with a body press off the top to the floor. Except that took as much out of Priest as it did Makabe, so the pair end up trading blows as they fought towards the bleachers.

A headbutt from Priest earns him a poke to the eye as Makabe went to take a seat… and slid it into Priest. Back inside, Makabe hangs himself into a Tree of Woe after missing a dropkick, which allowed Priest to follow with a hesitation dropkick into the corner… then a German suplex out of it. Makabe goes back to the bad wheel with a knee bar attempt, switching it into what I can only describe as a pretzel of legs, almost like a side-by-side take on a Figure Four. Palm strikes from Priest get him free, but Makabe grabs the rope to avoid a DDT, before he missed a King Kong Knee Drop. Uncle Togi would be mad.

Priest ducks a Big Unit punch, then hung a leg in the ropes and targeted Makabe’s left knee with a dropkick… but a Figure Four’s cradled out of as Makabe came right back with the Big Unit. This time it’s Makabe who can’t capitalise, and after Priest chops the leg, he’s in with a Figure Four of his own… and with Makabe in the middle of the ring, submission was the only option as Priest marked a second successful defence.

Result: Adam Priest submitted Daniel Makabe in 12:53 to retain the ACTION World Championship (***¾)

This wasn’t a “Priest made light work of Makabe” match with that run time – Makabe had scouted Priest’s usual offence, but as the match wore on Priest was able to sneak those in, and ended outlasting another former SCI winner.