“…and now for something completely different” – we head over to a promotion in Canada we’ve not seen before, for a look at a familiar face.

We’re coming from Legion 275 in Calgary – insert your own pregnant pause here – Alberta, Canada. This was on Real Canadian Wrestling’s Summer Breakout: Mexican Invasion show, even if Cagematch doesn’t list it just yet… Skayde I’ve seen throughout the years, albeit mostly in CHIKARA, while I’ve not seen Charro Negro or Viajero before, and I’m sure someone’ll be offended by my lack of lucha knowledge, but you’ve gotta start somewhere…

Daniel Makabe & Charro Negro vs. Viajero & Skayde
Alright, we open with Makabe and Skayde as Skayde looked to control the early portions, grounding Makabe who sought to escape by going after the veteran’s arm.

In return, Skayde pulls Makabe down into a side-on version of a Romero special, before letting go as tags bring in Charro and Viajero. The pace quickens there, with Viajero scoring with a shoulder tackle before he got lassoed back in by Charro. Not a euphemism. A whip takes Viajero to the corner, but he sidesteps and catches Charro with a gamengiri before a tornillo off the top took him back down. Charro recovers to catch Viajero with an armdrag, before some flipping headscissors looked to put him on top. Tags get us back to Makabe and Skayde, with the latter hitting the ropes for a shoulder tackle, only for Makabe to waffle him with an elbow in return.

Makabe’s armdrag takes Skayde outside, and I guess we’re under lucha rules as Viajero’s in to score a wheelbarrow roll-up for a two-count. Tiltawhirl headscissors from Makabe take him out as Charro’s in to hit a springboard cutter… and we’re back with Skayde as he eventually rolled Charro down into a pinning predicament. Charro counters a tiltawhirl backbreaker into an armdrag, before he tagged in a Makabe who damn well walked into a handicap situation as Skayde and Viajero chopped him by the ropes. That motif continues as Makabe’s splashed and clotheslined in the corner, before he was taken up top… where he bounced back with a lucha armdrag to Skayde.

A dropkick from Viajero took Makabe outside… so in comes Charro… who had the ropes kicked into his nether regions on his way in. The double-teaming continues on Charro, at least until he found a way in with headscissors… only for Viajero to take him down with a backbreaker. Skayde’s back to take down Charro with a dropkick, following in with a Trailer Hitch that ended quickly in the ropes. Makabe’s in to stretch Skayde, but Viajero kicks it apart before a Mistica into a roll-up had Makabe in trouble. Charro’s slingshot stomp breaks that up, while Skayde kicked Charro to break up an inverted cloverleaf on Viajero as all four men remained in the ring. From there, we burst into near-falls with Skayde coming close with a crucifix, while Viajero’s attempt at a Skayde special nearly put Makabe away.

Skayde’s taken out with a dropkick as Charro followed up with a Quebrada that somehow didn’t take out the merch tables… Viajero’s tope con giro adds to the pile, before Makabe added a tope to the mix, with the merch tables continuing to live that charmed life. From there, Makabe rolls Skayde back inside, only to miss a dropkick in the corner… the Big Unit punch finds a way through, as did a back senton, which almost won the match for the Canadian, before Skayde rolled Makabe down into the Skayde Special for the win.

Result: Skayde & Viajero pinned Daniel Makabe & Charro Negro in 16:24 (***¼)

This was pretty good for what it was – with the two distinct styles clicking fairly well, and heck, it’s a thing to cross off the bucket list as well for Dan!