Another match from SUP’s Basement East return, and you can probably see this choice coming…

Cole Radrick vs. Daniel Makabe
…and after Chelsea won 7-0 the day before, you can’t blame Dan for wearing that shirt.

We open with a handshake, then with Radrick looking for a waistlock, then a wristlock, only for Makabe to maneuver around into a headlock takedown. Radrick replies with bodyscissors, but Makabe’s able to counter with headscissors on the mat as they went move-for-move. Radrick bicycles out as he flipped into a headlock, but Makabe quickly escaped, then pushed Radrick into the corner for a stand-off.

Makabe pulled Radrick down and quickly looked for a Cattle Mutilation, but Radrick blocks it as he ended up getting backed into the corner. Radrick vaults over the Canadian, then rolled down to pick the leg, before things broke down into a flurry of strikes.

That sequence ends with Radrick getting hammerlocked and thrown into the corner, before a monkey flip set up led to Makabe going for a crossface as Radrick got himself to the ropes. Makabe again stretches Radrick ahead of a pinning attempt, getting himself a two-count as Radrick ends up getting swept down again.

A cross armbar from Makabe quickly ends in the ropes. Radrick tries more strikes, but he’s sent outside with a kick from Makabe, who opted not to follow him outside, instead taking a seat in the middle of the ring. We’re back to the Makabe Lock attempt as that cattle mutilation was again teased, but Radrick finds a way out with a backslide for a two-count before a running Miz-ish clothesline trapped Makabe in the corner.

Radrick keeps going with a double-jump Quebrada for a near-fall, but again the double chickenwing set up for the Makabe Lock was a threat. Somehow, Radrick escapes and rolled Makabe into an Anaconda Vise, but Makabe breaks the hold only to eat a springboard cutter for a near-fall.

A running forearm traps Radrick in the corner ahead of a German suplex and a wacky roll-down cross armbar that tied up Radrick’s legs too… but the free arm gets Cole a break as the match continues. Radrick returns with a noshigami into the corner,but Makabe ducks a follow-up roundhouse as he again went for the Makabe Lock.

Radrick tries to forearm his way free, wearing Makabe down to a knee before Makabe got up and rolled Radrick into the Makabe Lock. Somehow, Cole rolled through and almost stole the pin with counter/escape before going back to the Anaconda Vise. Escaping, Makabe drills Radrick with a Big Unit punch on the mat for a near-fall, before w reset with another series of strikes.

Makabe dives in for a takedown, but Radrick escaped… only for a springboard cutter to get countered into a rear naked choke, before Makabe folded Radrick in half with the seated Makabe Lock π for the submission. Another enjoyable sprint of a match that Makabe largely controlled with his gameplan of going for the Makabe Lock throughout… and this match made me want to check out a lot more of Cole Radrick – someone who more than held his own here and, on this showing, ought to be getting a lot more eyeballs on him.

Result: Daniel Makabe submitted Cole Radrick in 12:45 (***¾)