This time for our random match, we’re jumping back to Black Label Pro as Kylie Rae defended her Midwest championship against Blake Christian.

We’re going back to SummerSlam weekend for this – and the main event of Black Label Pro’s second show of the day…

Quick Result
Kylie Rae submitted Blake Christian in 18:40 to retain the Black Label Pro Midwest championship (****)

Black Label Pro Midwest Championship: Blake Christian vs. Kylie Rae (c)
This was Kylie’s first defence, having won the title from AJ Gray at the end of February… she’s borrowed from Orange Cassidy in that she carries her title belt in a backpack, which is a neat touch.

Kylie keeps her distance from Blake at the get go, but gets taken into the corner before she offered a Test of Strength with Christian. It’s accepted, but she instead spun out to take him down in a wristlock, before Christian powered up and reversed the hold. An armbar attempt from Kylie gets her free, as she worked into a hammerlock… but Christian escapes and spun free as the pair reached a stand-off.

A side headlock from Kylie restrains Christian, who couldn’t quite push her away, but when he did… she’s right back in with a shoulder tackle. The pace quickens as some tijeras from Kyle took Blake into the corner, before she offered a handshake… and of course, it’s a ruse as she pulled Blake into the ropes. Of course, high-speed plays right into Blake’s game, as he handsprings himself and pauses on the middle rope, before Kylie tried to slow it down with a waistlock.

More rope running led to another handspring away from Christian, before a wheelbarrow from Christian led to a pinning attempt. A handspring back elbow sends Kylie sailing outside, as Christian fakes out a dive… leaving him open for a boot from Rae, who mounted some fresh offence. A cannonball squashes Christian in the corner for a near-fall, before her attempt at an armbar morphs into a Gory special, complete with the double armbar.

Christian powers free into a sunset flip for a two-count though, before he pushes Rae out of the corner, rolling her into a neckbreaker. A chinlock keeps Kylie down, as does a neck crank, before a back body drop dumps Kylie in the middle of the ring. She rolls onto the apron for a breather, but she’s dragged back in for a pinning attempt, with Christian following up with a surfboard stretch. Rae’s pulled up and taken into the corner before Blake thought twice about throwing a chop… and instead got send into the corner himself. He lifts Rae onto the apron, but she hits back with an elbow as she flies back in with an armdrag, leading to a roll-up for a two-count. Another armbar attempt is rolled out of, so Kylie just elbows Blake again and again…

Christian still refuses to throw a strike, which just angers Kylie, who clubs away. A quick roll-up from Blake gets a near-fall… then he dumps her with a rolling elbow and a Regalplex! Rae kicks out at two from those, but now Christian isn’t scared to throw shots, he began to measure her for kicks. He starts having second thoughts… then threw a mid kick that took Kylie into the corner.

Rae’s back with a boot out of the corner, then with an elbow, before she spun Blake with a lariat. An armdrag roll-up takes Kylie into position for a superkick as she began to build new momentum… but Christian’s forearm drops her again as things descended into a slugfest. Chops sting, as do elbows and forearms, as they looked to knock the other one out… but instead it was a roll-up that almost got Kylie the win.

From the kick-out, Kylie rolls with Blake into a STF, then rolled him back into the middle of the ring, only for Blake to roll through to go for a pin. After the kick-out, Kylie spun Blake with a superkick, but she rolled him towards the ropes as she could only get a near-fall from that. A log roll from Christian trips Kylie into the ropes for a 619, before he went airborne with a springboard 450… that doesn’t get it done, nor does a superkick, before they fought over a Fisherman buster that Christian gets off for yet another near-fall.

Blake pulls her towards the corner for another aerial move, but Kylie pops up and meets him on the top rope… but Christian brings her down with a swinging side suplex off the middle rope! It’s still not enough to get the win though, so he goes for a torture rack… which Kylie slips out of, before she’s caught with ar roundhouse kick. A superkick stops Blake, before he’s taken down with a side Russian legsweep into a crossface… she rolls Blake into the middle of the ring as he got closer to the ropes, and there’s the submission! A fantastic main event that got over some early slips and blossomed into one of the better matches of the entire weekend – and it was a nice surprise to see Blake in a totally different style of match than usual. Make time for this match! ****