Time for a left-field pick for a random review – we’re heading to NOVA Pro’s final show!

It’s the curiously-titled “Well, We All Make Mistakes”, which is going to be an in joke for some… and it’s a show that literally just dropped onto IWTV this week. The show came from the Fairfax Jewish Community Center in Fairfax, Virginia, for what NOVA was calling their Fan’s Appreciation Night.

Anthony Greene vs. Alexander James
With this being NOVA Pro’s final show, there’s nothing in canon here – but James came in with some history in NOVA Pro having been part of the 1 Percent before he began to globe trot with wXw.

Things open up with James stomping on Greene’s elbow, which seemingly needed Ava Everett to kiss it better. From a headlock, James threw Greene face-first to the mat, which was another boo-boo that needed to be dealt with, this time by Angel Sinclair. Greene had issues out-wrestling James early, as he walked into an inverted atomic drop, but this time it doesn’t get kissed as an atomic drop continued to cause issues.

James gets pulled outside by Everett and Sinclair, but the distraction doesn’t pay off as he caught a dive from Greene… before the Hunnies tripped James again as Greene finally hit his tope. Back inside, Greene managed to get into a groove, raking James’ back against the ropes before bouncing the future Pain Prince around the turnbuckles. Angel Sinclair gets involved again, but James reverses things and throws Greene into her rear as she was draped across the top turnbuckle. Greene liked it… but not the second time, as James kicked Angel off the top rope before throwing Greene into the corner. Greene’s quickly back on top as he leapt on James’ back in the ropes, before returning with a rope-walk crossbody off the top for a near-fall.

Greene got in James’ face for a bit, which fired him up as a clothesline decked Greene in the middle of the ring. Elbows from James keep Greene on the back foot, as did a pumphandled Exploder suplex… before the Platinum Hunnies came in to save Greene from a Tower of London. Not to worry though, James ducks Greene’s crossbody and decapitates him with a clothesline as Greene was left looking for an escape.

James keeps up, pulling Greene off the apron into an uppercut before slingshotting him back into the ring for a nice Tower of London for a near-fall. An attempt at the King’s Landing gets blocked as Greene switched up into a release belly-to-back suplex and a cutter out of the corner to get him close to victory.

James pulls Greene into a modified cross armbar, but Ava Everett runs in to whack James with Greene’s fanny back… Angel Sinclair tries to help, but James nonchalantly side steps as Greene runs into them all, which led to the “wacky” and “convenient” pile falling onto him in a compromising way.

The Platinum Hunnies try to woo James, but he grabs them… and almost gets rolled up by Greene, who gets a near-fall before So Much Prettier Than You was countered into the King’s Landing for a nasty-looking brainbuster for the win. A perfectly fine match – with Greene’s character and act being established early on for anyone who may be new to it, while the more-established-here James overcame the distractions and shenanigans to wrap up his time in NOVA Pro with a win. ***½