GWF’s Who’s Next built up towards its finale, as the final six discovered their fates.

On last week’s show, we found out which six entrants would be making it to the next round, following some drills, promos and a ten-man tag that at times looked downright dangerous (Tarkan Aslan’s words, not mine!)

Dave Bradshaw’s back on the voice-over, telling us that only two of the final six will make it to this weekend’s GWF Showdown to wrestle for a contract. The judges begin with some vaguely motivationals tuff, as we start with a test of strength, with Pascal Spalter telling the competitors to hold two bottles of water by their necks before holding them at arms’ length. The winner is the last man left holding them! It seems a pretty easy thing, but trust me, it wears you down quickly. A-Buck drops his water first, while Onur Daglur becomes the butt of the judges’ jokes for his composed he is. Cris Opus is out next, then Maverick, before Onur lost his grip. Cody Kidman’s shaking, as is Andy Steel, but the Irishman held firm as the “Real Deal” won the challenge.

Next up: promo battles!

A-Buck starts with Cody Kidman… Buck sounded good when he settled into what seemed like his usual routine. Buck threatened to beat Kidman and “anyone from the GWF roster” in two minutes… something that got Cody riled up as he (through subtitled) promised to kick A-Buck’s arse because “not even Jesus can help you”.

Onur Daglur and Andy Steel are the next pairing, with Steel telling his Turkish foe that he’s beaten him twice and he’ll do it again. No surprise, Andy was ultra comfortable here, and impressed the judges with his promo. Daglur, on the other hand, went to the “I’ve got my country behind me” line, which seemed to be one of the go-to acts for newcomers in GWF – stick their flag on their gear and call it a day.

Finally it’s Maverick and Cris Opus, with Opus reckoning that Maverick was on drugs, before he replayed his path to the final episode. It felt very indy as a promo, like he had remembered a promo word for word. Meanwhile, Maverick’s promo seemed to be more of a duel – but it worked as he burned Opus with his shtick. The final part of the episode was a trios match, with the request that everyone has a shot on offence and defence, and no spots.

A-Buck, Andy Steel & Cody Kidman vs. Maverick, Onur Daglur & Cris Opus
We start with Kidman and Opus, but the latter scores a waistlock takedown before we jump cut into Kidman working a wristlock. Opus rolls out and scores a neck snap, but the judges criticise him for forgetting what part he was playing (on the heel team).

Daglur comes in to choke Kidman in the ropes, then follow up with knees ot the gut before a headbutt sent Cody flopping to the mat for a near-fall. The judges didn’t like the lack of selling going on, so hopefully things change with a tag as Andy Steel begins a clothesline-laden comeback. There’s a spinning heel kick to Daglur, along with some playing to the crowd before Daglur caught a clothesline and turned it into a neckbreaker for a near-fall.

Both men tag out as we get Maverick being steamrolled by A-Buck’s clotheslines, before a body attack led to a stalling suplex from A-Buck. Maverick rolls to the outside so Buck could play to the crowd… and give him a way back in with a hotshot before he runs into Buck’s big boot. Another clothesline follows, but Maverick kicks out as Steel tagged in… and just about catches a back senton for a near-fall.

Steel tries to go for another suplex, but Maverick reverses it before Onur Daglur came in and eliminated Steel with a snapping side Russian legsweep. It’s an elimination tag it seems, and we quickly lose Maverick via DQ as he refused to break on the ref’s count as he choked on Kidman in the corner. Opus comes in and goes for a back suplex… but he loses Kidman on the way down as the dangerous landing gets a near-fall. Kidman’s back with a cutter, which gets the elimination despite him only having a lateral press… and that’s the match as it looked like it was a best of three-eliminations match.

The judges deliberate before they reveal the final four: Andy Steel, Onur Daglur, A-Buck and Maverick. I was convinced they were going to put Opus through because of his ties and his mugging to the camera… but it wasn’t to be. The show comes to an end with less than 30 seconds of promos, as Opus admitted everyone else was better and he’s got to work better to go further. Meanwhile, Cody Kidman promised this’d not be the last time he’d be in the GWF.

As for what’s next, well… we’re down to four, but the commentary track tells us we’re only getting a singles match at Showdown, so I guess there’s one more episode to follow…