The next round of Who’s Next saw another tag team face-off as we had the Spot Monkeyz!

We open with a recap of the Krüger’s forgettable match, before they reveal that Adam Krüger won the poll with over 70% of the vote. This week’s contestants are introduced under their real names – but apparently we’ve another tag team facing off against themselves, the Spot Monkeyz of Birk Nero and Cody Kidman.

This week’s judges are Tarkan Aslan, Chris Colen and Ahmed Chaer.

Birk Nero vs. Cody Kidman
Google’s transcription tools didn’t have a chance with their promos, so we’re going straight to their match.

We start with a headlock from Nero, that Kidman shoves out from ahead of the expected shoulder tackle, before a leapfrog from Kidman led to a dropkick and a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Al Snow would have had a fit at watching that as the opening sequence! Nero responds with a bear hug, but again Kidman elbows free and hits a dropkick before running in with a crossbody… it’s caught and met with some backbreakers, as Kidman’s tossed aside. He gets his knees up to block a back senton from Nero, before a cutter is blocked as Nero returned with a shotgun dropkick.

Nero heads up top from there for a moonsault… which misses, allowing Kidman to springboard out of the middle rope with a cutter for the win. Erm… that felt brief, and was “just moves” with nothing building up to the finish.

As for the judges… well, Chris Colen seemed to be a little annoyed at how quick Nero’s promo was, before noting that they barely used half of the time they had. The general feeling was that they fell into the usual trap of “let’s do all the high spots”, while Ahmed Chaer seemed to take more of an issue with their generic names. The auto-transcribe stuff failed big time here, so I’ll give my two cents for a change: what we saw was stuff cribbed from a longer match, which would have worked in that setting… but not as a standalone match. That being said, at least the stuff they did hit, as opposed to what we had in the last episode!