It’s time. The Krüger Brothers match from GWF’s Who’s Next that was buried at the time… How bad can it be?

We already reviewed the debut episode of this show in a Random Review – featuring Lukas Robinson – so it’s off to episode two… Unlike the second season, this is all in German, so expect a lot more to be lost in translation here! We start with a recap from the initial episode, followed by the result of the fan’s poll: where Lukas Robinson won out! This week, we’re introduced to Eric and Adam Kruüger, who normally compete as a tag team… but here, they must wrestle each other.

Your judges here are Tom La Ruffa, Ulf Herman, Al Snow and Doug Williams. Quite the international line-up!

Eric Krüger comes out with a mask showing him to have horns… forgetting to give us his name, he cuts a promo to the judges that Al Snow labelled as “short and to the point”. Adam Krüger is out next, complete with a gas mask and an Abyss-like mask underneath. Intentional or not, Doug Williams’ expression here says it all…

Adam at least tells us his name, but little else as the non-German speakers were left bemused. We go to their five minute match…

Eric Krüger vs. Adam Krüger
Eric starts by sidestepping Adam’s charge – something that Al Snow called a trait of babyfaces… Ulf chimes in to call them “shite babyfaces”. Adam’s shots rock Eric in the corner, before he takes two goes to land a miserable Rocker Dropper, as listening to Al’s burial is proving more entertaining.

Adam catches a kick and drops Eric with an atomic drop ahead of a Northern Lights suplex for a near-fall… he signals for a big move, but instead he opts to throw some forearms that draw more burials, with Ulf saying that their basics are “non-existing”. Oof.

Another charge into the corner from Adam misses as he’s hung up in the ropes for a back cracker, but Eric can’t make it count as the judges again lay into him for just forgetting he’d been worked. Christ, those kicks… they are laying it in, as Adam shows fire by kicking out of a Michinoku driver. The crowd’s barely caring, but they wake up as a kick to the gut sets up for a delayed uranage-come-Downward Spiral as the judges thought they were going to see a broken neck.

From there, Adam grabs a choke, and Eric taps out. It’s safe to say that the judges were far from thrilled at their substandard performance…

The post-match “debrief” saw Ulf Hermann point out that Eric Krüger forgot to give us his name, while also bemoaning their lack of basics. Doug Williams piped up to say that he cringed at everything they did in their match. Don’t sugar the pill, Doug! Al Snow kept up the burials by saying they didn’t know how to walk in the ring, before Ulf gave a rather colourful euphemism to describe that they should be working a match to a climax. At the end of it all, the judges summarised that they had potential, but they needed a lot of work on the basics, while Ulf reckoned the match would have been even worse had they been up against someone they’d never met.

I dread to think.

The Krügers shake hands with the judges as the show comes to an end. Having watched Three Count, the one thing about their character that they forgot to tell us here? The fact that their gimmick was that they’re mutants from the Chernobyl disaster. I don’t know if that was left out for any reason, but going without meant they looked stupid.

At under 12 minutes, this was the epitome of crash TV – and that was just the match. Still, at least this wasn’t putting something bad out there for the sake of it – and the critical analysis offered by the judges at least helped to clue the fans in on what you should be seeing. Onwards and upwards from here!