The first round of Who’s Next Revolution continued as the search for their next star continued.

We open with La Catrina making her entrance as we cut to her telling us how she’s been heavily inspired by the movie Day of the Dead. She’s working as a bad guy, which I guess works for a living dead girl… she’s got a smoking smull for her entrance, a bit like Papa Shango back in the day, which I always dug. Our judges this week are Wesna, Michael Kovac and Angelico, by the way… Catrina’s promo is in English, calling herself immortal. I hope the Kiss of Death is her finisher, going by the sign-off line!

Keesa the Bambi’s out next… she was part of that mixed tag at the #WrestlingDeutschland show last year. Apparently she’d gotten the name because of being compared to Bambi all the time, and she calls wrestling an addiction. An Alex Wright trainee, Keesa tells us she’s going to win because she’s stubborn.

As for her promo, the nerves showed as she appeared to lose track, but got it back together as Angelico kinda needed to have the character explained.

La Catrina vs. Keesa the Bambi
In terms of experience, Keesa’s had one more match than La Catrina (5 vs. 4), but has been training for about two years more…

We start with armdrags from Keesa, but a bulldog’s pushed away as Catrina took her down for an elbow drop. Keesa’s taken into the corner as Catrina tried to drag her face on the bottom rope, before Keesa countered a DDT into a clothesline. The comeback’s quickly snuffed out, which didn’t impress Kovac as a slam from Catrina gets a two-count. The moves stop as a chinlock grounds Keesa, who gets back up… only to whiff on a forearm as Catrina ends up running into a kick. A sunset flip out of the corner gets a one-count as Kovac really sounded unimpressed, even more so from a neckbreaker, as Angelico was a little more complimentary. A DDT – which looked to be that Kiss of Death – doesn’t put Keesa away as the pair looked to be going the distance, ending when Keesa landed a bulldog out of the corner.

We instantly cut to post-match feedback as Keesa seemed a little down on the performance, while Catrina looked to be more comfortable, looking at individual items rather than the total package. From the judges, Angelico gave a lot of constructive feedback, while Wesna advised Keesa to perhaps not pack as much into her promos, then commented on their one-speed outing.

So now it goes to the fan vote on the GWF website – the results of which will come next week… and finally we’re told that from last week, Gulyas Iren won with almost two-thirds of the vote. Yet again, the strong character wins the poll – which may tip off this week’s’ result.