GWF’s search for the latest addition to their women’s division as the first round of Who’s Next Revolution continued.

We open with our panel of judges for this week: Doug Williams, Blue Nikita and Tarkan Aslan. They wander around German and Japanese as Doug’s offering around water…

This week, we’re introduced to Jazz Lanka. She’s a 27 year old from Sri Lanka, who comes out wearing a skull… she told us Senza Volto pushed her into applying, then admits that despite being half-German, she doesn’t speak the language. Blue Nikita likes Jazz’s dancing, voodoo-like entrance… but she’s working heel, which the judges quickly soured on.

Jazz’s promo tells us she’s going to hunt those who are positive, and she’s going to be helped by her guiding spirits…

Her opponent is Lena Sophie, who the commentators picked up on as looking nervous. She was trained by the likes of Demolition Davis and Blue Nikita, despite initially not wanting to go ingo wrestling… and yeah, 0Nikita keeps calling out those nerves. I like his Lena picked up on Jazz’s “spirits” line, but Lena mentioned afterwards why she was so nervous: this was her first taped promo.

This isn’t a shot at anyone on this show, but why are training schools seemingly not doing promos as well as the wrestling?

Jazz Lanka vs. Lena Sophie
From the opening tie-up, Nikita’s already calling out the wonky casting here.

Lena caught Jazz with a clothesline, then with a shoulder tackle, before Jazz hit back with some ground and pound. Sophie gets up and took Jazz into the corner, before a jump cut took us to an X-Factor from Lanka. Jazz misses a knee in the corner as Lena hit back, before a slip gave Jazz a chance to put a hold on to slow down the pace. Some headscissors from Lanka follow, ahead of Kofi Kingston’s SOS for a near-fall, as a big splash gets Lanka another two-count… but in the end a bridging suplex gets Lena the win, despite the fact Jazz never had two shoulders down. They went a little over the five minutes, and there’ll be a lot of mixed comments from the judges.

Doug Williams thought Jazz had to rescue her promo, but was a little more complimentary about her stuff in the match, despite Jazz slightly leaning babyface. Of course, Doug picks up Lena on the finisher, while Blue Nikita kept up on the miscasting. Tarkan Aslan keeps that line going, as this episode seemed to be focused on two women who had slightly different levels of experience – in terms of in the ring and their character.

We end with more comments as Lena and Jazz look to get the fan’s vote into the next round… before we were told that Xara Grace won last week’s poll with 61% of the vote over Vivienne.