A one-match show saw Three Count give us a lengthy battle with Lucky Kid and Pascal Spalter, as Orlando Silver’s preparations for his title match took a heart-breaking turn.

Our recap from last week featured Chris Colen mad at gambling, and a frustrated Martin Guerrero. Oh, and Orlando Silver getting beaten down.

We open with Orlando Silver’s mother finding out about the beatdown. She thinks going to the GWF to confront his attacker might help… what, is Orlando a school child?! The Turkish group are next, with Icarus confronting them over comments they apparently made. The Turks want Icarus to speak in German… which he’s still learning, but he’s somehow capable of understanding what they say. Icarus is in the GWF Battlefield match (a battle royal), and he vows to win the match. Cem Kaplan, part of the group, promises to eliminate Icarus, and so he walks off…

We’re in Rambo’s office next, with Pascal Spalter coming in with his list of opponents for October. Rambo’s got to run the list by finance, but Spalter’s otherwise in a jovial mood as Rambo had to try and clear one of the “famous names”. Staying with Rambo next as he’s with Vincenzo in a courtyard, as they’re spitballing ideas for their entrance. Vincenzo wants to juggle, but Rambo’s not in the mood for it, as he’s more bothered about retaining the titles. Rambo leaves, Martin Guerrero arrives, and it’s training time… which we don’t see.

Orlando Silver is in the locker room as Chris Colen asks about his black eye. He nags Orlando to call his mother, who seems to be massively offended and over-protective, as she appeared to be mad that her son hadn’t told her about being in a title match. Talk about controlling! Apparently she sent a video message to Chris Colen, but before he can play it, Ahmed Chaer’s called for Silver… so Orlando runs before seeing the video.

Crazy Sexy Mike is next as he gives Lucky Kid a pep talk before his match with Pascal Spalter later on. Lucky doesn’t feel ready for a big stage, but Mike reminds him of Lucky Kid’s past, lying about his age just to get a shot at training… Ali Aslan and Cash Money Erkan are back taking bets… Abdul Kenan isn’t interested at first, despite the 2-1 odds on Lucky Kid, or the “special information” they have. He eventually puts on a wager “because it’s 100% safe to bet on Lucky”, and now it’s opening credits time as it’s time for matches!

Lucky Kid vs. Pascal Spalter
Lucky’s on his own in the GWF now, after being stabbed in the back by Tarkan Aslan some time ago. His video package tells us that despite being born in Turkey, he considers Berlin to be his home, despite wrestling in places like Japan, and holding titles. He wants the Berlin title… which I think may be more to do with who’s holding it right now.

Spalter gets a much hyped entrance, labelled the Hero of the Capital, the Man of Contemporary History and so much more. He’s done TV and film work before, which he’s not afraid to tell us, and because he’s the world champion, he’s not exactly on that list to challenge for the Berlin title, as he wants to stay champion forever.

When we get going, Lucky Kid accepts a handshake, but he’s taken into the corner by Spalter, before scoring with a drop toe hold as Lucky tried to keep his much bigger foe on the mat. A slap is laughed off by Spalter, who traps Lucky in the corner with a chop before getting met with a ‘rana as Lucky took him outside and followed him there with a tope con giro. Back inside, Spalter elbows out of a waistlock and sent Lucky flying with a butterfly suplex, as the champion now started to impose himself on the mat. Commentary tried to compare Spalter to the Rock, due to his TV and film work, but that seemed to be the cue for Lucky to go on the offence again… only for his plancha to be caught as Spalter dumped him on the apron instead.

Spalter keeps up the offence with chops, with Lucky throwing in a few of his own, before getting wiped out with a shotgun dropkick. A rear chinlock keeps Lucky down, as does the “Klositz”, which was just Spalter sitting on Lucky while getting frustrated as the crowd not chanting his name. The pace slows down a little as Spalter became to wear down Lucky Kid with slams and elbow drops, before he’s forced to kick out of a schoolboy as Lucky almost snatched an upset. Another comeback sees Lucky land some dropkicks, then a handspring elbow before going for an unlikely Dragon suplex, as Spalter tried to catch him with the Dreischluss… which we didn’t get to see.

Instead, Spalter catches a handspring body press and turns it into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near-fall, before Lucky nails leaping DDT and an Asai DDT to keep the match finely poised. Again, Lucky goes for the Dragon suplex, but it’s elbowed away again as Lucky avoids a powerslam, only to get knocked out of the ring.

Spalter tries to drag Lucky back inside, but instead Lucky slips through and delivers a German suplex as Spalter was on the middle rope, following up with a Dragon suplex as the champion rolled to the floor to keep the match alive. Back inside again, Lucky hits a missile dropkick, before getting bulldozed with a lariat as the Dreischluss – a modified muscle buster – gets the win. A nice, competitive match which put Lucky Kid over despite the loss – since every other match thus far on Three Count hadn’t been as even as this. Still, the size difference eventually told. ***½

From there we’re backstage as Ahmed Chaer is with Orlando Silver… and breaks the news to him that his mother’s been killed in a car accident. That’s… a little dark. Silver’s in denial, thinking his mum’s not picking up the phone because they had a row… and we’re quickly going to the funeral of Dolores Silver.

Fortunately, we don’t get any wrestling wackiness, save for Silver pulling out of his title match at the upcoming show as he needs time to think. Chaer finds Chris Colen, and we end on a cliffhanger ahead of that weekend’s Battlefield show.

A one-match show, ending with something straight out of a soap opera… it’d been a while since wrestling had had something like this (the last one I can recall is during the Big Show/Big Bossman story in 1999… which I want to forget!). Without passing judgement, let’s see how this played out, as the next episode of Three Count told the story of the Battlefield show that this played into…