Hot on the heels of the Magnificent Seven, we’ve another episode of Loaded – complete with spoilers!

We’re at the Point in Sunderland for this one – and it’s the new compact layout. The show opens with Prince Ameen apologising to Lucky Kid… hopefully that’ll make him try and undo that restraining order he got. Ameen even books Lucky Kid in an Internet title match at Lights Out next month. Ameen then moves onto the way Rory Coyle vs. Rampage ended… without actually saying what happened, because he’ll address it next week.

Dave Bradshaw is shaking his head at James R. Kennedy from the off… and it’s straight to the action.

Micky Mann vs. Jack Sexsmith
It’s a Defiant return for Sexsmith, who’s gone back to being clean-shaven and not taking aim at sections of British wrestling for using him. For now…

Sexsmith works the arm, before he was sent into the ropes and took down Mann with a dropkick. Mann tries a leapfrog but ends up landing in some atomic drops before a Pearl Neckbreaker dropped Mann with ease. Jack heads up top for the Big Double Stompy Move, but Mann rolls outside for respite, and manages to catch Sexsmith, throwing him into the post… but barely got a one-count from it all. A suplex from Mann’s countered into a small package for a near-fall, before a series of strikes from Mann ended when he took a knee from Sexsmith. Some Sliced Bread gets blocked… so Sexsmith hits a superkick before finally landing the Sliced Bread, before the BDSM put Mann down for the win. Some decent stuff for the time they had. **½

Post-match, Stevie Aaron interviews Jack at ringside, where he gets the cheap pop before calling out Visage – those two will be working together in the tag team division.

Laura di Matteo has a promo saying that she’s here to prove herself. She debuted with an apperance at the Magnificent Seven, and she makes her in-ring debut later…

They replay the finish from the Magnificent Seven match – where Benji surprised MJF with a roll-up to win the briefcase. From there, it’s backstage as Benji’s challenged by Conor Renshaw to a briefcase defence next week in Newcastle, as they’re fully leaning in on the Sunderland/Newcastle stuff.

Gia Adams vs. Laura di Matteo
Last known here as Gemini, Adams has had a name change… but sadly the generic ‘tron hasn’t been updated to reflect that.

Adams started by taking di Matteo into the corner, but Laura’s right back out with some armdrags and dropkicks. Gia responds with a legdrop for a two-count, before she took Laura back to the corner with some elbows and boots, before a charge caught di Matteo flush in the corner. Laura looked to make a comeback, getting close with a springboard crossbody out of the corner, but Adams responds by taking Laura down and choking her in the ropes. An uppercut and some elbows from di Matteo got her free, before she avoided a Samoan drop and responded with some clotheslines. Headscissors take Adams back down, before an enziguiri took Adams into the corner as di Matteo kept up the pressure, eventually landing a missile dropkick for a near-fall.

Gia tries her luck with a Fisherman’s suplex, but Laura slips out and pulls her down with a side Russian legsweep before the grounded Octopus hold forces the submission. This was fine, but may as well have been held in a vacuum for all the crowd reacted to it. **

The promotion’s next big show, Lights Out, comes from Leeds on April 17, with PAC being the headliner.

Defiant Tag Team Championship: Dynamic Duo (Mark Billington & Thomas Billington) vs. South Coast Connection (Ashley Dunn & Kelly Sixx) (c)
The Billingtons have new entrance music and a video – almost Rule Britannia – but they’re without Marty Jones, who’d been shadowing them here so far.

While Ashley Dunn’s wearing his own merch, Kelly Sixx is still out as Will Ospreay’s biggest fan-boy. Thomas starts in there with Kelly, and charges him into the corner from the off as Sixx instantly begged off, before returning with a front headlock as Thomas managed to slip free and throw him to the mat. Again, Sixx begs off into the corner, but he’s quickly put down with a slam before Thomas crashed and burned with a swandive headbutt. That looked nasty. Some criss-cross rope running leads to a big back body drop from Sixx, before a hands-free flip over from Thomas got him back in it as Mark comes in to suplex Sixx.

The Billingtons exchange quick tags as they focus on Dunn, battering him with forearms before another slam from Mark led to Ashley making a comeback of his own… only to get caught as a missile dropkick version of the Hart Attack dropped Dunn for a near-fall. Dunn comes back with a chop to Mark, as the Billington boy was taken into the corner and isolated, with the champions now working those quick tags. An Irish whip from Dunn sends Mark from corner-to-corner, before a missed chop from Sixx opened the door somewhat… only for Kelly to go back with an eye rake. The champions fake out a tag as Dunn climbed the ropes… and eventually gets knocked to the outside as Thomas Billington got the actual hot tag, taking down Sixx for a top rope knee drop that got him a near-fall.

Mark low-bridges Sixx to the outside, where he’s quickly joined by Dunn as Mark stuttered into a tope into the pair of them. Sixx gets rolled back inside as Thomas scooped him up for a tombstone piledriver, only for Dunn to break up the cover. Dunn gets sent outside again as Mark tags in with a crossbody to Sixx, before Dunn grabs a chair and threatens to use it… in among all that, the referee’s unsighted as Sixx low blows Thomas, which led to the finish as the old Strong Zero gets the win for the champions. Well, the South Coast Connection were shockingly tested here, as the Billington boys are improving nicely from that first appearance where they were all flash but offered little in terms of what you’d call coherence. ***

The show goes off the air with nothing new announced for next week, as they promise to give us the fall-out from Magnificent Seven – a show we hope to have seen before Loaded returns!