We’re back for a delayed look at the series finale of Uncharted Territory, as Beyond helped kick off the opening day of the Wrestival.

Quick Results
Davienne submitted Dave Cole in 8:19 (**¾)
No Disqualification: Teddy Goodz pinned Richard Holliday in 11:10 (***)
Becca pinned Kennedi Copeland in 10:15 (**¾)
Discovery Gauntlet – Dustin Waller & Kylon King pinned Tristen Thai & Gabriel Skye in 11:38 (***¼)
Matt Makowski submitted Jordan Blade 7:41 (***½)
Midas Black & Jay Lyon pinned JCruz & Victor Chase in 11:31 (**¾)
Little Mean Kathleen pinned Cam Zagami in 4:18 (*¾)
Ryan Galeone pinned VSK in 16:04 (***¼)

We’re at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA for this part of the Wrestival – and we’ve some card changes as Matt Makowski’s planned IWTV title shot against Alex Shelley was postponed due to Shelley not making it to the weekender.

Davienne vs. Dave Cole
Cole was last around these parts back in June when he was a part of that wacky Dog Fight with Wheeler Yuta and Lee Moriarty for the IWTV title…

Cole tried to dictate the pace, going after Davienne’s arm in the early going, before Davienne caught his leg in the ropes and started to kick away on Cole’s knee. That weakened him enough for a German suplex, but Cole’s back with a Rings of Saturn… which Davienne countered into an Air Raid Crash to break free. Davienne’s caught with a double stomp as Cole tried to get back in it, following up with a neckbreaker and yet another crack at the Rings of Saturn. Eventually the ref spots that Davienne’d gotten a foot to the rope, before she manages to roll Cole with a Boston crab… Cole got to the ropes, but he’s pulled away, and that’s enough to force the stoppage. **¾

No Disqualification: Richard Holliday vs. Teddy Goodz
This was made a no-DQ outing at bell time, as they wrapped up the mini feud that started with Holliday squashing Little Mean Kathleen a few weeks ago.

We start this one off hot, with Goodz double-legging and chopping Holliday around the ring, leading to a clothesline that had Holliday down. Elbows follow as the match spilled outside, where Holliday goes for the eyes before we started getting some light plunder in the forms of a chair and a bin lid. It builds up to a powerslam from Holliday onto the bin lid for a two-count, then a DDT before Goodz took Holliday head-first into a chair that was between the buckles. Holliday fought back with a low blow, before he grabbed a bag of coffee beans and poured them into the ring. At least they weren’t ground.

Holliday calls for the 2008 onto the beans, but Goodz escaped and hit an Iconoclasm onto the coffee, before a cutter finished off Holliday, who probably could do with some of those getting ground and brewed right now. A good match to wrap up the mini feud, with Holliday at least plugging his coffee brand. ***

They plug stuff for Heavy Lies The Crown while they sweep away the coffee…

Becca vs. Kennedi Copeland
The early going saw Copeland frustrate Becca, whose lack of focus ended with her getting knocked off the apron and into the arms of Alec Price.

The pair combine to trap Copeland in the ring apron though, which opened the door for Becca to take over, landing a running kick to Copeland in the corner for a two-count. A splits legdrop keeps it going, while a big boot ended a brief Copeland comeback. We’ve a Samoan drop for a near-fall, but Copeland’s clotheslines offer more of a fight back, as did a neckbreaker, before Alec Price’s attempt to trip Copeland in the ropes earned him a baseball slide. Becca superkicks away a leap off the top from Copeland to get her back in it, while a Gotch-style powerbomb followed for the win. Perfectly fine stuff as Becca ends the season with a win to keep momentum behind the pairing with Alec Price. **¾

Discovery Gauntlet: Above The Rest (Gabriel Skye & Tristen Thai) vs. The Miracle Generation (Dustin Waller & Kylon King)
It’s a return to the Discovery Gauntlet for Thai and Skye, who were two of the first three entrants in the original gauntlet back in 2019…

Thai just kicked King at the start as the early feeling out process saw neither team take an advantage… when a team did pull ahead, it was King and Waller initially, with double-teaming on Skye ending up backfiring as King telegraphed a brainbuster, allowing Skye and Thai coming in with some double-teaming of their own. Thai’s pop-up stomp leads to a Dragon sleeper to King, before he suplexed Skye into an assisted 450 splash on King for a near-fall. King’s back with a leaping sunset flip, but Skye slaps it away and slapped on a knee bar as Above the Rest kept their focus on King.

Finally, King gets the tag out to Waller, who ran wild with a reverse ‘rana to Skye for a near-fall, while King returned to hit a Dragon suplex on Skye. An aborted dive from Waller leads to him doing the ol’ Ryan Smile over the turnbuckles tope con giro, but a second dive from King’s just kicked away by Thai on the floor. Back inside, Skye and Thai combine for a monkey flip’d moonsault to the floor, before a double axe kick nearly won it. King dives off the top to break up the cover, before a double-team slam into a powerbomb nearly got the Miracle Generation the win. All four lads are staying in the ring to keep the pace high, as Thai monkey flips Waller into a superkick for a near-fall, before King tagged back in and hit a cutter-assisted wheelbarrow German for a near-fall.

A Slingblade backbreaker from Thai keeps it going, but errant kicks wipe out Above The Rest as Waller and King finally manage to break free, setting up a nice powerplex superplex/frog splash to Thai for the win. This was a little spotty at times, but I really liked both teams here – and hope to see more of them in 2022. The Discovery Gauntlet’s brought up some new favourite son the tag scene – now it’s on promotions to parlay that into something! ***¼

Post-match, Waller and King get their flowers before Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku stormed the ring and put the boots to the Miracle Generation, ending with a Chasing the Dragon to Waller. Violence is Forever then complained about not being invited to the Beyond party, instead plugging their match against Hot Wheels at the ACTION/SUP show… and there’s something about wearing dungarees in 2021/22 that screams “dick heel”.

Jordan Blade vs. Matt Makowski
Blade was the substitute for Alex Shelley, having campaigned to take the free spot on the card as she volunteered to leap into the lion’s den.

Makowski leapt into Blade at the bell with a running leaping back kick, but Blade attempted to stop Makowski on the mat, as the pair grappled. A Sharpshooter from Makowski followed, but Blade cradles her way free before another kick dropped her. A levering armbar snapped Blade’s arm next as Makowski stayed on the arm, but a spinebuster freed Blade as she went for a STF. Blade can’t keep the hold on though, and ends up having to get to the ropes as Makowski went for a Cattle Mutilation… things descend into back-and-forth strikes from there, but Makowski knocked Blade down, only to get caught with a flying armbar. Makowski blocks it though, and eventually came back with the Chaos Theory-ish cross armbar for the submission. Brief, but they packed a lot in as a pissed Makowski continues to bide his time for that title shot. ***½

The Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase) vs. The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black)
Both teams made it into Beyond this year as part of the Discovery Gauntlet…

Cruz and Lyon start us off, with a spinning heel kick putting Lyon ahead early on before he took Chase through the ropes for a leapfrog/splash from Black – dubbed the Flying Trapeze. A high/low from Lyon keeps the Mane Event ahead, before Lyon’s tope con giro through the hoop knocked down the Brick City Boyz. Cruz grabs onto Lyon’s foot from the floor as he proceeded to hit an electric chair drop onto the edge of the ring. Back inside, Chase’s suplex earned him a two-count, before he powerbombed away Lyon’s flying headscissors effort. Midas Black single-handedly recovered things for his team, but Victor Chase gets back in as Lyon remained out of the picture.

A cobra clutch slam from Black gets rid of Chase, but JCruz’s half-and-half suplex keeps things going before Lyon’s swinging side slam continued the Parade of Moves as all four men stayed in the ring. Chase sweeps Black’s leg as the Mane Event went for a double-team rebound, before Cruz’s overhead belly-to-belly has Lyon in the corner. This may as well be a tornado tag at this point, as we built to Lyon breaking up a pin, before a Brick End was blocked, with Midas turning things around with a spinning enziguiri before a double-team pop-up X-Factor put JCruz away. This was fine – but can we have a moratorium on impromptu tornado tags like this in 2022? **¾

Cam Zagami vs. Little Mean Kathleen
We finally get this match after Richard Holliday subbed in for Cam a few weeks back… meanwhile, Ted Goodz found our second pair of dungarees tonight.

LMK kicked Cam in the Zagamis before the bell, but an early attempt at the Dudley Dog’s kicked away. Zagami’s caught with a Thesz press, then missed a springboard moonsault before a Bossman slam nearly put LMK away. Cam then wanted to dance to his ring music again, but his self-created distraction ended with Kathleen going up top for a crossbody, which sparks a comeback as a Vader bomb almost wins it for her. Zagami’s slapped down before he hit back with a wacky tiltawhirl facebuster, then a superkick for the win… except LMK’s foot was on the rope. Ted Goodz comes out to protest, and the match is restarted on his word, allowing LMK to finally hit the Dudley Dog as she left with the win. It told a story, but this felt way too rushed for anything other than the result to settle. *¾

VSK vs. Ryan Galeone
One of this season of Uncharted Territory’s high spots has been the return of Ryan Galeone, who came back with a bang.

VSK’s early offence didn’t seem to put too much of a dent in Galeone, who chopped him down in the corner. More of those chops follow, as did a big boot off the ropes, before Galeone began to toy with VSK. A pop-up’s pushed aside, but Galeone lands on his feet as he was chucked outside… a tope’s caught and turned into a chokeslam as VSK was instantly on the back foot. Back inside, VSK hits a German suplex into the buckles, but it barely gets a one-count on Galeone, so VSK stays on him in the corner… only to miss a knee drop as he got perhaps a little carried away. A senton atomico landed though, before a simple headbutt from Galeone knocked VSK back into the ropes.

A leaping enziguri from Galeone earned him a dropkick from VSK, but a running corner dropkick from Galeone ends all that back and forth, ahead of a springboard Molly Go Round that almost won the match. From there, Galeone takes VSK to the top rope, but his superplex is pushed away as VSK instead ends up being single handedly press slammed into a Go 2 Sleep for a near-fall. Galone looks for the win, but has his knee kicked out ahead of a back cracker as VSK scored a rope-hung Cross Rhodes for a near-fall. VSK’s Falcon arrow similarly gets a two-count, as did a suplex, before Galeone looked to hulk up, returning with a leaping knee and a one-handed pop-up chokeslam for a near-fall… while VSK went up top in search of his big win.

VSK’s frog splash nearly gets it done, before a leap off the top’s turned into a backbreaker as a ripcord head kick from Galeone has VSK down. From there, he pulled up VSK… but fell to a Code Red for a near-fall, before another head kick set up for the deadlift powerbomb as Galeone leaves with the win. ***¼

Post-match, Becca popped up on the apron, as did Alec Price, with the pair attacking Galeone with the Su-Price kick. Price dubbed himself the “Ace” of Beyond as the beat-down closed out the show – and set up something for Heavy Lies the Crown too.

A solid, if not spectacular, end to Uncharted Territory that was understandably overshadowed by the rest of the Wrestival festivities. Season three of Uncharted Territory has felt a little stop-start with injuries and covid delaying and delaying plans – but there were some bright spots, with the re-emergence of Ryan Galeone alongside teams out of the Discovery Gauntlet, with several new acts hopefully cementing themselves in Beyond going into 2022 and Beyond.