We’re back for the penultimate episode of this season of Uncharted Territory, as Wheeler Yuta and Matt Makowski finally lock up – with a shot at the IWTV title on the line.

Quick Results
Alec Price pinned Carlos Romo in 13:09 (***½)
Little Mean Kathleen, Teddy Goodz, Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan) pinned Bobby Orlando, Bobby Jr., Cam Zagami & Richard Holliday in 7:34 (**¾)
Rhett Titus pinned Jora Johl in 4:59 (***¼)
Megan Bayne pinned Kennedi Copeland in 5:11 (***¼)
Discovery Gauntlet – Kylon King & Dustin Waller pinned JCruz & Victor Chase in 11:31 (***¼)
Masha Slamovich pinned Ryan Galeone in 9:45 (***½)
Matt Makowski submitted Wheeler YUTA in 21:03 (****)

We’re back at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA… Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella as ever are on the call… and we’re going without a Spotlight match this week…

Alec Price vs. Carlos Romo
Carlos is back in Beyond after his good showing in defeat to Rhett Titus a few weeks back… meanwhile, Price is back after being out last week on a tryout. He’s brought the Limitless Wrestling title with him, as he prepares to defend it here next week as part of Wrestival…

Romo looked to pull ahead early on with a bow and arrow hold, but pulling it to the mat only gets a two-count before Romo tried his luck with an Indian deathlock. That ends in the ropes as Romo made Price look silly, while armdrags and a kick to the back kept Carlos ahead.

A ripcord enziguiri has Price back in it, as he proceeded to choke on Romo in the corner. Romo comes close with a roll-up, but Price hits straight back with dropkicks and knee drops. Price builds up to a Gotch-style powerbomb for a two-count, before stomps kept Carlos on the mat.

Price keeps going with a front facelock, but Romo chops his way free, hits a jawbreaker then a leg lariat, before Price sent himself outside as a Romo tope found its mark. A Busaiku knee spins Price down for a near-fall, before Romo got cut off on the top rope, leading to his knee getting kicked out ahead of a springboard stomp out of the corner.

Price looks to follow up with a Su-Prize Kick, but Romo sidesteps it and locks in a STF in response, before a crucifix nearly won it. Price gets stomped in the ropes, then ate a snap piledriver as Romo again came close, before a short PK left Price laying. Romo followed up with a moonsault for another near-fall, but an attempt at Cutter Without the E is blocked as Price returned with a Head Hunter neckbreaker.

All that’s left is the Su-Prize Kick, and that’s the win for the Limitless champ. A good showing again from Romo, who I’m hoping to see in more places again as we head into 2022. ***½

Club Cam (Bobby Orlando, Cam Zagami & Richard Holliday) & Bobby Jr. vs. Little Mean Kathleen, Teddy Goodz & Waves And Curls (Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan)
Holliday’s back as part of Club Cam, complete with 0% Christmas spirit. And yes, that’s Bobby Orlando’s stuffed goat doing a wrestle here…

Holliday looked to start against LMK, but we’ve got revolving doors on both sides as we end up with Teddy Goodz and Bobby Orlando starting things off. Dusty punches from Goodz saw Bobby Orlando bring in his goat, while Richard Holliday watched on in disgust as everyone did the wave. Cam Zagami gets carried away as we’ve a litany of slams onto Orlando, before Jaylen Brandyn’s dropkick looked to keep them ahead.

Orlando’s back cracker drops Brandyn for a two-count after some shenanigans from Holliday in the corner, as everyone focused on Brandyn for a spell. Eventually Jaylen broke free with a dropkick, before tags brought us to Zagami and LMK. Kathleen runs wild on Cam, before an assisted back senton got LMK a two-count.

Holliday runs in to clear the way and dump LMK with the 2008, before a Cactus clothesline got rid of him… Zagami tries to snatch the win, but Traevon Jordan breaks up the pin. Cam stomps the foot to get out of a chokeslam, before Bobby Orlando tagged in to eat a Wave Check as LMK left with the W. An enjoyable, but brief, tag as apparently Holliday and Goodz brawled to the back as the cameras focused on the ring. **¾

Jora Johl vs. Rhett Titus
Will third time be the charm for the Hardy Family Office member? Titus has his ROH TV title belt with him here…

Johl pulls Titus into clotheslines to start with, before a running knee strike looked to lead to a butterfly backbreaker for just a one-count. A powerslam gets a two-count, before Titus’ leap off the top was caught, leading to a headbutt from Johl. Some ground and pound keeps Johl ahead, as do some corner clotheslines, before Johl Herc’d up Titus into a torture rack neckbreaker for a near-fall.

Titus gets taken onto the apron as Johl tries a deadlift superplex, and gets it, before he caught Titus’ slingshot into the ring. Rhett grabs the ear to avoid a death valley driver, then ran back in with the dropkick as Jora Johl still can’t avoid losing to that move. A short one, but a good one as Titus continues to build up a winning run in Beyond. ***¼

For Heavy Lies The Crown, they confirm a Fans Bring the Weapons match between Kimber Lee and Masha Slamovich… plus 44OH! vs. Club Cam, JD Drake vs. Slade, Megan Bayne vs. Trish Adora, Jonathan Gresham & Rhett Titus vs. Wheeler Yuta & Tracy Williams, Leyla Hirsch vs. Alec Price, and Vincent vs. Dan Barry. That’s looking to be a sneaky-stacked card for New Year’s Eve…

Kennedi Copeland vs. Megan Bayne
Given that one of these two has a big match announced for New Year’s Eve… I’m not fancying Kennedi’s chances here! I’m giving Sidney a yellow card for his singing as we get going, with Bayne charging into the corner.

Copeland elbows Bayne away, but her crossbody’s caught as a tombstone attempt is escaped. She’s able to return with a back senton to squash Copeland, who gets pulled up again as a stalling suplex kept Bayne ahead. A jawbreaker gets Copeland back in it, but she’s quickly dumped with a belly-to-belly as Bayne tried to shut the door, throwing some headbutts before she missed a knee in the corner.

Bayne misses a second knee drop too, allowing Copeland to hit back with kicks and a diving knee… but it barely gets a one-count. Copeland manages to get a two-count from a crossbody, before headscissors allowed Copeland back in, before a boot and a tombstone got Bayne the win. Short but enjoyable, which seems to be the MO this week as Bayne heads for Trish Adora on New Year’s Eve. ***¼

Discovery Gauntlet: The Miracle Generation (Dustin Waller & Kylon King) vs. The Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase)
Waller and King are part of a wider group of the Miracle Generation – but with commentary not giving them much of a shot going in, you had to have a sneaky feeling…

Waller and Cruz start us off, with Waller playing stick and run against Cruz as a dropkick forces a tag out. Victor Chase is in and runs into an armdrag, as King tagged in to crash into Chase with a cannonball for an early one-count. A wheelbarrow splash, a back senton and a standing shooting star press gets the Generation a two-count, before Waller came in and hit a step-up ‘rana to Cruz.

King aborts a tope, but Waller nails an over-the-ring post tope con giro into the Brick City Boyz, before he went to work on Cruz back inside… only for a handspring to be pulled away by Chase on the floor. Cruz hits a gutwrench suplex as the Brick City Boyz isolated Waller, with double-teaming leading to a suplex for a near-fall on Waller.

JCruz nails a German suplex to Waller, then rolled him back up for some more, before Chase lost Waller as an enziguiri got him enough time to tag out. Kylon King clears house with a leaping back elbow to Chase, then an Exploder to Cruz, before a Dragon suplex had Cruz in the ropes.

Waller and King combine to knock down JCruz, with the latter’s tope almost landing badly. Back inside, a clothesline from JCruz drops King, as some double-teaming puts Kylon in trouble… but a brainbuster and a hanging frog splash nearly gets the Miracle Generation an unlikely win. An exchange of strikes leads to some double-teaming as Waller remained out of the picture, but a Brick End’s kicked away, before a Doomsday Device was countered into a Victory Roll as the upset even broke out a swear! Not quite “Horowitz wins!” in terms of the back story, but this was an unlikely win for the Miracle Generation who are one match away from ending the series as “champs” ***¼

They recap the Wrestling Open show that starts on January 6 – Dan Barry, Rex Lawless, Teddy Goodz and Sidney Bakabella get announced for it…

Ryan Galeone vs. Masha Slamovich
Masha continues her murderer’s row of opponents leading into Heavy Lies the Crown…

A waistlock from Galeone had Masha down early, as her forearms in return earned her a chop. Galeone’s forearm keeps her down, as did uppercuts, before a rear naked choke from Masha ended in the corner as Galeone stayed on her. A crossbody from Slamovich ends in a tiltawhirl gutbuster for a near-fall, but Masha’s able to find a foothold as she took Galeone into the ropes for a kick.

A simple lariat dumped Masha again though, before some kicks and a step-up knee in the corner manages to put Masha ahead. She followed up with a spinning heel kick that sent Galeone outside, where he’s met with a flip senton off the top rope. Back inside Galeone uses a one-hand press slam to throw Masha off the top into a Go 2 Sleep for a near-fall, but Masha gets back up… and ate a leaping knee in the ropes.

Galeone followed up with a big spinebuster for a near-fall, before he went up top… and got thrown down with a belly-to-belly. Slamovich builds with a lariat, then an Angle Slam, before her running boots were cut off with a Galeone dropkick. Another trip up top for Galeone sees him about a springboard Molly Go Round as Slamovich caught him seconds later with a Shining Wizard.

Slamovich tries a piledriver, but Galeone pops up straight away, only to get met with some kicks as a package piledriver ends up getting the job done. They’re doing a good story of showing Masha getting worn down across the matches – and that’d have to play into the Kimber Lee match, you’d think. ***½

For the Uncharted Territory finale, they announce Richard Holliday vs. Teddy Goodz, Waves & Curls vs. Violence is Forever (CHRIST), Miracle Generation vs. Above The Rest, and the Brick City Boyz vs. Mane Event.

Before the main event, we’re interrupted by Anthony Greene’s return – he’d not been back in Beyond since his WWE release… he’s here to try and fix an opening he’s got for the Limitless show in Worcester as part of the Wrestival… and names Becca as his opponent for January 1. I mean, it’ll build for Greene vs. Price, but that felt a little weird.

Matt Makowski vs. Wheeler Yuta
We finally get this match – and the winner gets a shot at Alex Shelley’s IWTV title on the season finale. Wheeler Yuta of course won that title earlier this year. Makowski’s got a big sack with him as he’s playing Santa Clause for his entrance, throwing out gifts to the crowd.

We’ve a tentative start as Makowski and Yuta went to the mat, with Yuta’s roll-up leading to him getting caught in a side headlock instead. Makowski rolls in with an ankle lock, but Yuta kicks it away deftly as we move to leapfrogs, roll throughs and armdrags as the pair looked for an advantage.

Knees from the clinch have Makowski ahead, but Yuta escaped to hit a clothesline for just a one-count. Yuta adds an Octopus stretch next, then an abdominal stretch, before Makowski came back with a suplex. An overhead belly-to-belly followed from Makowski, who was still getting boos… only for him to miss a springboard enziguiri as Yuta capitalised with a deathlock in the middle of the ring.

Makowski drags his way to the ropes to force a break, before a series of kicks seemed to land low, sending Yuta to the outside. Yuta makes it back inside, but gets hung up in the ropes from a torture rack position, before a levering armbar snapped back Yuta’s arm. Attempts to fight back are swatted away by Makowski, who followed up with a Romero special.

Yuta’s then pulled into a Dragon sleeper as Makowski looked for the stoppage, but instead Yuta fought out before he booted Makowski off the apron. A tope followed… but Makowski caught it and countered it into a suplex on the floor. Staying out there, Makowski sets up a chair only to get thrown into it as Yuta ended up eating a drop toe hold onto the chair as they continued to scrap on the floor.

Makowski kicks Yuta into the chair before he went for a run-up… as the cannonball knocked Yuta into the entrance way, knocking the curtain down in the process. Back into the ring, Makowski slows things down with an armbar, only for Yuta to get free with an atomic drop, an enziguiri and a flying forearm off the top. A baseball slide takes Makowski outside, this time with the tope connecting.

Back inside, an Angle Slam drops Makowski for a two-count, before a head kick and a spear turned it back around as Yuta was rocked. Makowski can’t make an immediate cover, so followed up with a Fireman’s carry into a uranage for a near-fall, before a charge into the corner’s caught and turned into a German suplex as Yuta came close.

Both men continued to swing for the fences, but Yuta’s trip up top ends with him getting crotched on the ropes as Makowski proceeded to pull him into a cut-throat torture rack, spinning him off the middle rope into a cross armbreaker. Yuta gets to the rope though, and was able to return with a superkick… only for his attempt at the Yu-Tap to get countered, with Makowski applying his own version of the move instead.

Yuta powered out and rolled Makowski up for a near-fall, before he hit his own Chaos Theory-ish cross armbar to ape Makowski’s usual finish. Makowski rolls up Yuta for a near-fall, only to get met with a Michinoku driver… but Yuta’s next trip up top ends with him getting caught again as Makowski brings him down with a goddamn belly-to-belly superplex into a cross armbar for the rapid tap. That’s a phenomenal finish as Makowski books himself an IWTV title shot to close out the year – and possibly spark a riot in Worcester if he dethrones Alex Shelley… ****

With Uncharted Territory heading towards its conclusion, Beyond’s been able to parlay these shows into place-setters for the loaded Wrestlival weekend – while still making sure that these shows don’t feel throw-away. Make damn sure you swing by for the main event at least – even if you’re on-delay like I was!