Uncharted Territory rolled on into the holiday season as Mark Sterling and VSK took on RSP and Slade in this week’s main event.

Quick Results
Armani Kayos pinned Mortar in 5:59 (**½)
Tracy Williams submitted Leyla Hirsch in 13:57 (***½)
Richard Holliday pinned Little Mean Kathleen in 2:04 (NR)
Discovery Gauntlet: Victor Chase & JCruz pinned Jos B & Jos A in 9:34 (***)
Kennedi Copeland pinned Davienne in 5:34 (**)
Matt Makowski defeats Masha Slamovich by referee’s stoppage in 15:46 (***¾)
Dan Barry pinned Vita VonStarr in 5:52 (**¼)
Mark Sterling & VSK pinned Rickey Shane Page & Slade in 21:28 (***)

We’re back at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA… Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella as ever are on the call.

Mortar vs. Armani Kayos
Kayos was last seen around here as part of the Higher Society with Paris van Dale, while this is a Beyond debut for Mortar. He’d go well with the Bricks in the Discovery Gauntlet…

Kayos’ leapfrog’s caught early by Mortar, who tried to take him to the outside… only for Kayos to slingshot back in for a ‘rana ahead of a hip attack for a two-count. Quite the rear view. Mortar escapes into the crowd and charged back in to Kayos with a splash and a clothesline, before a back senton drew a two-count. Mortar’s strikes took Kayos into the corner, as does an Irish whip, before a gift-wrapped neckbreaker and some kicks had Kayos back in it. A back body drop follows, then a spiking DDT, but it doesn’t put Mortar away, nor did a moonsault… partially because Kayos missed it.

Mortar returned with a jumping springboard dropkick, then a F5… but Kayos rolled to the outside and after he returned he managed to herc up Mortar into a torture rack backbreaker for the surprise win. A pretty quick opener, but I like that finish. **½

Leyla Hirsch vs. Tracy Williams
This was Hirsch’s return after a month away, while Hot Sauce came into this on the back of a worrying run of singles losses.

Hirsch and Williams looked to keep it technical early on, but Williams grabs a leg lock as Hirsch tried for one in kind, opting for the ropes instead. A pendulum submission from Williams gets rolled out of as Leyla ties up the legs for a Muta lock, but that too ends in the ropes as a side headlock followed from Williams. Getting sent into the ropes, Williams caught a leapfrog from Hirsch, then took her back down for a knee bar attempt that forced Leyla to scramble again. The pair go back and forth with holds, as Williams ties up Hirsch’s legs again as the ropes again force a break, with Hirsch then returning in the corner for some double knees and a dropkick for a two-count.

Williams gets clotheslined by the ropes, but responds with a strike before a spin-out side suplex nearly won it. A toe hold on the mat forces Leyla to counter, grabbing a rear naked choke on the mat as Williams broke in the ropes, before a clothesline from Williams was rolled through into a cross armbar attempt. Williams runs back with a gutwrench powerbomb for a near-fall, before he telegraphed a running boot and got low bridged to the outside. Hirsch followed with a lowpe, then a second after Williams threw her back into the ring. A moonsault from Hirsch gets just a one-count, while a lariat adds a two, before Williams tried to end it with a sleeperhold.

Instead, Hirsch rolled out and hits a German suplex, before a top rope moonsault’s stopped as Williams caught her in the corner. Leyla lands the moonsault, but it’s turned into a death valley driver for a weird near-fall, before Hirsch backed Williams into the corner to break up an onslaught. A back elbow knocks Leyla down, as she charged into a DDT into the top turnbuckle… that’s good for a near-fall, as a STF followed. That’s turned into a crossface, but Hirsch rolls free and hits an Angle slam. A low dropkick’s next, as was a top rope moonsault, but Williams kicks out, then locked in a crossface for the rapid submission. This was a pretty good outing, with Hirsch almost capitalising on Williams’ bad run of form, but in the end Williams managed to snap his streak. ***½

Little Mean Kathleen vs. Richard Holliday
This was meant to be Cam Zagami vs. LMK, but Cam was a no-show… and instead we got Richard Holliday making his return for the first time since RALY were vaporized. Holliday’s been watching the product and didn’t enjoy the comedy act that had appeared… so he’s going to get rid of LMK and Teddy to stop Beyond being a joke.

Once they’d cleared the Spiderman webs from the ring, and Holliday had ripped up a “boo this man” sign, we got going. With LMK laying down for Holliday, only to pop up as he went for a pin. Then again. So Holliday mocks LMK, then threw her down ahead of a snap 2008 twister suplex for the win. Once it got going, this was a one-move squash as Holliday was in and out in no time. NR

Except after the match, Holliday jumps Goodz from behind and hits the 2008 on him.

Discovery Gauntlet: Hispanic Mechanics (Jos A & Jos B) vs. Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase)
The Hispanic Mechanics used to be called Team España back in the day, but have changed their names… keeping the Dad Joke names.

Chase and Jos B start us off, with Chase getting slapped ahead of a monkey flip. A right hand from Chase stops Jos B in his tracks, but a return monkey flip is countered out of as Jos B lands another one. Jos A tags in and gets charged down… but A pulls down Chase before countering a leapfrog into a Manhattan drop. An atomic drop followed, then a leaping crossbody for a near-fall for Jos A, before JCruz came in… and took a full nelson slam. Chase runs into a back body drop on Cruz as the Mechanics were just frustrating them. Just like how Bakabella completely frustrated Paul Crockett with the “Emmanuel Transmission” joke.

Jos A’s dumped onto Cruz with a Falcon arrow for a two-count, before the Brick City Boyz finally found a way through, taking Jos A into their corner for a neckbreaker. Cruz’s bodyslam led to a legsplitter, but Jos A fought free of the double-teams and brought back Jos B for a back body drop to Chase. Cruz is unceremoniously tossed outside next, while Chase eats a Rocker Dropper for a near-fall… Cruz tries to break it up, but splashes his own man. They shrug it off as a Northern Lights nearly puts Jos B away, before the A to B (elevated DDT) nearly put Cruz away… but he’s not legal. They try to do it to Chase, but he kicks it away before a missed Jos B moonsault opened the door for the Brick End as the Brick City Boyz win again. A good little story with the tag rules actually coming into play from the under-fire referee here. ***

Davienne vs. Kennedi Copeland
Davienne’s looking to get back on track after losing to Megan Bayne last week…

Copeland started off hot with a Thesz press and some back elbows, but Davienne’s able to get in it with some chops as the Worcester crowd were apparently paying Davienne to throw them. A splash catches Copeland in the corner, but Copeland kicks back, then headed up top for a crossbody… Davienne responds with a Boston crab in the middle of the ring, but Copeland gets to the ropes, then hit back with a knee for a near-fall, before a cradle countered a second Boston crab attempt with Copeland snatching the win. **

They announce Wrestling Open – the project that’ll be airing during Uncharted Territory’s off-season. It’s a sort-of “open mic” wrestling night, and starts on January 6, and was the show that was incorrectly listed as a “pay to play” gimmick in some reports. Alec Price, Slade, Love Doug and Edith Surreal are announced for the debut show.

Masha Slamovich vs. Matt Makowski
Makowski’s still getting booed in Beyond as he’s built up a heck of a winning run. He’s not lost in Beyond in 2021, which is A STREAK.

Slamovich gets taken down, but looked for a guillotine early on, only for Makowski to go for a Kimura in a counter. A wristlock has Slamovich on her knees, but she cartwheeled free and into an armbar, but it’s escaped as a hook kick found its way through. Slamovich scores with a Judo throw into a cross armbar, before Makowski got to the ropes… and responded with a fireman’s carry gutbuster. A levering armbar’s next from Makowski as he targeted Slamovich’s left arm, following with a hammerlock’d slam. Makowski followed that with a double underhook suplex for another two-count, before Slamovich knocked him into the ropes and followed up with a dropkick to the back. An O’Connor roll nearly nicks the win, but Makowski quickly comes back with a rear naked choke… and nearly got pinned in it.

Makowski runs back in with a PK after kicking out, before an overhead wristlock and a facebuster leaves Masha down. A Romero special followed, but Masha slips out into a cross armbar, which Makowski powered out of as commentary again ruminate over Slamovich not being 100%. A spinning heel kick keeps Masha ahead, but Makowski’s up at two, then rolled Slamovich down into a cross armbar. Another roll-up breaks it, as Slamovich then tried to beat Makowski with his own finish, then with a roll-up as the pair trade near-falls, before a double clothesline left both wrestlers down. The match descends into back-and-forth strikes, with Slamovich’s hook kick and German suplex almost winning it, before she went for a second one… Makowski rolled it into a Kimura.

Slamovich bit her way free, but got slammed into a cross armbreaker… the ropes save her, so she tries for the cross armbreaker again, with Makowski this time in the ropes. Another spinning back kick from Makowski lands as he proceeds to take Slamovich up top for a Splash Mountain… but still Slamovich kicks out. Repeated powerbombs follow, leaving Slamovich laying as the crowd booed. Slamovich flips off Makowski, but gets ragdolled with more powerbombs until the referee waved off the match. Makowski’s killer instinct again proves unpopular as Slamovich’s refusal to stay down ended up needing the referee to stop the match. ***¾

For Heavy Lies The Crown on December 31 they announce Megan Bayne vs. Trish Adora… Rhett Titus & Jonathan Gresham vs. Wheeler Yuta & Tracy Williams… Vincent vs. Dan Barry… plus Kimber Lee vs. Masha Slamovich in a Fans Bring The Weapons match.

We’re then interrupted by Makowski calling out Wheeler Yuta for Uncharted Territory next week.

Dan Barry vs. Vita VonStarr
The build to Barry vs. Vincent in two weeks’ time sees Dan tick off another member of the Righteous…

Barry tries to shut out the noise and take down VonStarr with a side headlock, then with a slam… but Vita shrugs it off as Dan then tried to roll around her. An elbow drop to VonStarr’s arm lands, as did an overhead armbar, before a Giant Swing left VonStarr down. Barry grapevines Vita’s legs, but it ends in the ropes as VonStarr went up for a rope-walk armdrag. VonStarr’s clothesline is next, then a spinning DDT and a top rope moonsault for a near-fall, as some headscissors in the ropes kept Barry in trouble. He slaps back as VonStarr catapults back into the ring, before a backbreaker and a Blue Thunder driver nearly got Barry the win. A reverse ‘rana’s blocked as Barry countered with a DDT to VonStarr, then hit a Snow Plow for the win. A decent match for the time as Barry ploughs through the Righteous. Pun intended. **¼

Next week: Rhett Titus vs. Jora Johl (watch the dropkick)… Wheeler Yuta vs. Matt Makowski… Brick City Boyz vs. Miracle Generation… and Masha Slamovich vs. Ryan Galeone on the pre-Christmas show.

Whatever It Takes (Mark Sterling & VSK) vs. Rickey Shane Page & Slade
This was set up at Reverse The Curse and looked to be setting up for RSP vs. Matt Cardona at some point. RSP’s out dressed like Slade, but the big deal beforehand was that this wasn’t going to be a no-DQ outing…

Slade and Sterling start, with Sterling heading to the ropes as he tried to avoid Slade’s rapid starts. A leap over a hammerlock from Sterling just upsets Slade, who scared Sterling out of the ring. Back inside, Slade hits a waistlock takedown, then grabbed Sterling by his singlet and threw him into the corner. Sterling’s pinged between RSP and Slade as a Biel throw took him into the corner for VSK to tag in. VSK’s pushed into the corner, but comes back with a side headlock… and gets charged down after Slade pushed him away. VSK pokes Slade in the eye as they headed into the ropes, but Slade’s able to push away some mounted punches as he proceeded to chop VSK.

A choke’s swatted away by VSK, who ends up getting clotheslined onto the apron… he tries to return with a slingshot DDT, only to get charged down. Slade heads outside and looks for some plunder… pulling out a chair as VSK and Sterling scarpered into the crowd. VSK hides behind a bin, then returned to the ring as RSP tagged in. Sterling goes for a slam, but RSP falls on top of him as VSK got the tag, and gets met with armdrags off the ropes from Page. It transitions into a crucifix pin for a two-count, before Slade and RSP exchanged somewhat frequent tags to isolate VSK in their corner.

Sterling tries his damndest to avoid being tagged in as Slade was in there wearing down VSK, before Slade forced Sterling in. A slap from Sterling just served to piss off Slade, who chases him around the ring and blind-tagged VSK on the way back in as a chop block took out Slade’s knee. A leaping kneedrop from VSK gets a one-count, as Slade gets a mudhole stomped in him in the corner. Tags bring us to RSP and VSK, with Page overwhelming VSK ahead of a suplex throw before he misses a back senton off the top. Sterling’s back with more stomps as RSP’s raked on in the corner. We’ve a dropkick from VSK for a two-count, before Sterling took too long on a suplex and took one himself.

VSK’s back to stop RSP from tagging out, but RSP hits a double-team suplex and finally brings Slade in. Slade runs wild with clotheslines and Exploders, before VSK’s dumped with a slam. VSK pulls Slade throat-first into the ropes, before a tree slam from Slade forces Sterling in to break up the pin. Slade again goes to choke Sterling, but VSK can’t break it up at first… double-teaming works, as Slade eats a spike piledriver for a near-fall. Sterling tags back in to hit a suplex, before he went outside for a chair as VSK distracted the ref… but he pulls an Eddie Guerrero. The ref doesn’t DQ him, but he gets bumped as Sterling accidentally knocked Slade into him, and now we get the wild brawling on the outside.

Slade and RSP throw Sterling and VSK into each other as Slade hunts under the ring for a door. The door’s propped up in the corner, but it’s not used as Sterling hits a low blow to try and nick a win… the ref pops up and counts a near-fall after a long delay. Out goes the plunder as Sterling and VSK level the playing field, only for a second spike piledriver to be stopped as Sterling took an ugly back body drop into the corner. I had visions of Sabu as the camera cut there…

VSK’s knocked down to the floor as Slade hits another Exploder on Sterling, while RSP came in for a frog splash… but VSK puts Sterling’s foot on the rope to stop the match. A GTF chokeslam combo nearly gets the win, before VSK removed a chair in the corner that Sterling was about to be thrown into… in among the confusion, RSP puts on the brakes, but gets rolled up as Sterling won with a big handful of tights. This went a little long, but told the story effectively of how Slade and RSP couldn’t get it done if there was no plunder. ***

Post-match, Slade pulls VSK back in with a chair and choked him with it as Sterling was celebrating… he turned around just in time to see VSK getting chokeslammed through a door bridge, as RSP closed out the night by challenging Matt Cardona once more as another solid outing of Uncharted Territory ended, in spite of the show feeling a little light in terms of the big name regulars.