Beyond returned from Fete Forever with another week’s Uncharted Territory, featuring Masha Slamovich and Atticus Cogar in a wild main event.

Quick Results
Trish Adora pinned Brian Johnson in 6:43 (**¾)
Alec Price & Becca pinned Jaylyn Brandyn & Traevon Jordan in 7:55 (***¼)
Dan Barry pinned Dak Draper in 8:38 (***)
Discovery Gauntlet – JCruz & Victor Chase pinned Dante Dragon & Jack Tomlinson in 7:57 (***)
Matt Taven pinned Teddy Goodz in 8:16 (***¼)
Megan Bayne pinned Davienne in 8:47 (***¼)
Tracy Williams & Wheeler Yuta pinned Shane Mercer & KTB in 14:20 (***½)
Masha Slamovich submitted Atticus Cogar in 16:39 (***½)

No, we’ve not missed a week – last week’s Uncharted Territory didn’t make it to on-demand, and for now at least, it was for the live viewers only. Shame, I was really looking forward to that Carlos Romo match…

We’re back at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA, with Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella on the call as IWTV doesn’t want to play ball with buffering…

Brian Johnson vs. Trish Adora
Johnson had been calling out Adora in the build-up to this pre-show match…

Johnson gives Adora a “bozo of the week” shirt to start, which she went to rip up before matadoring Johnson out of the ring. Ole! Johnson throws the shirt at Adora, who ducks… so the ref’s blinded as Johnson poked her in the eye.

Adora’s clubbed and slammed down by a bitter Johnson, before a springboard shoulder block out of the corner, then a flying clothesline left Trish laying. More slams lead to Adora firing back with a crossbody and a Curt Hennig-ish neck flip. A backbreaker keeps Adora ahead, before an O’Connor Roll’s rolled through as Johnson tried to win with a handful of tights.

Johnson’s thrown outside, but he hangs Adora across the ropes before a slingshot splash gets a two-count despite him having his feet on the ropes. Arguing with the ref almost costs Johnson, but he slaps back and hits a Fisherman buster for a near-fall, before a slap fired up Adora as she returned with some windmilling forearms… then walloped Johnson with Lariat Tubman for the win. Short, but good for the time they had in the pre-show. **¾

We open the show with Alec Price and Becca coming out to berate the crowd before they scrapped an open challenge… and instead threatened a dance party. They’re interrupted by Waves and Curls, and that leads to our opener…

Prize City Hooligans (Alec Price & Becca) vs. Waves and Curls (Traevon Jordan & Jaylyn Brandyn)
We’re getting off to a hot start with two of this season’s more prominent tandems…

Dusty punches from Jordan to Price get us going, as a pop-up atomic drop from Jordan and a springboard clothesline from Brandyn had Waves and Curls ahead. Becca’s in to mouth off, but she got more than she bargained for as Price distracted the ref… leading to Becca booting Brandyn for a quick two-count.

Price returns to hit a stomp to the back of Brandyn, then a knee drop, before Becca tagged in to hit a suplex on Brandyn for another two-count. A slam from Price leads to him throwing Becca onto Brandyn, ahead of a flying knee drop that almost took out his own partner in the process…

Becca tags back in as they continued to isolate Brandyn, before a handspring slap from Becca accidentally wiped out Price. Brandyn pushes free and got the tag to Jordan, who clears house with clothesline and elbows, while a Fireman’s carry takedown had Price laying. Becca tries to slow things down, but she’s just lofted to the outside, as was Price, before Brandyn’s press slammed into the Hooligans on the floor.

Back inside, a sidewalk slam dumps Price for a near-fall, as did a chokebomb, before Becca’s latest intervention ended with her getting dropped with a right hand. Brandyn heads up top, but took too long as Becca crotches him… Jordan tries to get at her, but he’s hung up in the ropes as Becca dives on Brandyn on the floor. The distracted ref misses Jordan getting laid out with one of his confetti cannons, before a double-team over-the-knees powerbomb and a stacked-up pin put Brandyn away. Decent for the time they had, as the Hooligans shrugged off some miscommunications to overcome this season’s breakout stars. ***¼

Dak Draper vs. Dan Barry
Barry was left laying at the end of Fete Forever, but is back to try and get back on track…

Draper accepts a fist-bump to start, but gets pulled down by Barry whose search for a crossface was quickly broken up. Barry ties up the legs, but Draper gets to the ropes before he could do much, so an armdrag and armbar followed before a leaping neckbreaker from Barry kept him ahead.

Draper rolls outside, but Barry followed in with a tope as what commentary was trying to put over didn’t seem to match what was going on as Dan seemed to be closer to 100% than you’d think. Back inside, a senton atomico lands, but Draper sidesteps a charge into the corner before a crossbody sent both men sailing over the top to the floor.

Back inside, Draper kands some knee drops before a tiltawhirl slam turned into a gutwrench suplex attempt. Barry escapes but can’t avoid a springboard back elbow from Draper for a two-count. Another springboard from Draper’s dropkicked away, but Dak recovers to go for a deadlift superplex… but Barry flips free and knocked Dak into the corner. A flying DDT’s next from Barry, then a dropkick into the corner, before a crossbody was rolled through with Draper eventually getting caught with a Euro clutch for the flash pin. ***

After the match, Barry took the mic and told us that 12 months ago he was all but retired… but while Team Tremendous has gone away, Dan Barry will not… and from now, it’s all about him and his revenge on Vincent – challenging Vincent to a match at Heavy Lies The Crown later this month.

Discovery Gauntlet: VBU (Dante Drago & Jack Tomlinson) vs. Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase)
VBU stands for “Vlog Bro University,” according to Tomlinson’s basketball jersey…

Tomlinson and JCruz start, but a blind tag brings in Drago for a double-team gutbuster. Chase tries to intervene, but gets sent outside as Drago hits a tope… followed by a triangle moonsault from Tomlinson. There a turnaround as Cruz knocked Drago onto the apron, with Chase’s back suplex onto the apron keeping the Brick City Boyz ahead.

Back inside, slams leave Drago down ahead of a wishbone leg-splitter as the Boyz push on, cornering Drago with chops as Chase just wore him down. Drago tries to fight back in kind, but an eye rake stops that… and makes my stream buffer badly. JCruz sweeps Drago’s legs away from the ropes as he’s caught in a chinlock, before a Michinoku driver nearly ended things.

An errant kick from Chase cracks JCruz in the back, but Drago takes too long to go for a tag as he had to fight through the Boyz again with a double clothesline before bringing Tomlinson back in. A springboard crossbody has Tomlinson ahead, as did a Flatliner/DDT combo, as Tomlinson was looking to take care of things himself. Drago’s back quickly for a wheelbarrow curb stomp on JCruz for a near-fall, but a chop block from Cruz turned it back around as the Brick End (back suplex/elbow drop combo) gets the win in another brief outing. ***

After the match, Cam Zagami’s out, apparently reprising his role as an on-screen correspondent from the early days of Uncharted Territory. The Worcester crowd tell them to “hit the bricks,” which the Boyz then turn into a catchphrase…

Cam hangs around afterwards to tell us that he’s given Club Cam a night off… then took a shot at “the biggest loser” in Beyond – Teddy Goodz. Who then interrupted things, as Zagami reckoned even he could beat Goodz… Goodz rejects the match, and instead offers Cam vs. LMK next week.

Teddy Goodz vs. Matt Taven
Taven slides into the ring to attack Goodz before the bell, and we get going with Goodz getting choked in the ropes.

A clothesline from Goodz gets him into it though, as did some chops and a Japanese armdrag. Taven’s lifted onto the apron, but lands a gamengiri before running into a Manhattan drop and a clothesline as Goodz stayed ahead. Kicks from Taven leads to a Divorce Court… Taven mouths off with someone in the crowd, then swatted away Goodz’s comeback, before he hung up Teddy’s arm in the ropes.

Goodz reverses a whip into the corner, then hits an enziguiri, only to get caught with a lifting Flatliner as a modified crossface was rolled out of for a near-fall. Taven’s charged into the corner, then lifted up for a backpack stunner… but Taven pushes away and booted Goodz down.

Taven’s Quebrada’s blocked with Goodz’s knees, then followed up with elbows in the corner ahead of a crossbody. That’s followed with an Iconoclasm for a near-fall, before Taven’s neckbreaker bought him some time. A knee strike from Taven has Goodz down, but Teddy counters a crossbody into a cutter as a backpack stunner then nearly put Taven away. A roll-through stunner from Goodz is blocked as Taven snaps back with a facelock driver… and that’s enough to keep Teddy’s poor form going. ***¼

Davienne vs. Megan Bayne
Bayne stretched her winning run at the weekend – and it’s Davienne’s turn to try and end that here…

In a bit of chicanery, Davienne tries to roll up Bayne before the bell, but Bayne quickly cuts her off, only to miss a charge into the corner as a superkick caught Bayne for just a one-count. A clothesline to the back of Davienne lands, as did a Samoan drop as Bayne was just controlling things with ease here.

A snap suplex and a back senton’s good for a two-count, before Davienne’s attempt to float over Bayne was just caught and turned into a slam. Bayne telegraphs another back senton as Davienne tried her luck with roll-ups, then found a way through with a dropkick… but couldn’t follow up.

Davienne gets up from the standing ten-count and trades elbows with Bayne, before Davienne began to build up with clotheslines and splashes. A side suplex dumps Bayne, as did an Air Raid Crash, but Bayne kicks out at two, then landed a chokeslam as the tide turned in a heartbeat. Davienne rolls through a tombstone for a near-fall, then rolled Bayne over with a Boston crab… but it ends quickly in the ropes.

A spear from Davienne gets her even closer, but Bayne’s quickly back with a big boot as a tombstone spiked Davienne for the win. A solid match, but you didn’t get the sense the crowd bought any other result than a Bayne win here, which took away the drama. ***¼

Ironbeast (KTB & Shane Mercer) vs. Wheeler Yuta & Tracy Williams
It’s the first time Ironbeast have teamed in Beyond, and it’s a reunion as partners for Yuta and Williams…

Mercer signalled that he was going to throw Yuta and Williams into the crowd, but instead we start with Yuta escaping some headscissors on the mat as he looked to get an early pin on Mercer. A wristlock from Mercer keeps Yuta down, while knuckle locks almost pinned Yuta, before he came back up with some dropkicks… only to get charged right back down.

Tags bring us to KTB and Williams, who trade chops for fun, but it’s KTB who pulled ahead with a barrage of shots before Williams pulled KTB into the ropes with a kneebar attempt. Yuta’s back to help double-team KTB with almost a Hart Attack for a two-count, before Mercer caught a tope from Yuta… then handed him back into KTB in the ring for a sit-out powerbomb for a near-fall. CHRIST.

Yuta’s kept cornered as Ironbeast proceeded to blitz through him, while a Mercer powerslam nearly ended things. KTB baits in Williams, but that just keeps Yuta in trouble, as another hand-off sit-out powerbomb drew another two-count. Eventually, Yuta ‘rana’s out of another of those and bought him just enough time to tag in Williams, who hits a back suplex to Mercher… then struggled to haul up KTB.

KTB eventually gets Herc’d up into a death valley driver that nearly wins the match. Ironbeast go back to the double-teams as Williams is press-slammed into a big boot for a near-fall, before another hand-off double-team’s stopped by a Yuta DDT. Williams’ clothesline to Mercer didn’t get the win, as Yuta then took care of KTB… Williams followed with a Fujiwara armbar into a crossface on Mercer, but Mercer powers out of the hold.

A back elbow from Williams led to him getting chopped on the top rope, as Mercer and KTB took too long to follow-up. Yuta bundles KTB to the outside as the picture freezes as a moonsault fallaway slam from Mercer hits… Williams rolls through and gets right back up into a piledriver, and that’s enough to get the win. This was a clash of styles, but it made for a good tag match – and one that left me wanting to see more of Ironbeast all over the place. Yes, I know it’s not the first time I’ve said that about them… ***½

Next week: RSP & Slade vs. VSK & Mark Sterling, Brick City Boys vs. Hispanic Mechanics (the former Team España – Jos A and Jos B if you’re into your punny team names), Dan Barry vs. Vita von Starr, and Tracy Williams vs. Leyla Hirsch.

Masha Slamovich vs. Atticus Cogar
This one’s going to get bloody as Masha’s got a sickle with her. I’m getting flashbacks to New Jack matches…

Masha has the crowd mock Cogar for not getting involved… so she goes under the ring and throws a chair towards Cogar, asking for a chairshot. Apparently last week she took a bad one against Slade, but they’ve not put that up on demand yet, so… yeah. Over my head. Cogar removes the chair, then gets clotheslined by Masha, who joins him out the outside, then cleared the front row as Atticus got suplexed into them.

A couple of kicks to the back keep Cogar down, as Masha then went for a run-up… but she’s stopped as Cogar shoved the open chair into Slamovich’s knee. Time for plunder as Cogar pulls out baking trays and cheese graters, stopping to post Masha so he could pull out doors from under the ring.

Cogar throws a door against Slamovich, then took a seat as he waited for Masha to return to the ring. She’s baited into a drop toe hold into the chair, before it was time to grate Masha’s elbow. Skewers follow as commentary lays out… much like how Cogar laid out Slamovich with a baking tray as she’s sporting that crimson mask.

The skewers get stabbed into Slamovich’s arm as the blood continued to flow, but Masha slips away and came back with knees and a boot in the corner, before a spinning heel kick dropped Cogar for a two-count. Hanging headscissors from Slamovich looked to choke out Cogar while stopping to hammer shards of something into him for an eventual two-count.

A crossface from Slamovich is stopped as Cogar tried to stomp the skewers into the inside of her cheek, before he set up a door… except Masha’s half-and-half suplex gets her free for a near-fall. She followed it up with a running Iconoclasm through the door for a near-fall, before Cogar caught her up top as the camera goes yellow ahead of a superplex.

Cogar rolls through and PLANTS Slamovich through an open chair with a running air raid crash that made me a little sick in my mouth. From there, Cogar sets up chairs on top of each other, then went back to the skewers as Masha finally got the wooden mohawk… then smashed it out of her with a door for a near-fall. Now those chairs come back into play, but Slamovich ends up slamming Cogar through the legs of an upside down chair… then pulled out something sharp to jab into Atticus’ head.

A piledriver’s next as Cogar kicks out at two, so Masha grabs her sickle and ties up Cogar for a sickla-assisted Muta Lock for the submission. I’m not a death match guy, but this at least didn’t feel like “you hit me, then I hit you” – and they used the sickle at the end too, so kudos for that. This will be uncomfortable viewing for some, but don’t confuse this for anything else as I’ve seen argued on social media. Storyline-wise, it was done to build up Slamovich vs. Kimber Lee’s Fans Bring The Weapons match on New Year’s Eve, and establish Masha as a killer (ahem), but those weapons are going to have to be real creative… ***½

I don’t know whether it was me being frustrated from all the buffering early on, but the first half of this show just didn’t click for me as a Beyond show. It’s going to be a weird few weeks as they close out Uncharted Territory while building Heavy Lies the Crown… plus whatever that new promotion Beyond’s teasing is, regardless of how much sarcasm you’re reading through those news stories! Take the technical issues aside, and you’ve got another solid Beyond show as they look to wrap up 2021…