We’ve got another familiar face in Beyond, as this time we see the Beyond return of Carlos Romo as part of a stacked (and delayed) episode of Uncharted Territory!

Quick Results
Brian Johnson pinned Love Doug in 5:44 (**½)
Rhett Titus pinned Carlos Romo in 17:17 (****)
Megan Bayne pinned Kaia McKenna in 2:26 (**)
Discovery Gauntlet: Victor Chase & JCruz pinned Razerwyng & Mach10 in 7:45 (***)
Teddy Goodz pinned Dak Draper in 12:22 (***)
Shockwave The Robot and Trish Adora ended in a double pin in 11:14 (**¾)
Alec Price & Becca pinned Effy & Allie Katch in 15:25 (***)
No Disqualification: Slade pinned Masha Slamovich in 8:54 (***¼)

We’re back at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA as the venue’s fighting the internet… and this is a delayed upload, so let’s race through the buffering!

Brian Johnson vs. Love Doug
Johnson’s in with a chip on his shoulder, but found himself on the defensive… at least until Doug tried to give him some roses.

They’re smashed into the mat as Johnson lands a cutter, then took Doug up top for a Tower of London… but Doug slips out and hits an O’Connor roll for a near-fall… then a Diamond Dust before a springboard back elbow had Johnson on the back foot. Doug’s Codebreaker followed, before Johnson tried to steal a win with a handful of tights… the ref caught it as Doug returned with a Falcon arrow for a near-fall.

Love Doug’s rebound lariat sends Johnson towards the ropes, before Johnson looked to shove Doug towards the ref. An eye poke behind the ref’s back, then a spinning facebuster followed, and that’s the win for Johnson in a pacey opener. **½

After the match, Johnson got the mic and tried to berate the crowd, before he called out Trish Adora for the next week’s show.

Rhett Titus vs. Carlos Romo
It’s a return to Beyond for Carlos Romo, who’s on tour in the States…

After a handshake, we got going with Titus tying up Romo’s legs on the mat ahead of an elbow drop to the back. Romo gets free and grounds Titus with a Cobra twist as the search for an armbar ended in the ropes. The pair continue to trade holds as a Magistral cradle gets Romo a two-count, before he rolled Titus into a butterfly hold.

Armdrags follow from Romo, but Titus blocks a third one, only to get rolled down into an Indian deathlock. Another butterfly hold ends in the ropes, as Titus returned with a knuckle lock, then a monkey flip to take Romo out of the corner as Titus began to pull ahead. A gutwrench suplex has Romo down, but Carlos rolled up Titus out of a missed dropkick for a near-fall, only to get met with a backbreaker.

Romo bridges up out of a knucklelock pin, before some bodyscissors helped take Romo in for a triangle armbar by the ropes. A cheeky kick on the break kept Titus ahead, as the pair remained on the mat, before Titus got taken outside for a swift tope. Back inside, a running knee gets a bloodied Romo a near-fall, before a slingshot Falcon arrow almost gets Titus the win.

From there, Rhett rolls over Romo into a half crab, that ends in the ropes as Romo stopped Titus with a springboard stomp in the ropes. A piledriver’s next for the Spaniard, but Titus is up at two, then blocked an attempt at Cutter Without the E, and hits a Magnum rebound suplex for another near-fall.

A Yakuza kick in the corner stings Romo, but he avoids a second one and chopped out the knee in the process as the match turned again. Romo nearly loses to a small package, then rolled Titus into a Banana split on the mat, but Titus fights into the ropes to force a break. A running knee from Romo KO’s Titus for another two-count, before a moonsault missed, allowing Titus to hit a spinning back suplex as a set-up for a match-winning dropkick. This was absolutely fantastic – Romo here was a much different proposition than I’ve seen in the past, holding his own against the more experienced Titus, and hopefully outings like this can build to something bigger in the new year. ****

Kaia McKenna vs. Megan Bayne
McKenna spills some salt around the ring as “barrier of good vibes,” and presumably an annoyance for the venue!

McKenna tries some witchcraft to start, but Bayne just takes her to the corner only to get met with some elbows. A crossbody’s caught and turned into a fallaway slam by Bayne, before a stalling suplex and a tombstone ended McKenna’s brief night. A good squash for Bayne, but not for Kaia, whose salt spell didn’t do the trick. “I feel like that was something we’d have seen on Wrestling Challenge,” was exactly the vibe I got as McKenna was helped to the back. **

Discovery Gauntlet: The.Air.Show (Mach10 & Razerwyng) vs. Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase)
The Brick City Boyz were defending the gauntlet after beating Waves and Curls last week.

Razerwyng start out hot with a missile dropkick, but Chase caught a crossbody before Razerwyng escaped… the tag’s made but acknowledged late as all four men were in, with Razerwyng and Mach10 hitting dualling ‘ranas… then topes and tornillos for the hell of it. Another dive sees Razerwyng used as a battering ram to swat away Mach10 in a unique way…

Back inside, Mach10 takes a double-team suplex for a two-count, before a uranage slam from Chase dumped Mach10 for another two-count. A release Northern Lights suplex from JCruz gets a near-fall, before Mach10 got free of Cruz with a swinging DDT and finally tagged in Razerwyng.

A handspring enziguri from Razerwyng lands, before headscissors took Cruz into the ropes for a 619. Mach10’s back cracker holds Cruz in place for a Quebrada for a near-fall, but Razerwyng’s double-teamed into a German suplex as a stomp broke up the cover that shouldn’t have counted anyways.

Cruz gets taken outside as a lowpe-splash actually forced a swear out of Bakabella on commentary, before Chase took a ‘rana into the middle buckle. Mach10’s back with a 619 around the ring post, while Razerwyng and Mach10 combined off the top rope with the Stargazer (Electric Chair splash off the top rope) for a near-fall.

JCruz breaks it up and drops Mach10 with a death valley driver, leaving Razerwyng one-on-two down as a back suplex/elbowdrop combo ended The.Air.Show’s chances. Pretty short, but The.Air.Show leapt off the page – and hopefully they’ll be around a lot more in the new year. ***

We get a video package for the Dark Order vs. VSK & Mark Sterling match at Fete Forever…

Dak Draper vs. Teddy Goodz
Commentary notes Goodz’ recent poor form in singles action going into this…

After a stalling start, Goodz is taken into the corner, before the pair trade arm wringers. A floatover in the corner from Goodz doesn’t quite get enough height as he crashed down on Draper before things calmed down with an armbar.

Draper and Goodz trade chops, before Goodz was thrown outside ahead… Goodz tried to post Draper, but gets pulled into the post instead as Draper brings him back in with a superplex. Goodz kicks out at two from that, A gutwrench from Draper lifts up Goodz, before a springboard elbow off the top knocked Goodz down.

Goodz escapes a neckbreaker as he began to fight back, charging in with his shoulder before a backpack stunner was blocked and countered with a powerslam. The pair trade chops before another springboard elbow from Draper’s countered into a Manhattan drop, followed up by a clothesline.

A boot stops Goodz’ elbows, but it’s shrugged off ahead of an Iconoclasm that landed for just a one-count. A flying clothesline gets Goodz a two-count, before Draper dropkicked Goodz’ latest trip to the top rope. Goodz escapes a superplex and countered back with a cutter off the middle rope for a near-fall, before the pair traded roll-ups… leading to Goodz nearly winning with a roll-up out of a powercomb… before Goodz snatched it with a crucifix. ***

Trish Adora vs. Shockwave The Robot
This was Shockwave’s first outing in Beyond in over two-and-a-half years… and a rather curious addition to the card given that Shockwave’s not been booted up since 2019.

Shockwave throws Adora aside early on, before a waistlock proved tricky to break. The match resumes with a waistlock takedown as Shockwave then grabbed a side headlock. Adora pushes off, but her drop down earned her a side headlock as Shockwave’s programming felt a little rudimentary – if not effective. A shoulder tackle takes Adora to the outside, as Shockwave shucks and jives.

The crowd doesn’t get their dance-off, as Adora hits some armdrags to take Shockwave outside. A bulldog out of the corner has Adora down, but she’s able to retaliate with a crossbody, then some chops before Shockwave came back for a leg drop. Adora gets her foot to the ropes, which apparently confused Shockwave into short-circuiting as the robot ends up falling to an O’Connor roll. Except Trish had her shoulders down too apparently, according to the Honky Tonk Ref, so this is ruled as a very dubious draw. Shockwave isn’t my cup of tea, and throw in the fuckiest of fuck finishes (since you could drive a bus between the mat at Trish Adora’s shoulders)… yeah. **¾

Prize City Hooligans (Alec Price & Becca) vs. Allie Katch & Effy
Looking up Cagematch, I was surprised to see this was only Effy’s second match in Beyond.

Effy and Becca start off with wristlocks, but a backfist from Effy forces Becca out, and brings in an enraged Price. Mentally, I’m very Paul Crockett in this match. A suplex has Becca down as Effy tried to get in Alec’s mind. Allie Katchj wanders around to the opposite corner to pull Alec Price off the apron, just so she could kiss Becca, which then started some double-teaming as Price comes in, gets tripped up, and takes some back sentons.

Katch comes in and gets caught with a superkick from Becca, while a Goomba stomp from Price landed for a two-count. Allie’s in the wrong corner as Becca and Price cornered her… but Allie recovers with an enziguiri as a Rough Ryder from Effy came in on Price.

A TKO from Effy’s next as he moves into a Dragon sleeper, but Price throws free only to get cornered as Price returned with a neckbreaker slam for a near-fall. Price adds a slam as Becca’s thrown onto Effy for another two-count, with Effy then getting cornered for running kicks and a cartwheel slap.

Becca’s bulldog out of the corner leaves Effy laying for a stomp as the two-counts continue to rack up. Effy finally fights out and tagged in Allie Katch, whose seated senton took down Becca ahead of hip attacks to Becca and Price. A double Northern Lights nearly gets the win, before Becca took a Marty Garner-ish Pedigree from Effy – Price got the better deal out of the Stunner, and kicks out from it too.

A springboard swinging DDT from Price has Katch down, before Becca tagged in and went up top to mock a 450 splash… but a belly flop on the mat gets just a two-count as Allie’s cornered again. Mounted punches from Becca mean she doesn’t see Price getting taken outside as Effy returned for a Doomsday Powerbomb that nearly won it.

Price ends up eating a hooking DDT out of the corner from Effy as a Parade of Moves breaks out… things switch up into a slugfest as a Stretch Plum and a Boston crab looked to have Becca and Price in trouble before they threw their way free. Katch gets knocked down for a back senton off the top while Effy measured up for an Air Raid Crash… Becca chops out the knee as Effy ends up eating a pair of superkicks, and a Gotch-style Project Ciampa… and that’s the win for the Hooligans. This was good in parts, once you got past the shtick, but that perhaps speaks a lot about my wrestling pet peeves than anything else. ***

No Disqualification: Masha Slamovich vs. Slade
It’s a Slade match, so that means we get goodies… oh, and we get Slade sprinting to attack Masha from behind to get us going.

Slade uses a chair early on, before the pair brawled into the seating area, with Masha landing some kicks ahead of a snap suplex on the floor. Charging Slamovich into the apron buys Slade some time to stack up some chairs… with Masha then fighting out of a chokeslam onto them. She nearly slips on the stack, then hit what I can only describe as a disgusting Angle sidewalk slam(?!) to the floor.

Apparently it’s falls count anywhere as Slade kicks out on the floor. In the ring, Masha’s stolen the ref’s belt as she chokes Slade on the apron, then let go and went for some chairs, throwing them against Slade’s back before she set up a door-bridge. The pair head up to the apron, where Masha’s attempts at offence ended with her getting chokeslammed through the door… but Slade doesn’t go for a pin.

Instead, Slade gets more chairs out, then another door, before rolling Masha into the ring for a some dualling chairshots. That buys Masha time as she hits a Michinoku driver onto an open chair for a two-count, before she then herc’d up Slade into an Electric Chair… following up with an Iconoclasm through the door for a near-fall. A regular powerbomb gets Slamovich a two-count, before Slade popped up to slam her onto a chair for another near-fall… a chokeslam onto an open chair wrecks Masha, as Slade sprints outside for another chair, which he wore out as Masha fired up…and ended up taking a vile chairshot over the head. Mercifully that’s it as Masha’s early offence was rudely put to an end with Slade leaving with the win. I think I threw up a little in my mouth from that chairshot… ***¼

This took its time being released to VOD, but the match I was waiting for was more than worth that delay as Beyond continued their run of steady, solid shows to end 2021.