We’re back for some more familiar faces at Uncharted Territory as Leyla Hirsch and Masha Slamovich kicked things off in style.

Quick Results
Love, Doug pinned Gal Barkay in 4:43 (**¼)
Leyla Hirsch pinned Masha Slamovich in 10:55 (***¾)
Little Mean Kathleen & Teddy Goodz pinned Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan in 8:15 (**½)
Ryan Galeone pinned Aaron Rourke in 10:15 (***¼)
Discovery Gauntlet: Traevon Jordan & Jaylyn Brandyn pinned Eli Knight & Malik Bosede in 8:08 (***½)
Willow Nightingale pinned Becca in 9:07 (***)
Alec Price pinned Tracy Williams in 11:54 (***¼)
Wheeler Yuta pinned Max Caster in 17:21 (***¼)

We’re back at the White Eagle in Worcester. Paul Crockett and Sam Leterna are on commentary this week…

Gal Barkay vs. Love, Doug
Love, Doug’s been a part of the Limitless Wrestling roster during the pandemic, and has found wins hard to come by.

Doug trips up Barkay early on, following with a dropkick before Barkay armdragged him into the corner. A rebound German suplex chucks Doug, as Barkay then hiptossed him into a backbreaker ahead of a double legdrop for a two-count. A back suplex is rolled out of as Doug rolled up Barkay for a two-count, before clotheslines continued Doug’s comeback, leading to a Codebreaker. Love, Doug hits a springboard back elbow off the bottom rope for a two-count, while Barkay’s Blue Thunder bomb nearly puts Doug down… Doug throws some flower petals at Barkay, then hits a lariat for the win to close out a short pre-show match. **¼

The main show has a jump start as Masha Slamovich attacked Leyla Hirsch to interrupt the IWTV man-on-the-moon intro.

Masha Slamovich vs. Leyla Hirsch
Hirsch manages to hit a suplex on the floor, then threw Slamovich into the wall as Leyla roped in a fan to hold Slamovich for some chops. Masha retaliated by putting Leyla in a chair and cannonballing her out of it, before the match officially started.

In the ring, Hirsch throws elbows from the guard, before Slamovich tripped her into the ropes for a kick. Slamovich grabs a sleeperhold on Hirsch, but it’s escaped and applied in kind as Hirsch climbs the ropes to try for a hanging sleeper… then transitioned it into a hanging armbar in the ropes. Hirsch keeps up the offence, wrapping Slamovich’s arm around the rope ahead of a dropkick for a two-count, before Slamovich took her onto the apron… and locked in a sleeperhold in the ropes. Almost a tarantula-like choke in the ropes followed, as Slamovich proceeded to stretch Hirsch with an inverted cravat.

Slamovich can’t keep the grip though as Hirsch got to the ropes, but a wheelbarrow German suplex nearly put Leyla away before Hirsch just threw Slamovich into the buckles. Running double knees and a dropkick follow in the corner, as a cannonball almost put Slamovich away. From there, Hirsch rolls Slamovich into a double armbar, but Slamovich countered out with a crucifix, before they teed off on each other with forearms. A leg lariat’s countered into a powerbomb that nearly wins it for Hirsch, who than ate an Alabama Slam for a near-fall. Slamovich returns with a hook kick and a bridging German suplex for a near-fall, before Slamovich went up top… and got caught. Hirsch joins her and tried a superplex, eventually scoring with a spider suplex before a moonsault crushed Slamovich for a near-fall!

Slamovich’s half-and-half suplex keeps it close, only for Hirsch to nail a Saito suplex and a GODDAMN running knee for another near-fall as Hirsch then hopped up for her moonsault, which gets the win. A wonderful sprint of an opener to kick off the main show (even if it was out of nowhere!) ***¾

Slamovich and Hirsch have a shot of vodka (I assume) after the match, which is how all fights should end… Leyla gets the mic and called out Megan Bayne for a match at Fete Forever next month.

Teddy Goodz & Little Mean Kathleen vs. Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando)
Everyone’s celebrating Goodz’s birthday it seemed…

We eventually get going with Orlando and Kathleen, Orlando charges her down, then got charged by Goodz, who showed Bobby no mercy while promoting his toy shop. Kathleen’s back with a double stomp and chops, while she’s sent into Orlando in the corner… who flopped out for good measure. Cam Zagami pops up on the apron to distract Kathleen ahead of her missing a running knee as Donovan tagged in for a ripcord Bossman slam for a near-fall. Orlando’s back with a slam on LMK for a two-count, before he went for Kathleen’s eyes… then caught her crossbody and turned it into a slam.

Donovan’s in to do the Zack Ryder boot into the corner, but LMK moves away, then tagged in Orlando, who lost sight of LMK as she brought Goodz back in. Ted clears house, while LMK returned for the Scrappy Doo stomps ahead of an assisted back senton onto Orlando for a two-count. Goodz gets sent to the outside by Donovan, who eats a Stunner before Orlando’s back cracker drew a near-fall on LMK. A Codebreaker from LMK puts Orlando down, as Donovan returned with a freaking swinging DDT for a near-fall, before Zagami again popped up and got chased away by Goodz… the distraction sees LMK hit a low blow on Orlando, whose attempt to use a piñata just ended up with him getting hit with it for the win. **½

Post-match, Aaron Rourke and Bryce Donovan help beat down LMK and Goodz before Ryan Galeone made the save… and guess what? We Heyman special into our next match.

Ryan Galeone vs. Aaron Rourke
Rourke’s met with a one-handed press slam off the top rope to the rest of Club Cam before the bell.

When the bell does go, Rourke tries to scarper, but got pulled to his feet as Galeone lit him up with chops. Rourke kicks back into it, only to run into a dropkick before a tornado stun gun caught Galeone unawares. A leap off the top from Rourke’s caught and turned into a backbreaker for a two-count, as Zagami again distracts… this time allowing Rourke to hit a chop block. Stomps in the corner keep Rourke ahead, following with a springboard stunner for a near-fall, before Galeone struck back. Galeone’s sent outside, but he caught a tope and chokeslammed Rourke onto the apron, before a springboard Molly Go Round back into the ring nearly put Rourke away.

Rourke fights back again, ducking a Galeone enziguiri, them pulled him into a strait-jacket back cracker for a near-fall. A running boot’s caught by Galeone, who then took a superkick as Rourke then ran into a bicycle knee, then a chokeslam, before a ripcord head kick had Rourke folded back on himself for a near-fall. Galeone looks for the win, but ends up taking Eat Defeat before he blocked a springboard ‘rana… a Code Red counters for a near-fall, before a leaping enziguiri had Rourke down. Zagami again pops up, and that creates an opening for Rourke to hit a torture rack neckbreaker to keep the near-falls going, as Galeone then blocked a top rope ‘rana, eventually bringing Rourke rudely down for a powerbomb for the win. ***¼

They announce some matches for Wrestival – Pizza Party Pro’s doing Donnie Janela vs. Erica Leigh on December 30, while ACTION and SUP are doing Jaden Newman vs. Avery Good, Professional Wrestler on their wonderfully-titled show, “KEVINNNN!!!” on December 31.

Discovery Gauntlet: Culture Inc. (Eli Knight & Malik Bosede) vs. Waves and Curls (Jaylyn Brandyn & Traevon Jordan)
Waves and Curls have become cult favourites in their five weeks at the White Eagle so far… can they make it six wins here?

Jordan and Knight start us off, trading wristlocks before leapfrogs and flip throughs lead to a stand-off. Knight decks Jordan with a big boot, before Bosede came in with a Slingblade for an early two-count. Brandyn and Knight tag in, with Jaylyn missing a dropkick at the first attempt, but lands it at the second attempt before a hanging flying clothesline from Knight nearly ended it. Brandyn’s cornered and stomped on as Knight and Bosede trade quick tags, leading to an aborted double-team as Brandyn escaped Knight and Bosede before Jordan got pulled off the apron. Jordan chases Nick Holliday into the ring… he bumps into the ref, who ejects him with the help of Jordan…

Meanwhile, Knight chop blocks Brandyn’s knee as Culture Inc. looked to build anew, with Bosese’s spinebuster and Knight’s dropkicks leading to a near-fall. Eventually Brandyn makes the hot tag to Jordan, who clears house with clotheslines and elbows, before a leg lariat led to corner-to-corner clotheslines. Culture Inc. block the follow up as Bosede’s springboard Blockbuster, then a Knight moonsault nearly put Jordan down, before Knight was caught with the Wave Check for the win. An enjoyable match with Waves and Curls again coming from behind to extend their streak. ***½

The post-match interview’s interrupted by Nick Holliday… who distracts Waves and Curls as chairshots wiped them out.

They run through the card for Fete Forever on December 5 – Dan Barry vs. Dutch in a no-DQ match, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. VSK & Mark Sterling, Wheeler Yuta vs. Matt Makowski, Ruby Soho vs. Alex Shelley for the IWTV title.

Becca vs. Willow Nightingale
Chris Dickinson’s unfortunate injury last weekend has kinda derailed the end goal of Becca & Price vs. Willow and Dickinson, but we keep on rolling…

Becca drew first blood on a distracted Willow, taking her to the corner with a boot choke before Willow retaliated with a superkick. Becca bails as Willow looked to set up for a pounce, but Willow just decides to dive onto her and Price for the hell of it. On the side of the ring, Becca escapes a death valley driver, then distracted the ref so Alec Price could get his shots in, before a cannonball off the apron left Willow down. Back inside, Becca chops away on Willow, but a handspring into a slap misses as Willow fought back, only to get taken into the corner for some running boots.

A splits legdrop from Becca gets another two-count, while a side Russian legsweep took her down into a grounded Octopus. Getting free, Becca’s back with the boot, only to get met with some clotheslines and a spinebuster that almost wins it for Willow. Becca countered out of a death valley driver, but gets back into the corner as she eventually knocked down Willow, leading to a Meteora for a near-fall. Willow’s kept on the mat with a rear naked choke as Becca looked for the stoppage, but she Herc’s up Becca into a death valley driver for a near-fall instead. A springboard DDT attempt manages to put down Willow for a two-count, before Becca got POUNCE’d… then planted with a Doctor Bomb for the win. ***

Alec Price tries to cheapshot Willow after the match, but gets POUNCE’d… and again… as he just doesn’t learn. Price hangs back and chewed out the crowd before he called out Tracy Williams… who happened to be in the building, and we have ourselves a match.

Alec Price vs. Tracy Williams
Williams is coming in on the back of a loss to Slade last week, and started off hitting an uppercut to the arm as he looked to wear down Price early on.

A snapmare from Williams heads to him hammerlocking Price’s arm, leaning back on the hold before he hoisted up Price for a teardrop suplex. A half-hatch superplex takes Price down for a two-count, as chops then had Price reeling in the ropes. Price returns with an enziguiri, then a lofty swinging DDT before he dragged Williams off the top rope for a Magic Screw. Price adds a back suplex as he began to take control, following with a clothesline into the corner as a low dropkick to the back gets a two-count. A rebound back elbow from Price kept him ahead, as did a leg lariat off the middle rope, before stomps just wound up Williams… who was put down with a knee strike seconds later.

Heading up top, Price misses a stomp as Williams strikes back with another teardrop suplex, dumping Price high on his back. Running knees keep Price rocked, but another knee on Williams earns Price a brainbuster for a near-fall. Price stays in it with a gamengiri, but he runs into a DDT onto the turnbuckle for a near-fall, before a STF and a crucifix almost put Price away. From there, Price recovers with a superkick before he hung up Williams for a nice stomp out of the corner… before a modified Mistica facebuster almost led to the win. An exchange of strikes looked to lead to another Mistica, but Price gets caught in a crossface… Williams rolls him away from the ropes, but Becca’s able to grab Price’s foot and put it in the ropes to force the save.

Looking to underscore things, Williams tries for a piledriver, but Price kicks away the referee before a wheelbarrow roll-up allowed Price to snatch handfuls of rights as he grabbed the win. “Hot Sauce” is stuttering in Beyond, while Price continues to rile up the crowd with unlikely win after unlikely win. ***¼

Next week: Max Caster vs. Teddy Goodz, Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando vs. Midas Black & Jay Lyon, Suge D vs. Trish Adora, Waves & Curls take on the Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase) in the Discovery Gauntlet, Matt Makowski vs. Slade, Matt Taven vs. Alec Price, plus the rescheduled Charli Evans vs. Masha Slamovich match after Charli had to sit out this week with injury.

Wheeler Yuta vs. Max Caster
Yuta’s warming up for his match with Matt Makowski next month, and he’s got a rather acclaimed opponent here. Even if Caster remembered his “no rap without pay” promise. Caster attacked ring announcer Rich Palladino during Yuta’s ring introduction, and we’re off to the races…

Caster bails as Yuta looked to chase him, but returning to the ring a back elbow decks Yuta for just a one-count. Slowing it down, Caster grabs an armbar, before Yuta came back with a bow-and-arrow hold – albeit right by the ropes. Yuta followed with a knee drop for a one-count, before a straitjacket choke had the referee shouting at Caster while looking for a decision. Caster escaped and grounded Yuta with a sleeperhold next, but Yuta floats free and dropkicked Caster into the corner. They trade elbows, as Yuta looked to pull ahead, landing more dropkicks for a two-count, only for Caster to hang up Yuta in the ropes. A clothesline takes Yuta outside as a plancha just about followed, while Caster then dropped Yuta onto the apron before Yuta came back and held Caster for a fan to punch him in the ribs.

Yuta’s quickly on the back foot after having a chair thrown at him, which looked like it caused a dead leg as Yuta barely made it back into the ring in time. Caster leaps on him with a snap suplex before Yuta chopped out of a second as the match remained finely poised… with Caster then raking away on Yuta’s nose and mouth. Some choking in the ropes continues to have the Worcester crowd rail on Caster… Yuta’s back with a German suplex for a near-fall, only for Caster to go for the eyes as Yuta was then clotheslined onto the apron. Caster tries to speed up the count-out, but opts to head outside to rake Yuta’s back, before Yuta eventually posted him.

Back in the ring, Yuta gets charged down as Caster then went up top and missed an elbow drop… Yuta fights back with dropkicks and a flying clothesline, before a tope laid out Caster on the outside. Caster hits back with a draping cutter off the top rope for a near-fall, before he missed a shoulder charge, going into the corner as Yuta then hit a swinging Divorce Court out of the corner for a near-fall. From there, Yuta locks in an armbar, only to get rolled up for a two-count as Caster then tries for an overhead wristlock. Yuta escaped with a cross armbar, only for Caster to powerbomb his way free of the hold. Yuta stops Caster on the top rope again, only to get bitten as Caster finally hits the top rope elbow drop… but couldn’t make the cover.

When Caster makes it to Yuta, the pin’s broken as Yuta got his foot on the rope, which led to Caster getting in referee Kevin Quinn’s face, before Yuta began to hit back once more. Yuta unloads with elbows in the corner, while a back body drop looked to have him on track… but Caster rolled up Yuta with his feet on the ropes for a near-fall, as the ref thankfully noticed it. More shoving from Caster has the ref respond in kind, before Yuta capitalised with a slingshot from the apron in, eventually rolling up Caster for the win with a seatbelt pin. I loved how Caster made sure the crowd booed him – when they may have been tempted to cheer him – and made sure that Yuta’s come-from-behind win got the reaction they wanted. ***¼

I keep saying it, but if you’re looking for something different, yet consistent in your indy wrestling fix, Uncharted Territory is the place you should be directing your eyeballs every week. With recent events perhaps bolstering the pool of talent suddenly available, “your Thursday night fix” really seems to be unpredictable – in a good way!