Beyond’s right back on it with Uncharted Territory as Masha Slamovich tries to end Megan Bayne’s undefeated run in the company.

Quick Results
Davienne submitted Little Mean Kathleen in 5:44 (**¾)
Leyla Hirsch pinned Davienne in 8:52 (***¼)
Alec Price & Becca pinned Jay Lyon & Midas Black in 10:14 (***)
Jora Johl pinned Tony Deppen in 6:49 (***¼)
Cam Zagami, Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan pinned Ryan Mooney, Eli Isom & World Famous CB in 10:34 (***)
Ryan Galeone pinned Dak Draper in 8:11 (***½)
No Disqualification: Slade pinned Tracy Williams in 9:44 (***¼)
Discovery Gauntlet: Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan pinned Ganon Jones Jr. & Duke Davis in 11:31 (***¾)
Megan Bayne pinned Masha Slamovich in 11:14 (***½)

We’re back at the White Eagle in Worcester, with belching sound checks from either Sidney Bakabella or Paul Crockett on commentary…

Little Mean Kathleen vs. Davienne
It’s straight into the pre-show match, and I wish I had the energy of that fan who SPRINTED in from the doors when they realised Davienne was in this match.

Davienne dominates early, taking Kathleen into the corner for some chops ahead of a snap suplex for a two-count. Kathleen’s Victory roll gives her hope, before a second one was countered into an Electric Chair drop for a near-fall, before LMK’s headscissors provided a new opening. She capitalises with a Codebreaker before pulling Davienne into… is that the DOUKI CHOKI?! Kathleen’s powered up, but she sunset flips for a near-fall, following up with the Scrappy Doo stomps in the corner. A Vader bomb’s good for a near-fall, before Davienne pushed off a Dudley Dog… which leads to a Project Ciampa. “For VSK.” A Boston crab’s next, and that’s the win for Davienne over a game, but overmatched LMK. **¾

Post-match, Davienne beat up Kathleen some more, applying the Boston crab again until Leyla Hirsch ran out in her gear for the save. Leyla grabs the mic and called out the “pattern” in Beyond lately, and wanted a fight… against Davienne. In return, Davienne turned down the challenge… only to get dived on. So, we have our match?

Davienne vs. Leyla Hirsch
More low-pes follow from Hirsch, as Davienne again tries to powder away. So Leyla keeps diving. The bell sounds as we apparently bleed into the main show…

Hirsch takes Davienne into the corner, but Davienne returns the favour, slinging Leyla into the buckles before Leyla returned with a low dropkick for a two-count. Davienne kicks Hirsch out of the corner, bringing her down with a hanging neckbreaker for a two-count, as chops looked to wear down Hirsch… Another Davienne suplex sets up for another Boston crab, but Hirsch blocked it, only to get pulled into a ripcord clothesline, then a side slam for a near-fall. Hirsch recovers to head up top, eventually catching Davienne with an avalanche German suplex, even if she couldn’t get a pin out of it.

A pump kick from Hirsch leads to a cradle Saito suplex, but a running knee’s blocked as we get see-saw pins, ending with a regular Saito from Hirsch. Leyla runs in with another knee, but Davienne’s up at two, returning with a spear as the match ended the home straight. From there, Davienne looked for Davi-End Your Life, but Hirsch rolled away and returned with a springboard moonsault… then a lariat for a near-fall. Davienne blocks a cross armbar and went back to the Boston crab, trying a Crash Holly-ish roll through crab, only for Hirsch to sit on it and snatch the win with a pin. Lovely stuff to kick the show off, with Davienne getting caught out in her second match of the night. ***¼

The Prize City Hooligans (Alec Price & Becca) vs. The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black)
Price and Becca are coming into this off the back of wins at Reverse the Curse, while The Main Event lost to Bear Country at the weekend.

The Mane Event are jumped before the bell, but Lyon and Black take things outside as Lyon’s tope con giro through a hula hoop wiped out the Hooligans. In the ring, a pop-up Samoan drop gets Black a one-count, before Becca tripped him to the outside to prevent a double-team. Price took over with a hanging suplex for a two-count on Lyon, before a handspring slap from Becca took down Lyon. A springboard stomp to the back from Price keeps things going, but Lyon’s able to retaliate with a Northern Lights for a two-count, only for Price and Becca to regain the upper hand… at least until Lyon blocked a bulldog.

An X-Factor drops Lyon for a two-count, before a double-team assisted swinging DDT gets Price another two-count. Becca’s rear naked choke doesn’t get it done, as Lyon powered up and charged into the corner… where Price blind-tagged in, only for Lyon to finally get free and make the tag to Midas Black. Black runs wild on the Hooligans, single-handedly changing the course of the match as they build up to the Throwing Knife – a Silly String-ish spear – for a near-fall. Price screams as Lyon popped him up for a Black cutter for another near-fall, before Becca’s hung up in the ropes with a Black backcracker, while Lyon’s cannonball into a double sledge wiped her out.

Price has to fight back on his own, but gets wiped out with a pair of kicks as the ref’s not bothering with that legal man concept. Black’s 619 puts Price into a swinging Bossman slam from Lyon, as Becca gets involved with a springboard cutter out of the corner, into a Dragon sleeper on Lyon. Becca’s not legal though, as she just holds Lyon in place for a double stomp from Price for the win. I’m really liking the Becca and Price tandem, even if I’m being harsh here because of the tag team rules fuckery… ***

Post-match, Price cuts a promo on the crowd, then challenged Willow Nightingale to a match next week.

Jora Johl vs. Tony Deppen
Johl’s looking for his first win of the season as commentary took a dig at his weakness to dropkicks…

Deppen’s still in his ring jacket when the bell goes, so we get a striptease to start. The jacket stays on as Deppen put the boots to Johl, choking him in the ropes, but Johl’s able to get free and thing Deppen with an overhead belly-to-belly, before clotheslines and a Biel throw chucked the former ROH TV champ. A press slam keeps Deppen down, but a kick to the leg turns things around as Deppen snuck back in. Deppen hits a dropkick, but Johl kicks out at two, clearly having trained taking those things. Chops follow, as did a slap from the floor, before Johl’s spinning slam turned it around, ahead of a double underhook backbreaker for a near-fall.

Johl tries to push on, but gets kicked into the corner as Deppen’s diving uppercut nearly wins it, before a flying Codebreaker’s caught… backslides follow, before Deppen leapt into a Fireman’s carry, with a Samoan driver and a running boot put Deppen away. A big win for Johl, who finally absorbed a dropkick without losing this season, while Tony Deppen seemed to have taken him lightly… ***¼

Club Cam (Bobby Orlando, Bryce Donovan & Cam Zagami) vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad (Eli Isom, Ryan Mooney & World Famous CB)
Cam’s actually wrestling on Uncharted Territory this week for the first time in over two years (something Cam didn’t seem too thrilled with), as we’ve some more faces from ROH on the show.

“If you thought the managing was bad, just wait until the wrestling starts.”

Cam starts with Mooney… but cowered away to tag out instantly. Bobby Orlando went to work on Mooney, before he grabbed pet goat to stop Mooney from fighting back. Mooney bit the goat’s ass, then Orlando’s, before crossbodies and leg lariat left the path open for CB to come in. The former Cheeseburger took control, but couldn’t trip up Donovan, so opted to go for his arms, snapping them before 3S squashed Donovan in the corner. Rapid tags keep 3S ahead, as a step-up dropkick to Donovan in the corner gets CB a two-count, before Donovan turned things around and threw CB into the ring post after a distraction from Zagami. Cam celebrates tagging in and tagging out without getting hurt, as the Shook Crew proceed to throw CB into the corner for another two-count, before a swinging Bossman slam from Donovan nearly won it.

Zagami’s back in as they tease a Cerberus powerbomb, but Cam can’t keep CB up for it, and eventually CB tagged in Isom again to try and clear house. Isom runs wild hitting a spinning back suplex to spark a Parade of Moves… Orlando’s Cutter nearly wins it, before Mooney sent Donovan into Orlando in the corner. Mooney tries to capitalise with a triple-team, stomp-assisted DDT, planting Orlando as Zagami dove in to save the match… Cam tries to talk his way out of things, but CB forcibly tagged him in as 3S set up for a trio of superkicks, landing them, only Isom and CB to get sent outside. Cam tries to punch CB, but ends up taking a Shotei… falling onto the downed Mooney, and that’s enough for the “how the hell did he” win. Hell froze over. 3S looked good on offence as a tandem, as they look to the future after whatever the hell’s going on with ROH. ***

Dak Draper vs. Ryan Galeone
It’s a Beyond debut for the “Mile High Magnum,” who perhaps is Galeone’s best chance of a first win on this run.

Draper cheapshots Galeone early on, but Galeone’s quickly back with a shoulder tackle before he got tossed outside. Galeone’s quickly back to stare down Draper, but Dak’s crossbody sent both men over the top rope to the outside… Galeone leaps over a baseball slide from Draper as he starts pulling out the impressive stuff. They brawl around ringside, with Draper’s chops barely fazing Galeone, so he opts to post his opponent before a suplex onto the edge of the ring got Dak a delayed… not even a one count. Draper tries a springboard something or other, but gets booted away ahead of a clothesline, before he caught Draper off the top and dumped him with a backbreaker.

A pop-up chokeslam’s next from Galeone for a near-fall, as Draper tries to claw his way back in with a slingshot cradle… then a springboard back elbow… with a gutwrench slam then nearly winning it for Dak. Draper’s swinging side suplex doesn’t affect Galeone, who popped right back up and traded blows, before a step-up knee strike, a ripcord head kick and a trio more of those nearly got the win…

Galeone heads outside, but had to kick Draper away, only to get deadlift into a superplex as Draper’s sitout gutwrench powerbomb put him closer to the win… a dropkick has Galeone back in it, before a deadlift powerbomb finally got Galeone his first win on this run. Impressive stuff from both men, even if it was a little rough around the edges – Draper’s got the size to be in a big promotion, but both men should be mainstays somewhere going into 2022. ***½

No Disqualification: Slade vs. Tracy Williams
On paper, this is a weird clash of styles, but especially once it was made no-DQ…

Williams tries to keep it as a wrestling match, but Slade looked to club away any attempts at holds before he just went to “Hot Sauce”’s eyes. Slade takes it to the corner, but Williams just dragged him in for a hanging armbar on the apron, before things spilled to the floor as the pair swung at each other. Goozling Williams, Slade chucks him into the ring post, then crawled under the ring for plunder. Out comes a chair, but that gets nothing but the ring post as Williams countered with an Octopus on the floor as this apparently was falls count anywhere. Slade slips out, then shoved Williams into the apron, with a chair against his back, before a drop toe hold took Slade into that rogue chair.

Back inside, Slade Biel’s Williams, who returned with a Calf Slicer that Slade clubbed his way out of. A Fujiwara armbar keeps Williams ahead, but Slade again fought out, only to get clotheslined in the corner as a second one had Slade down. Williams is quickly snuffed out with a clothesline in response, before a rear naked choke was rolled out of… William retaliates with a piledriver attempt, but it’s countered into an accidental Air Raid Crash by Slade. Somehow, Williams kicks out at two, and surprises Slade with a DDT into the turnbuckles, before a STF was bitten out of. After a clothesline, Slade goes back to the chair, jabbing Williams with it before he broke the chair by chokeslamming Williams through it for the pin. Well, that clash of styles sure was fun – as Slade got back in the winning column. ***¼

Discovery Gauntlet: TME (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones Jr.) vs. Waves And Curls (Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan)
The latest entrants into the Discovery Gauntlet were TME – aka the Mane Event. Yep, there’s two teams with the same name, and yes, they’ve faced each other before. Meanwhile, Waves and Curls are massively over having had an extended run in the Gauntlet…

Jones and Jordan start us off, trading holds before Jones tagged in Duke Davis out of frustration. Jaylen Brandyn comes in too, but is quickly intimidated by the much larger Davis, and that was just with the dancing pecs. Brandyn’s dropkick has Duke in the ropes, as Jordan quickly tagged in for some double teams before Jordan got dumped with a back suplex. Jones is back to boot Jordan for a two-count, before a double-team flapjack flattened Jordan for a near-fall as TME had seemingly neutralised the crowd. A running clothesline keeps Duke ahead, as Jordan’s bounced from pillar to post, before a bodyslam left Jordan in a heap. Finally, Traevon fought back, landing a leaping leg lariat… then kicked away Ganon Jones Jr., only for Jones to pull Brandyn off the apron to prevent a tag.

Brandyn argues with the ref as TME pull Jordan away for more double-teams, including a stomp-assisted backbreaker for a near-fall. Jones misses a moonsault as Jordan finally made the tag out, but Brandyn’s quickly overshadowed by TME… he offers a fightback as he flipped the usual script with it being his turn to make the comeback, landing a springboard ‘rana to Jones, then a dive to Davis on the outside. Heading up top, Brandyn cracks Jones with a crossbody for a near-fall, but the TME double-teams resume as a dropkick-assisted sit-out powerbomb forces Jordan in to make the save. TME go for a Flea Flicker, but Brandyn slips out and snatched the win with a roll-up. A come from behind wind or Brandyn, but this was a helluva tag match. TME need to be booked in more places based on this, as Waves and Curls continue to build their stock in Beyond. Get this one watched! ***¾

Next week: Max Caster vs. Wheeler Yuta, Waves & Curls vs. Culture Inc. (Malik Bosede & Eli Knight), Tracy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson, Willow Nightingale vs. Alec Price, and announced since they taped this… Masha Slamovich vs. Charli Evans. That’s a freaking loaded line-up for this show.

Megan Bayne vs. Masha Slamovich
Bayne’s yet to lose in Beyond, while Slamovich is coming off of stopping Manders at Reverse the Curse last week.

Slamovich jumps Bayne with a missile dropkick during the introductions as she tried to make this a quick one… following up with dropkicks and forearms in the corner. Bayne’s kicked before she hit a capture suplex, only to recover as she scooped up Masha for a bodyslam. Masha’s thrown into the turnbuckles as Bayne looked to build momentum, charging Slamovich with knees ahead of another slam. Bayne hits a back senton next for a two-count, before a bear hug wore down Slamovich some more. Masha fought free, only to get caught in a tiltawhirl slam as Bayne again dominated in the corners. A double underhook suplex slung Slamovich across the ring, as clotheslines then followed in the corner ahead of a quick lift up top… but Bayne’s pushed away as Slamovich ends up catching her with a rear naked choke in the ropes.

Slamovich countered back with a Diamond Dust off the top, then with running knees into the corner, before an attempted suplex from the ring to the floor was reversed. Bayne suplexed Slamovich back into the ring, before another slam’s countered into a Dragon sleeper, then a Snow Plow as Bayne got dumped on her head. Masha couldn’t make the cover, but was able to throw some more shots in the corner, including a Yakuza kick ahead of a spinning heel kick for a near-fall. A piledriver’s quickly countered by Bayne, who eats a German suplex as Slamovich came close again, before a F5 just shut the door on the Russian. Slamovich kicked out though, then booted away another charge before her crossbody’s caught and turned into a swinging side slam for a near-fall. Slamovich is proving resilient, annoyingly-so for Bayne, who went for a second swinging side slam, which Masha countered into a crucifix for a near-fall.

Slamovich nearly won it with an axe kick, but instead picked up Bayne for a deadlift Ganso Bomb that Bayne just about got up from… a second powerbomb followed for a near-fall, before Slamovich went back to the corner for a choke… only for Bayne to scoop her out into a tombstone for the win. Way more competitive than we’d seen from Bayne in the past, and it was all the better for it – and while they’re throwing around that “Ace of Beyond” tag a lot, but who else is there to offer a challenge? ***½

Post-match, Bayne keeps up the attack only for Leyla Hirsch to come out to make the save for Slamovich. Masha was ungrateful for that, and we get a heated pull-apart between the Russians to close out the show. Hey, why make one match out of an angle when you can make two?!

Out of all the shows I pay attention to, Uncharted Territory is perhaps the most consistent weekly offering from a company not based in Jacksonville – especially when you consider the big ol’ revolving door of talent that they showcase every week. To some, that may be a weakness, but when it’s giving you pleasant-as-hell surprises as TME vs. Waves & Curls, this is a real good showcase of the US indies.