Uncharted Territory continues as the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Championship was defended in the main event, with Trish Adora putting it up against Jordan Blade.

Quick Results
Masha Slamovich pinned Davienne in 6:06 (***)
Rhett Titus pinned Jora Johl in 10:57 (***¼)
Megan Bayne pinned Ashley Vox in 4:13 (**¾)
Discovery Gauntlet: Traevon Jordan & Jaylen Brandyn pinned Mac Daniels & BRG in 7:51 (***)
Alec Price pinned Slade in 8:58 (***¼)
Willow Nightingale & Chris Dickinson submitted Yoya & Janai Kai in 13:14 (***½)
Matt Makowski defeats Tracy Williams via referee stoppage in 14:12 (***¾)
Trish Adora pinned Jordan Blade in 18:31 to retain the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Championship (***½)

As one of the mainstream promotions sheds blood, once again we’re at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA. Are you ready for the Spotlight match? Don’t all belch at once… Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella are on the call.

Davienne vs. Masha Slamovich
Davienne starts out by taking Slamovich into the corner for a series of forearms, only to get some in return as Slamovich ended up missing a kick into the corner, and took a Final Cut out of it.

Slamovich gets suplexed into the buckles for a delayed two-count, with chops and elbows following. A kick from Slamovich leads to her throwing Davienne into the middle rope, with a clothesline following for a near-fall, before Davienne tried to strike her way back into things. Chops just riled up Slamovich though, who replied with a backfist and a running boot into the corner, as a spinning heel kick almost put Davienne away.

The pressure continues to build, but Davienne’s side suplex and Air Raid Crash almost ends things… only for Slamovich to retaliate with another spinning heel kick, then a half-package piledriver for the win. A fun sprint for the pre-show, with Slamovich getting back on track after her loss to Yuta last week. ***

Jora Johl vs. Rhett Titus
It’s a rematch from three weeks ago – a match that Titus won with a dropkick in the corner.

Titus offers a handshake before the bell, as we open with a lock-up into the corner as the pair go into the ropes before the eventual break. Titus claimed a hair pull, but found himself on the mat with headscissors as the pair went hold-for-hold, with Titus going back to the mat with a headlock takedown.

Johl retaliates with headscissors, then a Michinoku Driver, before it’s back to the holds. Titus escapes with forearms, only to get caught in a backslide… Titus rolls through and returned with a butterfly suplex, as he continued to look for pinning attempts. Forearms from Johl look to force an opening, only for the Magnum suplex (a rebound belly-to-belly) to land for a near-fall.

Johl takes Titus into the turnbuckles from there, with a gutwrench suplex following as the pair built up to back-and-forth strikes, with Johl’s chops and forearms having Rhett down. A powerslam off the ropes drops Titus, while headbutts and knees softened up Titus for a double underhook backbreaker for a two-count.

Titus pulls himself up to the top rope, but his double sledge is caught and countered into a wacky overhead belly-to-belly DDT that spiked Titus into the mat. A kickout answered that fan’s call of “is he alive?”, before Johl eventually hit a bucklebomb. Titus went for a dropkick, but Johl sidesteps it, then slingshotted Titus into the corner for a spear… but Rhett grabbed the rope to keep the match alive.

A Samoan driver from Johl is next, but he doesn’t go for the pin and ends up getting caught with a dropkick… Johl rolled into the corner and had his leg on the rope, but Titus pulls it away as the ref didn’t spot it, and Titus somehow escapes with the win. I particularly enjoyed commentary picking other “middle of the road” moves Titus could have won with, as this story’s gone from Titus getting a flash win with a dropkick to just trolling us now. ***¼

Megan Bayne vs. Ashley Vox
Sidney Bakabella makes the connection between WrestleMania 9 and Megan Bayne. I don’t think a camel’s in Beyond’s budget…

Bayne’s been virtually unstoppable in Beyond and WWR+, but Vox mounts some early offence, landing a ‘rana to take Bayne outside. A tope followed, before Bayne countered a crossbody into a fallaway slam… a second leap from Vox gets countered into an overhead belly-to-belly, before Bayne misses a splash.

Vox mounted a comeback with a satellite DDT, but Bayne’s up at two, then fought out of a Fish Hook as she dumped Vox with a backbreaker, then a tombstone for the win. A little squashy, but there’s a hint of weakness with Bayne coming through ahead of that 1-2 punch at the end. **¾

Post-match, Bayne roughs up Vox some more before Masha Slamovich ran out… Bayne bails.

Discovery Gauntlet: Prestigious (Brett Ryan Gosselin & Mac Daniels) vs. Waves and Curls (Traevon Jordan & Jaylen Brandyn)
The Prestigious – BRG and Mac Daniels – have are familiar names in the north-east, appearing in NEW and Limitless, among others.

BRG starts off with waistlock takedowns on Brandyn, before a dropkick answered BRG’s Manhattan drop. Daniels is in and takes a dropkick as Jordan tagged in and took down Daniels. Quick tags keep Waves and Curls fresh, as Jordan looked to take on the Prestigious all on his own.

A tope from Brandyn wipes out Prestigious on the outside, before BRG intervened, throwing Brandyn off the top and into Daniels’ swinging uranage for a near-fall. BRG grabs onto Daniels to block a sunset flip, then began to tee off on Brandyn with right hands, as Gosselin looked to force the win… the ref kicks away another attempt to block a sunset flip, before a hot tag brings Jordan back in.

Jordan clears house, bouncing BRG with a sidewalk slam for a near-fall, before the Prestiguous teased the Rude/Warrior finish, with Daniels grabbing Jordan’s leg on a suplex. Jordan kicks out at two as the Prestigious double-team, leading to an attempted spike piledriver… but Brandyn breaks it up and helped with a Wave Check as Daniels ends up taking the fall. This had a few rough moments, but overall Waves and Curls continue to impress in the Discovery Gauntlet. ***

The post-match interview has Jaylen Brandyn put over Waves and Curls’ heart, while Jordan broke down over how the high of being on AEW was met the following day with a tragic loss of an expecting friend. Being asked to think about those we’ve lost stings especially hard today…

They then announce for Fete Forever in December… VSK & Mark Sterling vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds. Call them the Dark Order, call them the Beaver Boys, but it’s signed. We’ve also got no DQ – Dan Barry vs. Dutch, Opponent Unknown vs. Ruby Soho, and Wheeler Yuta vs. Matt Makowski.

No Disqualification: Alec Price vs. Slade
Price was out without Becca, and uses the referee to hide before the bell. He wasn’t too fond of the no-DQ stip, but ended up using it anyway as he attacked Slade with the mic to start the match.

Slade laughs it off, but a chokebreaker’s flipped out of as Price ends up getting chucked across the ring as if he were nothing. A slam’s next for a two-count, before he went under the ring for some already-mangled chairs. Price tries to dive, but ends up getting lawn-darted into the ring post before he’s suplexed onto the chairs.

The chairs follow Price into the ring, but he grabs them and starts to go after Slade, following with a knee breaker onto an open chair. A Dragon screw exacerbates things, then a superkick to the knee, before chairshots to the lower back looked to lead to Price Pillman-izing him. Slade pushes the chair free, but eats a satellite facebuster for a two-count in return.

Price comes off the second rope but just leaps into an Exploder from Slade, who was back to having fun throwing his opponent around. A Hidden Blade from Slade gets us some rare profanity from commentary, while a side suplex onto the apron gives Slade time to find more goodies. Yep, there’s a door, because why not… but it’s not used as Price punts Slade low to avoid a chokeslam, rolling him up for the win as Price got out of dodge. Pretty one-sided, but Price escapes with the W and that’s what matters. ***¼

Price wallowed in his win, but gets thrown back into the ring by Willow Nightingale and Chris Dickinson, so Price could get chokeslammed through the door anyway.

YoKai (Yoya & Janai Kai) vs. Willow Nightingale & Chris Dickinson
YoKai are back after losing to Matt Makowski and Masha Slamovich at the start of the season – having come in as late replacements.

Dickinson and Yoya start, but they lock up into the ropes as we get a break. Yoya takes things to the mat, before a reverse ‘rana gets blocked… Dickinson can’t counter back, so he just slaps Yoya silly into the corner before the pair went for dropkicks at the same time. Tags bring in Kai and Willow, with Janai getting thrown down for a pin from the off, before some rolling suplexes from Willow get countered into an inside cradle for a two-count.

A Fisherman suplex from Nightingale counted for nought as Yoya came in to kick it apart before the ref started his count. Yoya’s booted and splashed with a back senton for a two-count, before Dickinson and Nightingale had their fun slamming Yoya. Competitively. Yoya gets free and shoves Willow into Kai on the apron… some double-teaming leads to a near-fall on Willow, before Kai came in to stretch Nightingale’s arm.

Yoya’s back as they look to wear down Willow with a pair of mid kicks, leading to a stacked up pin as commentary really took aim at the refereeing here. I did say, tag team wrestling in 2021 is getting too loose for its own good! Willow cuts all that off with a spinebuster, following up as Dickinson came in to catch Yoya and just YEET him into the buckles. You shouldn’t be able to get that much air throwing another human being, but here we are.

Getting the feet up, Yoya blocks Dickinson in the corner ahead of a ‘rana… only to get wrecked with a lariat for a near-fall. A brainbuster from Dickinson’s blocked, but Yoya’s spinning leg lariat’s caught and met with a German suplex as Kai dives in to break up the cover. A head kick from Kai knocsk Dickinson into the ropes, before Willow POUNCED her into the corner… a second POUNCE nearly takes Yoya into the crowd, before a turnaround led to a wacky knee-assisted corkscrew sunset flip for a near-fall.

Yoya’s rear naked choke after the kickout has DIckinson down, but he gets up and throws his way free as Nightingale tagged in to try and pick up the pieces. A death valley driver from Willow nearly put Yoya away, before a STF finally forced the stoppage. This had its moments, with Yoya in particular taking his bumps as Dickinson had fun throwing him around – but YoKai look like a tandem that has a lot of legs, once they get past the whole “everyone throws them around” stage. ***½

Matt Makowski vs. Tracy Williams
Makowski’s getting booed despite having won eleven in a row in Beyond, while Williams is making his Beyond return for the first time since losing the IWTV title on New Year’s Eve 2018. I still remember the trademark-trolling Hot Wheels tag team…

We start with Williams and Makowski going to the mat, but it’s Williams who looked to force a stoppage, before Makowski got free with headscissors. They reset with Makowski chopping Williams out of the corner, before he ran into an elbow as a teardrop suplex from Williams put him back ahead. A corner clothesline and some more chops lead us into a snap superplex, before Makowski looked to fight back with kicks.

Williams throws back with knees and forearms, setting up for a Cobra twist… Makowski breaks in the ropes, but Williams rolls him right back down with a leglock, only to get caught in a rear naked choke as we then end up back with the pair trading right hands. A side headlock takedown has Williams on top again, before Makowski pushed free and took down Williams with a mid kick.

Makowski stays on Williams as he snapped back on an armbar, which then became a focal point as Makowski takes it back to the mat with another side headlock. Williams grabs the ropes, but Makowski clings on before he got stung with a series of chops. Those get returned by Makowski, as we’re back to forearms while a clothesline dropped Makowski for a near-fall. Another head kick from Makowski followed, but a knee from Williams and a death valley driver spiked Makowski for a near-fall.

Williams’ resurgence ends with makowski going for a cross armbar, which gets rolled out of before Makowski rolled in for a Cloverleaf, which ended in the ropes. More knees from Makowski lead to trading forearms, before Williams managed to DDT Makowski into the top turnbuckle. From there, a sheer-drop brainbuster planted Makowski for a near-fall, before a crossface ended in the ropes.

They trade again, upping the ante as Makowski ends up catching Williams in the eye… an axe kick followed, before a rear naked choke ends up forcing the ref stoppage. Makowski’s really leaning into the aggressive side after the crowd turned on him against Ryan Galeone last week – and it was that new side that he needed to beat Williams with, as the former IWTV champion took him to the limit. ***¾

They confirm for Reverse The Curse this Sunday… Becca vs. Jody Threat, Bear Country vs. Mane Event, Jeff Cobb vs. Wheeler Yuta, Max the Impaler vs. Megan Bayne, Matt Cardona vs. Ted Goodz, Heidi Howitzer vs. Kennedi Copeland, Masha Slamovich vs. Manders, Alisha Edwards vs. Kaia McKenna, RSP vs. Alec Price and Brody King vs. Ryan Galeone. YES.

Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Championship: Jordan Blade vs. Trish Adora (c)
It’s hard to believe this sparked from Blade, Eel O’Neal and Adora being in a team a few weeks back, but it’s been quite the journey. Before we get going though, O’Neal confirmed another match for Reverse The Curse – Blade & O’Neal vs. Trish Adora and a mystery partner, whom Trish revealed as… Suge D! Not counting the Time Capsule show from over WrestleMania weekend, that’ll be Suge’s first appearance in Beyond in over five years.

When we get going, Adora and Blade work over wristlocks and toe holds, with Adora taking things down with an armbar on Blade. Jordan pops up, but Adora grabs a double wristlock, only to get tripped down as Blade went for the ankle – albeit right by the ropes. Staying on the mat, Blade goes for another armbar, but Adora gets free before she had to defend some bodyscissors as they rolled back into the ropes.

Some kicks and an arm whip have Blade on the deck, where more kicks followed ahead of Blade having her arm wrapped around the ropes. Staying on the arm, Adora drops the leg on it, before a Magistral cradle nearly put Blade away. Responding, Jordan tries a double underhook suplex, eventually hitting an underhook version as she mounted a comeback with back elbows and Exploders.

A Samoan drop followed from Blade for a near-fall, before a running kick caught Adora’s knee in the ropes for another two-count. Adora sneaks back in with an implant DDT for a near-fall, before we reset with back-and-forth chops, with Adora’s bridging back suplex almost winning it. Frustration begins to set in there as Adora then rolled in for Cattle Mutilation, but Blade gets a foot to the ropes as Eel O’Neal cheerled from the floor.

Adora tries for it again, but Blade rolls free as the pair trade pins, leading to Blade’s Falcon arrow for a near-fall. A running knee from Blade wipes out the champion, but she doesn’t go for a cover quickly enough, as Adora’s able to kick out. Blade’s frustrated with herself as she began to throw some more rights, before a ducked Lariat Tubman led to Blade rolling Adora in for a Trailer Hitch… but Adora’s able to get a finger to the ropes.

A slam from Blade drops Adora, with a leg drop and another slam leading to a knee bar. Adora kicks free and springs back in with a crossbody. Blade fires up again with forearms, before Adora scored with a short DDT… then pulled her up into a Lariat Tubman for the win. A keenly-fought match that the crowd were into throughout – but it’s a deserved win for Adora as she now heads to Sunday’s show in a tag match with Suge D against the Kings. ***½

With Beyond having Reverse The Curse on Sunday, this could easily have been treated as a throwaway show – yet they did plenty to keep Uncharted Territory standalone, with little being able to weave between the two. A good, standalone show, as Beyond usually puts out every week!