The former Beaver Boys are back as Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds and John Silver return to Beyond for the latest episode of Uncharted Territory.

Quick Results
Megan Bayne pinned Little Mean Kathleen in 3:32 (**¾)
Alex Reynolds pinned Teddy Goodz in 9:09 (***½)
Eel O’Neal & Jordan Blade pinned Nate Carter & Dave McCall in 6:30 (***)
Matt Makowski submitted Ryan Galeone in 9:16 (***¾)
Discovery Gauntlet: Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan pinned Joe Keys & Dante Caballero in 5:58 (***¼)
Wheeler Yuta pinned Masha Slamovich in 9:57 (***¾)
Willow Nightingale & Chris Dickinson pinned Kasey Kirk & Brandon Kirk in 8:06 (***)
John Silver pinned Aaron Rourke in 14:28 (****)

Once again we’re at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA… and it’s straight into the Spotlight match. Sidney Bakabella and Paul Crockett are on the call…

Little Mean Kathleen vs. Megan Bayne
Kathleen’s still hyped up, but I have a feeling she’ll be hitting the buffers in this pre-show outing.

LMK starts with a side headlock as she knew her main chance against Megan Bayne would be to strike first. A low dropkick has Bayne down, but she’s back to slam her way out of a headscissor attempt, following up with shoulder barges to pin Kathleen into the corner.

A stalling suplex drops LMK, who rolls away from a back senton, only to get taken into the corner. Bayne misses a shoulder charge as she hits the corner, allowing Kathleen to do the Scrappy Doo stomps on her in the corner ahead of a Vader bomb. Kathleen tries to follow up with a crossbody, but Bayne counters by rolling through it, then tombstoning LMK to end this one in a hurry. A bit squashy, but LMK got some stuff in only for Bayne’s one-hit kill to clear the decks. **¾

Alex Reynolds vs. Teddy Goodz
Reynolds is out to the Dark Order theme, but Mark Sterling pulls him behind the curtain as he wanted him to come out to My Way, since Reynolds was last part of Whatever It Takes in Beyond. The camera peeks behind the curtain as they debate over the house mic, and Sterling gets his way as VSK seems to be aping an early version of John Silver with his Canadian tuxedo.

Reynolds tied up with Goodz into the corner for a clean break – as Sterling claimed that Goodz had pulled Reynolds hair. Ignoring it, Reynolds and Goodz trade wristholds and snapmares as a crucifix earned him a one-count. Goodz’s waistlock takedown leads to a front facelock, then a Japanese armdrag and a back body drop as Goodz looked to build up a head of steam.

Goodz misses an elbow in the corner as a spinning elbow helped Reynolds ahead, as did a cravat suplex, which landed for a near-fall. Rolling outside, Goodz ends up getting blindsided by VSK as Sterling had the ref and Reynolds distracted, but Goodz is able to return fire with a suplex, before he ran into a push-down stomp.

Again VSK distracts, looking for a high five as Sterling snuck into the ring to choke away on Goodz. Fighting from behind Goodz hits a Manhattan drop then a swinging forearm, before he hammered away on Reynolds in the corner with elbows. A backpack stunner out of the corner followed for Goodz, but Reynolds is up at two, as Goodz then climbed the ropes.

Sterling distracts, but Reynolds can’t capitalise until he back body dropped away from a gutwrench superplex. Reynolds misses a moonsault, allowing Goodz back in as he nails an Iconoclasm, then a cutter… but Sterling pulls out the referee to stop the count. VSK slides into the ring to low blow Goodz as the ref and Sterling were doing the “do you know who I am?” argument.

Reynolds pushes VSK off the apron as he didn’t want that help… but the ref’s still tied up as Goodz has a visual pin from a small package. A pop-up knee and a small package driver ends up getting the win as Reynolds did it his way… ***½

Post-match, Sterling and VSK stomp away on Reynolds, with Goodz making the save.

The REP (Dave McCall & Nate Carter) vs. The Kings Of The District (Eel O’Neal & Jordan Blade)
The REP returned to Beyond for the first time since they went out in the first round of the tag team Tournament for Tomorrow back in February…

The REP start with a suplex from Carter (who was announced as such, even though his gear had Wallace on it) to Blade, while McCall’s similar suplex nearly put O’Neal away in the opening seconds. Carter and McCall combine for a knee-assisted slam for a near-fall on O’Neal, who continued to be isolated as Carter ragdolled O’Neal back to the mat.

A double-team float-out facebuster nearly gets Carter the win on O’Neal, but Blade dives in to break up the pin. Carter’s delayed double underhook slam keeps the pressure up, before O’Neal fought free and made the hot tag out to Blade, who ran wild against the REP. A Saito suplex bounces Carter, while McCall’s missed kick earned him an Exploder suplex.

Carter elbows out of another Exploder, but gets taken down anyway for a near-fall, before he elbowed away from a double-team attempt. McCall’s back as Blade headscissors/headlock takedowns her way out of a double-team, leaving Carter prone as a clothesline to the back of the head, and a sliding knee from Blade earned the win for the Kings. A nice, enjoyable sprint that I wouldn’t have minded going a little longer, as the Kings took a beating but still came out on top. ***

Post-match, Blade challenged Trish Adora to a Pan-Afrikan World Disaspora title match after what happened last week… before O’Neal challenged Adora and a partner of her choice at Reverse The Curse. Who needs a mic?!

Between matches, they announce more stuff for Reverse The Curse next weekend, including Becca vs. Jody Threat, Alec Price vs. Rickey Shane Page, and Jeff Cobb vs. Wheeler Yuta. Holy hell, that last one…

Ryan Galeone vs. Matt Makowski
Galeone’s back after a standout showing against Slade two weeks ago…

Both men swing for the fences to start, trading kicks and boots in the early going, before Makowski countered a chokeslam with a flying armbar attempt. It’s blocked though as Galeone swings Makowski free, before a throw into the ropes ended with Makowski low-bridging him to the floor.

A baseball slide from Makowski’s leapt over by Galeone, who hits a nice slingshot-thru-the-ropes dropkick from the outside, in and back out again… and then it’s up top as Makowski blocks Galeone, looking for a superplex, instead throwing Galeone down for a two-count. Then we get the cross armbar from Makowski, who followed in with axe kicks en route to a two-count on Galeno.

Mid kicks from Makowski just fire up Galeone, who threw Makowski onto the apron, only for Makowski to go back up top and leap into a backbreaker as Galeone then spun him into a roundhouse kick. A powerbomb’s next for Galeone, but it’s not enough for the win, and when Galeone tried to follow up with a suplex, Makowski slips out into a rear naked choke.

It’s broken up in the corner, but Makowski dives back in with a forearm, then a frog splash off the top… for barely a one-count. Galeone monsters back up with a bicycle knee, then a standing spinebuster as he again came within millimeters of the win. Headbutts and forearms are swapped for fun, but it’s Makowski who pulls ahead as a diving knee laid out Galeone for another near-fall. A Dominator from Makowski followed, then a chokehold… but Galeone floated into the ropes to force the break.

A running dropkick from Galeone shocks Makowski in the corner, as Galeone then went up for his springboard Molly Go Round… but Makowski’s able to shift up and into a cross armbar for the submission as the Worcester crowd booed. Eh, that’s harsh – I too wanted to see Galeone win, but they badly need to find a way to make Galeone a pushed player here. ***¾

By the way, I now cannot get the idea of the Honky Tonk Ref out of my mind. Cheers Bakabella… You know if this were a Hallowe’en show, he’d have his hair slicked back…

Discovery Gauntlet: Dante Caballero & Joe Keys vs. Waves And Curls (Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan)
Caballero and Keys are representing the ROH Dojo on what’s been a rather newsworthy week…

Waves and Curls get jumped before the bell as Caballero nearly wins it in seconds with a back suplex. Jordan kicks out and fights back, only for Keys to tag in and clothesline the big man from behind. Jaylen Brandyn distracts the ref with an argument, as Keys’ low blow gets a two-count… but Brandyn manages to tag in, then sidestep a dropkick to the floor from Keys, before he ate you-know-what on a tope as he clipped the ropes on the way out.

Keys rolls Brandyn right back into the ring to capitalise, throwing him back into the ropes as Caballero’s back suplex lands for a near-fall. Brandyn tries to fight back, but Keys blocks a sunset flip with some help, before slapping Jaylen on the mat. Another backbreaker, then a powerbomb, gets Caballero a two-count, before Brandyn leapt over Keys to make the tag back to the big man.

Jordan clears house with corner-to-corner clotheslines, but the referee gets distracted by Brandyn on the outside… right as Keys’ chop block laid out Jordan ahead of an assisted German suplex that nearly wins it. All four men are in the ring, trading moves as Brandyn finally hits a tope to Caballero on the outside, while Jordan grabs Keys for a Wave Check for the win. A good come from behind win for Waves and Curls, as the ROH tandem worked really well together in defeat. ***¼

We find out that next week, Waves and Curls take on Brett Ryan Gosselin and Mac Daniels – The Prestigious – in the latest round of the Discovery Gauntlet.

Masha Slamovich vs. Wheeler Yuta
Yuta was out by himself as the RALY faction seems to be a fading memory…

Yuta tries to shotgun dropkick Slamovich at the bell… it’s sidestepped as we open with back-and-forth right hands that led to a stand-off after missed kicks on the mat. A series of stomps and slaps take Yuta into the corner, following up with a chop and a superplex attempt… but Yuta knocks her down ahead of a missile dropkick.

Stomps follow from Yuta, as Slamovich gets rolled out of the corner for a knee drop before a delayed tied-up bow-and-arrow hold had Slamovich in trouble. Masha bit her way free, then tripped Yuta into the ropes for a running boot… only to get stopped with a big spinning backbreaker back in the ring.

Slamovich kicked out at two from that, but gets taken into the corner as Yuta basked in the crowd’s hate. She stops him with a boot, then took him back into the corner for Yakuza kicks, with a spinning leg lariat next for a near-fall. A full nelson from Slamovich is quickly broken up by Yuta, who hits an Angle Slam to nearly win it, following with a splash off the top rope to keep that momentum going.

Masha’s up at two though, and manages to return with a Snow Plow, only for Yuta to return with a Manhattan drop and an enziguiri. Slamovich blocks a German suplex to hit one of her own, bridging it for a near-fall, as the pair then traded blows as Slamovich built up to another German suplex, only for Yuta to kick out and hit a lariat, pulling Slamovich up at two before rolling her back down for the pin. Yuta seemed distracted here, but Slamovich was never too far behind – and had plenty of chances to win this one herself. That statement win for Masha is coming… ***¾

After the match the pair chopped each other, then shook hands… as Yuta then took the mic to addressed Matt Makowski’s challenge. Yuta can’t make it next week, and instead suggested the match for Fete Forever on December 5… while also putting forward a replacement for next week. It’ll be Makowski vs. Tracy Williams. Just as Yuta got his words out, a masked man appeared through the crowd to attack him… it was Makowski, using the Nemesis gimmick he used to get to Tony Deppen on the last season of Uncharted Territory. Makowski got booed for doing that, as this crowd really didn’t like him here.

Brandon Kirk & Kasey Kirk vs. Chris Dickinson & Willow Nightingale
It’s been a while since either of the Kirks had been around Beyond, and Kasey seemed to have an issue with Chris Dickinson’s tie-died trunks.

Willow gets an early near fall with a back senton as Brandon tagged in, grabbing a side headlock on Willow, who pushes off and charged him down. Dickinson’s in to help with a double clothesline, before a back elbow bounces Brandon for a tow-count. Working the arm, Dickinson kept Brandon down, as did kicks, before Kasey took a cheapshot in the corner.

A chop block drops Dickinson, while Brandon threw a cheapshot at Willow on the apron as the Kirks looked to isolate their man. Kasey’s back to slap Dickinson, then quickly tagged out as the chops continued. Dickinson manages to kick his way free as Nightingale got the hot tag, clearing house on the Kirks with clothesline and chops, before Kasey ran in to make a save.

Willow manages to POUNCE Kasey out of the ring, while a spinebuster dumped Brandon for a near-fall. Kasey’s back up to stop a gutwrench powerbomb, while Dickinson’s atomic drop took care of her. Chops rock Brandon, who then eats a death valley driver from Willow for a near-fall as Kasey was kept neutralised in the ropes.

Kasey pulls Dickinson to the outside as a ripcord clothesline to Willow, then a Saito suplex from Kasey almost won it… they try to add to it with a clothesline-assisted suplex, but Brandon’s low-bridged to the outside as Willow put Kasey away with a Doctor Bomb. Decent enough for the time, as Dickinson and Willow look to be a new tandem around here. ***

Next week: Matt Makowski vs. Tracy Williams… Waves & Curls vs. Prestigious… Trish Adora defends the Pan-Afrika World Diaspora title against Jordan Blade… Dickinson & Nightingale vs. Yoya & Janai Kai… Alec Price vs. Slade.

Aaron Rourke vs. John Silver
Rourke was out with Club Cam, while Silver eschewed the Dark Order theme for his first appearance here in 18 months, basking in his very-recent Dynamite success…

Opening with a lock-up, Silver throws Rourke into the corner, then into the ropes, before he resisted some shoulder blocks and bulled down Rourke with ease. Kicks wear down Rourke, who’s tossed around ahead of a press slam that hung up Rourke in the ropes. It’s all Silver here, as he then went up top… only to get distracted by Bobby Orlando, as Rourke crotches Silver in the ropes ot capitalise.

A spinebuster from Rourke lands for a near-fall, as stomps then kept Silver in the corner… but he fires back with chops, only to get bounced into the opposite buckles. A front somersault into a slap just winds up Silver, who roared back with chops and kicks, only to get caught with a Gory special into a knee strike, then a Fisherman’s suplex as Rourke nearly nicked it.

Boot choking keeps Silver in the corner, before he caught Rourke with uppercuts and forearms before a back body drop dumped the Dimepiece into the buckles. Ow. Another back body drop flings Rourke, before a leapfrog’s countered into a sitout powerbomb for a near-fall. Rourke distracts the ref as Bryce Donovan and Bobby Orlando try for a suplex, but Silver outmuscles them… Rourke pops up for a Falcon arrow after he’d feigned an injury, but that too only gets a near-fall on Silver.

Leaping up top, Rourke looked to go for a moonsault, only to get stopped by Silver… he shoves him down, only for Silver to come back up with an avalanche German suplex. A shotgun dropkick and a running knee keep Rourke on the back foot, with a brainbuster almost winning it as Rourke grabbed the rope just in time. More kicks from Silver just rile up Rourke, who asked for (and got) more, finishing with a flurry of strikes before Rourke returned the favour with a high kick.

Silver blocks a suplex, but ends up being spun into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall. Rourke takes his time following up, choosing to mouth off at Silver… and of course that implodes on him as a split-legged moonsault lands in Silver’s knees. A sunset flip’s sat down on by Rourke, who gets a near-fall, before a trip into the ropes led to a boot to the back of the head, as Silver’s spinning rack bomb ends up getting the win. This was an absolute joy – Rourke seemed to up his game once the Club Cam shenanigans had taken place, and while I may not have expected Silver to lose, the journey was well worth the cost of the ticket here. ****

Silver’s jumped by Club Cam as they came from the back afterwards… of course that sets up Alex Reynolds making the save, clotheslining Donovan and Orlando out of the ring, before Cam Zagami begged off. He got a handshake, and a beating, ending with a stunner/German suplex combo as Silver and Reynolds rolled back the clock to their time as the Beaver Boys to close out the show.

If you’ve skipped recent weeks because you felt Beyond were under-strength, this is absolutely the week to be diving back into the product. The continued emergence of Ryan Galeone, the weirdness of Worcester around Matt Makowski, and the returns of some old friends? Yep, Uncharted Territory’s well worth your two hours here.