Davey Richards makes his return to Beyond in the latest episode of Uncharted Territory, taking on Matt Makowski in the main event.

Quick Results
Becca & Alec Price pinned The Danger Kid & Aiden Aggro in 9:34 (**½)
Trish Adora submitted Eel O’Neal in 13:02 to retain the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship (***)
Discovery Gauntlet: Traevon Jordan & Jaylen Brandyn pinned JP Grayson & Tommy Grayson in 7:23 (***)
Richard Holliday pinned Cabana Man Dan in 7:43 (***¼)
Little Mean Kathleen & Teddy Goodz pinned Mark Sterling & VSK in 7:13 (**½)
Aaron Rourke, Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan pinned Diego Hill, BK Westbrook & BoJack in 15:16 (***¼)
Megan Bayne pinned Willow Nightingale in 10:26 (***¼)
Matt Makowski submitted Davey Richards in 15:27 (***¾)

Once again we’re at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA… and it’s straight into the Spotlight match. Sidney Bakabella and Paul Crockett are on the call…

Prize City Hooligans (Alec Price & Becca) vs. MSP (Aiden Aggro & The DangerKid)
Price and Becca didn’t come out with deodorant for the Worcester crowd this week…

Price is on the defensive early on as Aggro came in with an armdrag, before a cartwheel elbow drop drew Aiden an early two-count. DangerKid comes in to take Price outside… but Becca stops MSP’s dive, only to get chucked onto Price. He caught her, and Aiden Aggro’s tope, before DK’s dive was stopped with a big knee in the ropes as Becca cleared the ring. An assisted back senton from Becca to DK follows, as did an assisted splash, before Becca managed to hit a German suplex on DK. The Hooligans continue to isolate DK, but a step-up Shining Wizard is avoided as DK returned with an up-kick… then made the tag out to Aggro, who cleared house on Price and Becca.

Aggro nearly gets the win with a spiking DDT, before Becca took a double-team uranage backbreaker – the Mod Check – for a near-fall. Another double-team ends with a cannonball and senton combo missing, allowing Price to hit a step-up scorpion kick to DK before Becca called for a 450 splash… only to jump off the top and just cover DK for the pin. Fairly one-sided as they continue to heat up Alec Price… **½

The show looked to open with Willow Nightingale vs. Megan Bayne, but Alec Price and Becca hadn’t gone backstage from their pre-show match. They attack Willow as soon as she came through the curtain, going after Willow’s hand. Chris Dickinson wasn’t around to make the save, so Becca and Price did their thing as Willow ended up getting tended to for a hand injury.

That bleeds into Eel O’Neal coming out to grab the mic and challenge Trish Adora to their match right now…

Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship: Eel O’Neal vs. Trish Adora (c)
This one came from the events on the season opener, where Adora was distracted by Cam Zagami holding her luggage (and Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora title) hostage…

We start out evenly, with Adora and O’Neal working on the other’s arm. O’Neal faked out a kip-up to kick Adora in the neck. O’Neal tried to retain his focus on Adora’s neck, using headscissors on the mat, but Adora floats out back into a side headlock that’s quickly countered into a hammerlock.

Adora tries to roll free, but O’Neal stays on her with a shoulder block, then a toe hold, switching it into a bow and arrow stretch as Adora needed to flip free. After getting a two-count, Adora returns with armdrags, holding an armbar on her challenger. O’Neal gets free and grabbed a side headlock as the pair stayed at close quarters, before O’Neal pulled Trish into a rear naked choke on the mat. Adora rolls back to force a pin, but O’Neal lets go to break up the pin, before an attempt off the top rope saw O’Neal just somersault into a Black Hole Slam. A crossbody followed for a two-count as Adora pushed on, leading to a Judo throw that ended in the ropes. O’Neil’s spin-out back suplex, then a Billy Goat’s Curse turned it back around for him, but Adora hits back with Lariat Tubman for what the ref called a near-fall. Hmm…

From there, Adora softens up O’Neal for Cattle Mutilation, and from there there’s no doubt. A pretty good spot of grappling here, but that finishing stretch looked a little off. ***

Post-match, Jordan Blade seemed to challenge Adora for that PAWD title… and that’s something I hope they get to sooner rather than later.

Discovery Gauntlet: Amazing Graysons (JP Grayson & Tommy Grayson) vs. Waves And Curls (Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan)
The Graysons were out with Jared Silberkleit – I guess you could say his character as a manager is a trust fund baby. They’re usually seen in North East Wrestling…

Jordan and JP get us underway, with Traevon grabbing a side headlock before Brandyn came in to help with a double-team, leading to a hooking springboard clothesline for a two-count. Tommy Grayson tags in, but gets decked with a pair of back elbows as Waves and Curls were dominant early on. Brandyn heads onto the apron, but gets tripped by Silberkleit as JP attacks… the Graysons are put in control there. A back suplex from JP leaves Brandyn down, who then got double-teamed behind the ref’s back as the Graysons almost took the win with a double back suplex. A slingshot dropkick and a slingshot elbow drop kept JP ahead, but Brandyn makes the hot tag out to Jordan, who ran wild on Tommy with clotheslines.

A back body drop flings Tommy into the air, while JP’s popped up into a facebuster. Traevon’s leg lariat nearly wins it, before the Graysons turned it back around with a superkick-assisted side Russian legsweep. Brandyn breaks up the pin, only to get CHUCKED to the outside, before JP’s attempt at a Fireman’s carry on Jordan is escaped. Jordan catches an enziguiri, but flings JP to the outside… Silberkleit sends him back in, before the Wave Check – a chokeslam/neckbreaker combo – gets the win to book Waves and Curls’ third week in Beyond. ***

Richard Holliday vs. Cabana Man Dan
This was Dan’s main show debut – having done a pre-show match on the second series of Uncharted Territory…

Holliday throws down Dan to start, but gets caught with an inside cradle as Dan looked to score an upset. Kicking out, Holliday begins to bully Dan, leading to a Northern Lights suplex for a two-count, before Dan’s headscissors and armdrag looked to get him back in it. Holliday thwarts a spinning heel kick, but gets knocked onto the apron before Dan’s leaping backwards dropkick caught a sitting Holliday for a one-count. A big front kick from Holliday puts him back in control, as did a back elbow off the ropes, but Dan’s able to get back with a crossbody… then a backslide, before Holliday missed a kick in the corner.

Dan tries for a springboard swinging DDT, but gets caught with a backbreaker and a spinebuster as Holliday ragdolled him for a near-fall. A diving uppercut from Dan leads to a spinning heel kick and a back senton for a two-count, then a Code Red through the ropes that almost ended things. A Diamond Dust out of the corner stuns Holliday, but a follow-up crossbody’s caught and turned into the 2008 twister suplex, and that’s the win. Dan was the plucky underdog here, but was almost overwhelmed by Holliday from the get go, as commentary pondered out loud over the status of Holliday’s RALY group. ***¼

Whatever It Takes (Mark Sterling & VSK) vs. Little Mean Kathleen & Teddy Goodz
Goodz is still engaged with Mark Sterling’s crew – and this week, he’s got help in Little Mean Kathleen, who looks like she’s gotten inspiration from the Dudley Boyz’ wardrobe from 20-odd years ago. Sterling challenges Goodz – if he wins, he gets Matt Cardona at Reverse the Curse next month.

LMK slaps Sterling to start, but she gets jumped by VSK, who hits a piledriver at the bell. That leaves Goodz in virtually a handicap match, with VSK dropping knees for fun. A slam and a splash gets VSK a two-count, but Sterling tagged in and struggled to follow up, eventually falling to a sunset flip for a near-fall. VSK comes back to regain the upper hand, but Sterling again squanders it as his suplex was countered, with his ankles landing hard in the top turnbuckle. Just in time for Kathleen to get back into the corner and tag in! Kathleen runs wild, sidestepping VSK’s interference before dropkicking VSK into Sterling.

A front kick knocks VSK down, as Goodz came back in without a tag to dropkick VSK in the corner. Sterling runs into an atomic drop and a clothesline as he’s dispatched again for a tope, while Kathleen stomped on VSK in the corner. Goodz pops up LMK for a back senton onto Sterling – who was still legal (earlier I’d thought there was a tag out, clearly there was not!) – for a near-fall, before VSK’s attempt at a piledriver earned him a leg lariat. One Dudley Dog from LMK later, and things looked to be elementary, only for Sterling to drill Kathleen with a spinebuster.

The referee starts counting a cover, despite Sterling having propped his legs on the ropes. Luckily the ref spots it, but then has to dive over Goodz and Kathleen after she’d been swung into a stunner on Sterling, and that’s the win. A good story behind this, with Sterling’s bid to screw Goodz out of his match with Matt Cardona again falling short. Unless he somehow can incite another act of God, but I’m sure me mentioning that will do down like a fart in church… **½

Club Cam (Aaron Rourke, Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan) vs. The High Flying Star Machines (BK Westbrook, BoJack & Diego Hill)
Westbrook, BoJack and Hill got this spot after impressing on IWTV’s Untitled show a few weeks back.

Westbrook and Rourke start on the mat, trading side headlocks and escapes, before Rourke cartwheeled out of some headscissors. BK eventually hits a dropkick to Rourke, who tagged in Orlando, who ate a springboard back elbow as Hill tagged in. We’ve a springboard rear spin kick that cracks Orlando, while a springboard elbow drop from BK landed for a two-count. Bojack tags in and eventually backflips BK onto Orlando, as Club Cam swarmed the ring… only to get tossed outside. Hill fakes out a dive as Club Cam regrouped. When we restart, Westbrook boots down Orlando, who got help from Bryce Donovan’s blind tag, as BK got suplexed onto Orlando’s knees.

Club Cam gangs on on Westbrook, leading to a split-legged moonsault from Rourke for a near-fall, before Westbrook’s running Sliced Bread bought him enough time to tag out to Hill. Diego clears house, decking Rourke with a diving roundhouse, before a Stundog Millionaire dropped Donovan. Rourke’s back, but gets caught with a standing Spanish Fly… he catches Hill in mid-air with a spear for a near-fall though, before Orlando and Donovan slung Hill backwards into the turnbuckles. That looked naughty, but Hill’s able to fight back, kicking the aprons clear, only for an Orlando backcracker to stop him in his tracks.

Eventually Hill manages to get free and made the tag to Bojack, who instantly POUNCES away Club Cam. He’s a bit of a thoroughbred, eh? Charges splash Rourke, Donovan and Orlando in the corners, before shrugging off a kick to the hip to clothesline Rourke and Donovan down. Orlando’s legal, but gets POUNCED into the ropes ahead of a Falcon arrow that Rourke breaks up. Bojack’s caught with a tope from Orlando on the outside… dives follow as Hill lands a tope con giro across the turnbuckles into the pile. Back inside, Orlando’s isolated as Hill’s assisted into a corkscrew 450 for a near-fall, before Cam Zagami got onto the apron. He’s dragged into the ring and superkicked, but Rourke and Donovan pull Bojack to the outside and post him.

Donovan chokeslams Westbrook onto the edge of the apron, leaving Hill alone for a death valley bomb from Orlando… then a dropkick-assisted brainbuster and a 450 splash as Rourke got the win. This took a while to get going, but when it hit into gear, the CWF crew looked good on offence – hopefully they’re brought back in the near future. ***¼

They announce that December’s Wrestival will feature Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling, Southern Underground Pro and ACTION Wrestling to boot…

Megan Bayne vs. Willow Nightingale
Commentary expected the main event to follow, assuming the Bayne/Willow match was scratched from the card… but clearly not. Willow’s got her right hand taped up, but otherwise she’s none the worse for wear from the show-opening attack.

Willow’s taken into the corner to start, but returned the favour and took Bayne to the mat. Shoulder tackles from Bayne barely budge Willow, but a waistlock takedown works, only for Bayne to miss a legdrop as the pair proceeded to trade suplexes. A back senton from Willow gets a very dubious two-count, as Bayne returned quickly with a Samoan drop, then with knees in the corner, then a slam as Bayne was putting in an efficient performance. Knees to the lower back wear down Willow, as did a suplex into the corner, before a splash and a back senton off the ropes earned a two-count. A back suplex gets Bayne a couple of two-counts, before Willow fought back – throwing with her bad hand – eventually landing a clothesline to take Bayne down.

More clotheslines bounce Bayne, while a spinebuster lands for a near-fall, only for Bayne to return with a slam. Willow kicks out of the cover and nearly won with a crucifix, but Bayne gets back on top, only to lose a swinging side slam. Bayne runs into an elbow as Willow hits a shotgun dropkick off the middle rope, then a cannonball… but it’s still not enough. Nightingale escapes a tombstone, but couldn’t counter back with a gutwrench as Bayne ends up scooping her up for the tombstone anyway – and that’s enough for a clean-as-a-sheet three-count for the win. Willow’s got the out of the injury from earlier in the show, but otherwise this was interference-free as Bayne continued her unbeaten run going. ***¼

Next week: Alex Reynolds vs. Teddy Goodz, Matt Makowski vs. Ryan Galeone, Waves & Curls vs. Dante Caballero & Joe Keys in the Discovery Gauntlet, Wheeler Yuta vs. Masha Slamovich, John Silver vs. Aaron Rourke. That’s a pretty stacked line-up with some returning favourites…

Matt Makowski vs. Davey Richards
Ah, that WASP theme brings back some memories…

Makowski starts with a knuckle lock early, but Richards rolls back to reverse it as the pair trade holds, leading to a half crab attempt from Makowski… but Richards pushes free as the pair go for duelling leglocks. Makowski manages to turn his into a Sharpshooter, but Richards pulls it back into a leglock as we reach a stand-off. They resume with forearms and elbows, before a Kitchen sink knee from Richards dumped Makowski to the ground. As did another, as Richards ends up losing grip, allowing Makowski to go for a calf slicer. Makowski almost has Richards in Zack Sabre Jr.’s Orienteering with Napalm Death, but Richards manages to slip free and roll Makowski into a modified Tequila Sunrise.

Breaking free, we’re back to strikes, but a springboard roundhouse out of the corner caught Richards as Makowski manages to get ahead. Makowski wipes out the cameraman as he leapt over the ropes, knocking RIchards down ahead of the slingshot/roll-through into a cross armbar… but Richards is instantly in the ropes to force a break. Richards returns with a Dragon screw in the ropes, before he found his way back in with a Trailer Hitch. That ends in the ropes, as Makowski manages to knee his way free of a suplex attempt… which just pisses off Richards, who began to swing for the fences. Makowski returns the fire, trading kicks and elbows, only to get dumped with a brainbuster for a near-fall. More strikes end with Richards getting rolled into a cross armbar… he blocks it and rolled through into an ankle lock. Makowski tries to push free, but is met with a rebound PK, then a double stomp off the top, but Richards can’t get the win there.

It’s back to the ankle lock as Makowski has to roll through again, before he kneed an onrushing Richards… then maneuvered back into a cross armbar for the submission as Richards was seemingly unaware of how close he was to the ropes. A cracking bit of grappling to close the show out, and one I’d love to see run back anytime, anywhere, as Davey Richards has hit the ground running on this return. ***¾

Post-match, Makowski puts over Richards, before he brought up his next two opponents to close the show: Ryan Galeone next week, and Wheeler Yuta the week after.

Uncharted Territory continues to hold steady with decent enough undercards and killer main events. The coming weeks will see some big names returning to the fold, and build for some showpiece events, so those who’ve been handwaving these shows as “just matches” should have more to sink their teeth into in the next few weeks. If you only swing by for one match this week, make damn sure it’s that main event!