We’re back for more from Uncharted Territory, as Josh Alexander comes to town to take on a jumped-up Alec Price.

Quick Results
Davienne pinned Edith Surreal in 7:14 (*¾)
Chris Dickinson submitted Victor Benjamin in 11:02 (***¼)
Megan Bayne pinned Delmi Exo in 4:25 (**¼)
Rhett Titus pinned Jora Johl in 9:34 (***)
Willow Nightingale pinned Lady Frost in 8:07 (**¾)
Slade pinned Ryan Galeone in a no-disqualification match in 10:34 (***¾)
Discovery Gauntlet: Traevon Jordan & Jaylen Brandyn pinned Jay Lyon & Midas Black in 6:59 (***)
Josh Alexander pinned Alec Price in 15:38 (***¾)

Once again we’re at the White Eagle in Worcester, MA… and it’s straight into the Spotlight match. Sidney Bakabella and Paul Crockett are on the call…

Davienne vs. Edith Surreal
Edith Surreal’s live-streaming her entrance to the ring, and it seemed to be getting some buzz from how her screen was scrolling…

Davienne chopped Surreal into the corner to start, but Surreal charged Davienne down before an armdrag and some headscissors took Davienne into the corner. A knee lift takes Davienne into the ropes, with a dropkick to the back waiting for her there, before a frog splash off the top nearly got the win.

On the ground, Surreal stretches out Davienne, who escapes and began to pull ahead with strikes. An Electric Chair drop into the ropes led to a nasty spill to the outside for Surreal, with a sidewalk slam waiting for her back in the ring as Davienne continued to force the issue.

Surreal’s pulled away from the ropes and rolled into a Boston crab… the ropes save Surreal, but she’s pulled away again, only to roll through as the pair trade pinning attempts. A shoulder tackle and a dropkick from Surreal looks to put her ahead, but she gets sent onto the apron again as Davienne positioned her for the Davi-End Your Life baseball slide dropkick to the ring post, and that’s the win. This was a little clunky at times, but solid enough on the mat, with Davienne’s win perhaps setting up for an extended stint on Uncharted Territory to come. *¾

Chris Dickinson vs. Victor Benjamin
Dickinson’s still rattled from his loss to Alec Price earlier in the summer… while Victor Benjamin’s still waiting for his first singles win in Beyond.

Benjamin wanted to keep this one standing, as he locked up with Dickinson into the ropes, before Dickinson found a way through and threw some chops as he took things to the mat. A chinlock’s escaped as both men get back to their feet, resuming with some grappling as Benjamin rolled himself into a side sleeper hold.

Dickinson just stands up, almost racking Benjamin, but we’re back down with a Benjamin armbar. Getting free, Dickinson’s almost immediately tripped in the ropes by Lady Frost, allowing Benjamin in with a kick to the back that almost gets the three-count. Dickinson fires back with chops, but Benjamin’s had a bit more mustard on them as Dickinson’s left in the corner.

A deadlift powerbomb’s next out of Benjamin for a near-fall, but Dickinson fires back with more chops before Frost again tripped him up in the ropes. This time the ref caught her, but so did Willow Nightingale, who ran out to confront her opponent for later tonight, frogmarching her to the back…

With no advantage at ringside, Benjamin starts slipping – a Dickinson clothesline dropped him, as did a dropkick to the knee before a STF by the ropes ended with Benjamin rotating just enough to grab the bottom strand. A half crab from Dickinson’s kicked away, as he proceeded to trip Dickinson ahead of a German suplex. Benjamin gets too carried away and lost sight of Dickinson, who came back with German suplexes of his own, before a Dragon sleeper from Benjamin looked to force a stoppage.

After getting to the ropes, Dickinson switches waistlocks with Benjamin ahead of a Magistral cradle for a near-fall, before another STF ended a hard-fought match as Dickinson continues to get back on track in Beyond. ***¼

Delmi Exo vs. Megan Bayne
Bayne has yet to lose in a Beyond/WWR ring, and she started on the offence, taking Exo into the corner before stuffing a takedown attempt.

Exo manages to land some forearms, but a crossbody’s caught and turned into a fallaway slam, as Bayne followed up with a splash for good measure. A slam comes next, but Bayne takes too long to follow as her misses legdrop’s turned into a crucifix for a two-count.

Bayne quickly shuts the door with a clothesline though, only to miss a splash into the corner. Exo tries to capitalise with forearms, then shoulder charges into the corner, before a clothesline nearly got the upset. A crossface from Delmi’s next, but Bayne powers out and scoops up Exo for a tombstone for the win. More of an extended squash, as Bayne dominated – but had a scare towards the end before taking home the win. **¼

Rhett Titus vs. Jora Johl
Titus has become a bit of a regular in Beyond these days, but has yet to get his first win here – and is up against the former Robo here today.

Titus almost got into it with a fan at ringside, restraining himself as Johl started with a side headlock, only for Titus to escape and do a lap of honour. Back inside, a hammerlock from Johl was escaped as Titus continued to get under his skin, but a takedown from Johl reset things as the opening stages were a little tetchy.

A shoulder tackle from Johl knocks down Titus, as did a scoop slam, before Titus replied to some chops with a suplex attempt… but he took way too long as Johl instead hit a stalling suplex for just a one-count. Titus hits back with a low dropkick, then a back suplex, before he missed on a dropkick.

Johl tries to cradle Titus, but the shoulders don’t go down as Titus eventually returned with a rebound Magnum suplex. Yakuza kicks in the corner follow for Rhett, nearly getting the win, before Titus gets pancaked in return. A series of strikes from Johl take Titus into the ropes, ahead of a Twist of Fate for a near-fall. He followed up with a butterfly backbreaker and a knee strike, but Titus got a leg on the rope to stop the pin.

A leap off the apron sees Titus get caught in a Fireman’s carry… he wriggles out and nits a forearm to Johl, before a bucklebomb took Rhett into the corner. Johl tries to follow up, but Titus comes right back with a dropkick… and that’s the sudden win. Johl’s big missed opportunity was the cover from that backbreaker, and he was quickly made to pay for it. ***

Lady Frost vs. Willow Nightingale
Frost was out with Victor Benjamin, in what was her Beyond singles debut…

Frost takes down Willow as she went for a handshake… a reply sees Willow look for an O’Connor roll, but she’s elbowed away as the pair cartwheeled instead, before Willow POUNCED Frost into the corner. Gotta love a good POUNCE.

Willow follows Frost outside, but Victor Benjamin cheapshots her in front of the ref, then posted Willow… only for Chris Dickinson to chase Benjamin out of the building with a chair. It’s like the board with a nail in it, isn’t it?

Frost tries to capitalise with a pin, but Willow kicks out at one, only to get taken to the corner for a boot choke. A fallaway slam from Willow frees things, but a back senton in return misses as Willow’s caught with headscissors on the mat. Willow escapes, but an attempted gutwrench is fought out of as a step-up kick awaited Willow in the corner, with a handspring cannonball next.

The pair trade forearms in the ropes, but a cartwheel superkick from Willow bought her some time. Willow’s back with rolling suplexes, finishing with a Fisherman suplex for a near-fall, only for Frost to return with a roundhouse and a standing moonsault… before she went up top and hit a moonsault.

Frost doesn’t go for the pin, as she wants to do a hattrick of moonsaults… and yes, that costs her as Willow caught her in the buckles, bringing her down with a German suplex out of the buckles for another two-count. From there, Willow’s Doctor Bomb lands, and that’s all as Frost cost herself the win by not going for a pin. There’s a theme developing here… **¾

They announce Masha Slamovich vs. Manders for Reverse The Curse on November 7…

No Disqualification: Ryan Galeone vs. Slade
Galeone’s back in Beyond for the first time since December 2018… and my word, he’s a big fight on his hands, especially after Slade made this no-DQ at bell time.

Slade’s knocked into the corner with an early forearms and uppercuts, as a headbutt took Slade down to the outside. On the floor, Slade charges Galeone into the side of the ring, before went under for plunder… but a chair shot’s shrugged off as Slade then offered his back for a response. Duelling chairs follow, before a snap suplex from Slade looked to put him ahead… only for a leap off the apron to get caught and countered into a chokeslam.

Galeone heads up top, but had to balance himself before a senton off the top clipped Slade en route to the floor. Ow. They continue to scrap around ringside, with Slade being thrown into the wall as Galeone surprisingly was dictating the pace here.

Back in the ring, Galeone returns to the top rope, but an avalanche belly-to-belly takes him down, as Slade threw some clotheslines before he ran into an enziguiri. Slade’s back up to hit a clothesline of his own though, then a slam, before a leaping knee in the ropes and a goddamn pop-up chokeslam, then a powerbomb looked to get the win.

Somehow Slade’s up at two, returning fire with a shoulder tackle off the middle rope before he muscled Galeone into the corner for more shoulder charges. A uranage’s next for Slade, who couldn’t even get a one-count, so he hits an Exploder into the buckles for a near-fall. Galeone surprises Slade with a running dropkick and… a springboard Molly Go Round?! WHAT THE HELL?!

Slade kicks out at one, so Galeone looked to the corner, flipping Slade as he looked for a piledriver off the middle rope… he tries again, this time hitting the springboard powerbomb, before Slade popped up and choked out Galeone. A Hidden Blade-like diving elbow to the back of the head is next, and that’s a win for Slade – yet it’s Galeone who impressed me greatly here, as they kept the plunder light, and the impressiveness high. Galeone had better be back… ***¾

Discovery Gauntlet: Waves And Curls (Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan) vs. The Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black)
The Mane Event beat 9 to 5 last week… and now have to face Waves and Curls, who’ve been coming up through the north-east of the US via Limitless and NEW.

We’ve a pre-match dance-off, but Mane Event try to capitalize with a roll-up at the bell for a two-count, before Waves and Curls targeted Midas with some double-teams. A wheelbarrow ‘rana to Lyon’s next, then a pair of back elbows and back sentons as Waves and Curls were threatening a shut out.

Brandyn’s crossbody hits Lyon on the outside, while Jordan looked to follow up… but Midas Black cuts it off, taking Brandyn and Jordan outside as Lyon hits a tope con giro through a hula hoop. Back inside, a drop toe hold and a flip senton squashes Brandyn for a two-count, before he fought back against Lyon and Black.

A Silly String-like spear takes down Brandyn for a two-count, but Brandyn gets free to tag in Jordan, who cleared house. There’s a sweet leg lariat to Lyon, then a sidewalk slam to Black, before he set up for a leg-lariat-assisted accidental DDT. It’s good for a near-fall on Lyon, who returns with a Snake Eyes, before Black’s in to help with a pair of superkicks to the back of the head.

Brandyn helps out, but gets popped up into a cutter as Jordan’s left on his own. He catches a 619 in the ropes from Black, then a Lionsault (I see what you did there), before Black’s frog splash drew a near-fall. Another attempt to fight back from Brandyn’s cut-off, but he countered a pop-up with a Rough Ryder, before Waves and Curls hit a chokeslam/neckbreaker combo on Lyon for the win. A good little tag match, even if it may as well have been a tornado tag! ***

Post-match, Sam Leterna interviewed Waves and Curls, who vowed to win the whole damn gauntlet.

Next week: Trish Adora vs. Eel O’Neal, Waves and Curls continue the Discovery Gauntlet against the Amazing Graysons, Richard Holliday vs. Cabana Man Dan, Club Cam (Aaron Rourke, Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan0 vs. Bojack, Diego Hill & BK Westbrook, and Davey Richards vs. Matt Makowski.

Alec Price vs. Josh Alexander
Price is out with the other half of the Prize City Hooligans, Becca, who are big into their PDAs. And handing out deodorant as well…

Price backed into the ropes early on, but tried to work over the arm of Alexander… only to get thrown aside with a Fireman’s carry. Going back to the arm, Price gets elbowed before a leapfrog was caught and turned into a German suplex by the Canadian. On the outside, Price eats some shotgun-like chops, before he finally ducked one… and returned with a knee to the gut.

Price hits a body press from the ring to the floor as Becca looked to distract Alexander, before we returned to the ring for a dropkick that earned a two-count. Alexander’s back with slams and a knee drop, before Price sidestepped Alexander’s charge to the outside… Price distracts the ref as Becca’s cannonball off the apron seemed to annoy Alexander more than anything.

The distraction allows Price to connect with a tope, as he built up to a single-leg missile dropkick that nearly caused the upset. A suplex from Price gets easily reversed, as the pair begin to trade elbows as they fought to their feet… but Alexander telegraphs a back body drop… then hit it anyway seconds later.

Price shrugs it off, but gets BOOTED by Alexander ahead of a double underhook piledriver attempt… but Price spins out and hits a headbutt insead. Price tries to go airborne, but he’s caught and spun out with a rack bomb for a near-fall, before an ankle lock was rolled out of… almost getting the pin there.

Another back body drop sees Price land on his feet as he satellite’s into a facebuster on Alexander for a near-fall, before Price trash-talked Alexander again. It was his downfall as Alexander just ragdolls him with rolling German suplexes, forcing Price to cling to the ropes for a break. When he gets it, Price is able to hit some knee strikes to Alexander, before another German suplex BOUNCES Price off his head… only for Alec to come back with a Destroyer DDT.

Price nearly got the win with that one, but opted to follow up with some stomps before he missed an attempt to boot Alexander off the apron. Instead, he’s slammed onto the edge of the ring, then eat a crossbody to the back as Alexander sent himself to the floor via Price’s back. Returning to the ring, Alexander heads up top… but Becca again distracts, allowing Price to hit a headbutt to the gut, before a springboard Blockbuster kept the threat of an upset alive.

From there, Price sets up for a running kick, but Alexander ducks it, only to eat a series of superkicks, before a Chaos Theory-like German suplex and a double-underhook piledriver planted Price for the three-count. Really good stuff in the main event, with Price coming painfully close to the win, but at the end Josh Alexander overcame the challenge and left with a big win. ***¾

Post-match, Chris Dickinson returns to beat down Price, but Becca helps create a diversion as Price went out for a table. Willow Nightingale makes the save, giving Becca a spinebuster before Dickinson grabbed a second table, as we ended the night with Price and Becca eating death valley drivers through the wood, as I’m sure we’ll get a tag between those two pairs in the not-too-distant future…

In football/soccer, they’d call this a “rotated squad” when it comes to the card tonight, but this was a good showing from those who were given a chance. Ryan Galeone took his opportunity with both hands, single-handedly stealing the show, but don’t sleep on the main event either as Alec Price more than showed what he was capable of.